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Rank 5 Bone Gnawers Gifts

A list of all Rank 5 Bone Gnawers tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Bone Gnawers Gifts of all ranks, see All Bone Gnawers Gifts.


Rank 5 Bone Gnawer Gift

The Bone Gnawer can open his jaws far wider than is normally physically possible, and can swallow things or beings whole. A werewolf with this Gift is even capable of gulping down an entire buffalo, or a whole pack of Black Spiral Dancers, only to regurgitate the creatures later This Gift is taught by a catfish-spirit.

System: The player rolls Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8). Beings can resist with Dexterity + Dodge. In the case of a very large being or object, one extra success is required for every Health Level the target possesses beyond the normal seven, or for every extra three feet in size over the Bone Gnawer (obviously, Crinos form is best for this Gift). Swallowed objects/beings wind up in the Umbra, in a subrealm that is a mystical “stomach” of the glutton. The Garou can belch these objects out later. The werewolf can store objects in this mystical stomach for a number of hours equal to his Stamina; after this time, the Garou automatically regurgitates them hack into the physical world. The objects appear next to the Garou, and are unharmed.

Source: Players Guide 1st Edition


Rank 5 Bone Gnawers Gift / Rank 5 Croatan Gift

This Gift confers temporary immunity to many environmental factors. The Garou has no need of food, water or sleep, and she does not suffer from temperature extremes. She is also immune to natural diseases and poisons. Wyrm toxins will still affect her, but at half their normal potency.

System: The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7). The effects last for one day per success. By spending a second Gnosis point, the Bone Gnawer can gain three extra points of Stamina, and he suffers no wound penalties, but the Gift will expire prematurely after 10 rounds of full combat. The Garou must sleep for at least eight hours when the Gift wears off, and he awakens ravenously hungry.

Source: Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition


Rank 5 Bone Gnawers Gift

In times of great need, an elder can issue a call to his tribe that echoes through the Umbra of an entire city. First, hordes of spirits appear before him in the spirit world. They then swarm out to find everyone of the same tribe. Bone Gnawers use this Gift more than any other tribe, usually relying on hordes of rat-spirits to find all their hidden brothers and sisters. The tribalists don’t need to answer the call, but the spirit can relay a brief message exhorting the Garou to aid her brothers and sisters. Using this Gift for a trivial purpose may cost the Garou temporary Honor.

System: Piping works like the Gift: Call of the Wyld, but it stretches across an entire city and only works on Bone Gnawers.

Source: Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised)

Help Me

Rank 5 Bone Gnawers Gift

Once each game session, a Bone Gnawer with this Gift can tell a tale of suffering so pitiful that he can elicit the help of an average human. With enough successes, he may convince the human to go out of his way to help the poor suffering bastard get on his feet. Masters of this Gift have managed to walk with a mark to the ATM for a sizable donation, borrow the keys to a car for an evening, or sleep on someone’s floor. The tribe has spent millennia watching over the human race; after realizing on some¬†subconscious¬†level this great service, the human pays his protector back with a grand favor. Great Bone Gnawer heroes use this Gift when they need help protecting humans from the evils around them.

System: There’s a price to pay, however. Some rabble exploit these victims for all they can get, but this behavior is hardly considered honorable. Word gets around. Using this help for the common good is commendable, but if the werewolf uses this Gift from Gaia to rip people off, he’ll lose one temporary Honor each time if the local Garou find out. In any case, the Storyteller decides what help the human offers.

Source: Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised)


Rank 5 Bone Gnawers Gift

This Gift summons a horde of malevolent spirits to provoke the inhabitants of a city into violent rioting. The Gift plays on the hatred and fear of the down-and-outs of the city: the homeless, the poor and even stray animals. The Gnawer can direct the riot to a degree, but such things tend to escalate, and the Garou has no power to stop the riot from doing so. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). If successful, the spirits direct their hosts against a target of the Garou’s choice. The different hosts, however, will not necessarily work together — they may even begin to fight each other as the mob mentality takes over. The number of successes determines the area affected.

District (the South Side, etc)
Entire City

Source: Core book revised.