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Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gifts

A list of all Rank 4 Bone Gnawers tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Bone Gnawers Gifts of all ranks, see All Bone Gnawers Gifts.

Attunement / Lay of the Land

Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gift / Rank 4 Glass Walker Gift / Rank 4 Silent Strider Gift / Rank 4 Uktena Gift (Lay of the Land)

The Garou may commune with the spirits of a city or town and gain information about the area from them, including rough population, enclaves of Garou or other being and secret tunnels. This Gift does not function in the wilderness, since the Bone Gnawers have lost the knack for conversing with such spirits easily. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift.

Glass Walkers: a cockroach-spirit teaches this Gift.

Silent Strider: one exception: When the Garou learns the Gift, she must choose if it functions in the city or the wilderness. The “city” version is identical to the Bone Gnawer Gift. The “wilderness” version is similar, but the roll required is Perception + Survival.

Uktena: any animal spirit teaches this Gift. Works in rural or wilderness rather than urban areas, and the required roll is Perception + Survival.

System: The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Perception + Streetwise. The amount and accuracy of the information depends on the number of successes rolled. On a botch, playful spirits lie (which can be fatal, depending on the nature of misinformation).

Source: Core book revised / Tribebook: Uktena (revised)

Cliché Curse

Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gift

From Roger Ebert’s Little Bigger Movie Glossary, “Clichéphobia. Condition affecting people raised on movies. Symptoms occur when real life situations echo movie clichés, and the sufferers must take action to avoid what would be the inevitable denouement in a movie.”

What is a humorous anecdote in the hands of humans becomes a deadly weapon in the claws of a Bone Gnawer. Most often employed with an appropriately dramatic curse (although this isn’t necessary), the target of this Gift becomes certain to suffer an unfavorable fate in a cliché-related way. Anyone reaching for something high in a cupboard will inevitably have the entire contents fall on top of him. Riding a bicycle on a sunny day invites being hit by a truck. While it is possible to avoid the effects of this curse, doing so requires virtually shutting yourself from the world, and not in a dark room, either. It is taught by a dog spirit or by a spirit from a television realm.

System: The player spends one point of Gnosis and names the victim, who must be within hearing distance and line of sight. For twenty-four hours, the victim risks disaster. Once that disaster occurs, however, the curse is ended.

Source: Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)

Trust Me

Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gift

Once each game session, a Bone Gnawer with this Gift can tell an outrageous lie so well that ordinary humans accept it as truth. The story must at least be vaguely possible and end with the words, “Trust me.” What the human does with this knowledge is entirely a matter of roleplaying. Munchmausen Ratkin teach this Gift.

System: No roll is necessary; ordinary humans automatically believe the Bone Gnawer’s tale. This Gift does not work on supernatural creatures or animals.

Source: Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised)

Shadow of the Rat

Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gift

Rats are known for their resilience, persistence, and ruthlessness. Since Rat serves as the Bone Gnawer’s tribal totem, Garou of this tribe may learn a great deal about survival under the tutelage of rat-spirits.

System: The Garou can spend one Gnosis to lower the difficulty of all Stamina rolls (including soak rolls) by 1 for the duration of one scene.

Source: Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised)


Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gift

The Bone Gnawer can duck into a shaded area (an open dumpster, a dark alley, beneath a parked car) and pop out in another shaded area some distance away. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Stealth (difficulty 6). The character can reappear in any shaded area within (number of successes x 20) yards (18 m per success).

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition


Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gift

The Garou can summon a horde of vermin to invade a structure (no bigger than a large building). The Gift summons any kind of vermin common to the area, which usually includes a lively variety of insect, slugs, and rodents, and it may also include carrion birds and snakes. These creatures will not attack humans mindlessly. They will act according to their natures, which often means fleeing to dark places and hiding out. Any vermin spirit can teach this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Animal Ken (difficulty 7). One success stirs up some shrieks and a call to an exterminator, while five swamps that structure in vermin completely, making it uninhabitable for quite some time.

Source: Core book revised.

Face in the Crowd

Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gift

You thrive in the midst of riots, angry mobs, lynchings, civil disturbances or any other situation where a crowd of humans rebels, revolts, or resists authority. The Gift doesn’t actually enrage a crowd; it just adds direction to a riot already in progress. Wyldlings and Ratkin Twitchers teach this Gift

System: Using this Gift costs one Willpower each turn. That turn, you can use one noun and one verb to direct what an angry mob will do. The Garou doesn’t need to vocalize these commands; the player states them to the Storyteller.

Silly commands automatically fail. (you could, for instance, issue the command ” kill vampires,” but demanding that everyone “drink Pepsi” does nothing.) You must direct the crowd at something other than itself (so verbs like “sleep,” “vomit,” or “laugh” or the noun “suicide” are right out).
The Storyteller has the right to veto any noun/verb that’s too abusive (“kill yourselves”) or just plain stupid.

Source: Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised)