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Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gifts

A list of all Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Black Spiral Dancer Gifts of all ranks, see All Black Spiral Dancer Gifts.

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Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Galliard Gift

Howl, you crazy bastard! If you let forth a rousing yawp, the spirits of the Earth will answer you. Wyrm creatures far beneath the Earth’s crust will cause minor tremors in the ground above them.

Although the terrible quakes caused by this Gift seem awful, they merely reflect the sort of test the Galliard must endure in the Shattered Labyrinth to learn it. The worst scenario is one in which the labyrinth collapses in on itself.

System: The extent of the damage inflicted depends on the amount of Gnosis channeled into the Galliard’s “rousing yawp.” One point of Gnosis causes a minor tremor, possibly throwing people to the ground. Three points can collapse underground tunnels, knock down trees, or open sinkholes. Five points can cause structural damage to a building, collapsing walls on anyone within several feet of it. In each case, victims should roll Dexterity + Dodge or Dexterity + Athletics to stay on their feet, escape from collapsing buildings, or dive for cover.

Source: Book of the Wyrm

Icy Chill of Despair

Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

The Shadow Lord with this Gift can appear to grow larger and more imposing, becoming a terrible, shadowy version of herself. This change in aspect can severely intimidate any onlookers. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.

System: The werewolf concentrates for a turn; the player spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Intimidation, difficulty 7. Anyone who means the Shadow Lord harm must make a Willpower check, difficulty 8, and score more successes than the Lord does in order to act normally. Failure means that the victims must spend Willpower to attack, take action against or even verbally oppose the Shadow Lord. This Gift doesn’t give the Lord actual control over her intimidated victims – they’re simply too spooked to actively oppose her.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Burning Scars

Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

Black Spiral Dancers often carve stylized scars representing their devotion to the Wyrm into their bodies. With this Gift, a Dancer can draw upon that devotion to inflict horrible injuries on her foes. When invoked, this Gift causes the Dancer’s scars to glow with an unwholesome brilliance that almost seems to crawl into the victim’s body through his eyes, nose, mouth and ears, burning him from the inside out and leaving horrible burns that mimic the Dancer’s own scars.

System: The Dancer must grab the target, and the player must spend two Rage and roll Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty is victim’s Stamina + 2). Each success inflicts one level of unsoakable aggravated damage that appears upon the victim’s body as a mirror of the Dacner’s glowing scars. These marks of the Wyrm may prove a powerful social handicap, and it may take some effort to remove them.

Source: Core book revised.

Unseelie Faerie Kin

Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

The Black Spiral can call upon changelings, just as Fianna do, but his fae allies will be members of the Unseelie Court.

This Gift cannot be learned in the Shattered Labyrinth. However, an Unseelie noble or Shadow Court instigator may offer to teach the proper rituals of this Gift in return for a quest or geas. In some instances, the changeling may also learn to summon the Black Spiral’s pack!

System: As with the Gift: Bane Protector, the petitioner must explain his dilemma, usually in rhyme or dance (in some cases, this performance is particularly violent or destructive). He must then burn a point of Gnosis and roll Manipulation + Leadership.

Source: Book of the Wyrm

Dagger of the Mind

Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

The Black Spiral can command a Bane to seed a particularly dark emotion in the mind of his prey. The emotion is chosen when the Gift is learned (e.g., paranoia, despair, remorse, lust; “rage” is not an option, for obvious reasons). The Black Spiral calls upon the proper Urge Wyrm; one of its servitors then evokes the proper emotion from the victim.

Within the Shattered Labyrinth, the Dance of Endurance tests the limits of a dancer’s self-control. If the initiate survives, one of the Urge Wyrms will show him how to inflict similar tortures on his enemies. Curiously enough, Stormcrows have learned this Gift; they guard their knowledge carefully. Theurges often use this rite to weaken their enemies before battle; Philodox use it to give themselves an edge in negotiations.

System: The invocation burns a point of Gnosis and requires a Gnosis roll; the victim can resist this with a contested Willpower roll. Unless the victim can overcome his emotional struggle, he succumbs to the desired emotion for a full hour. For an additional Willpower point, the temporary dementia is accompanied by a brief, revelatory illusion.

Source: Book of the Wyrm

Foaming Fury

Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

The Dancer’s mouth bubbles and foams with a noxious, greenish fluid. His eyes widen and roll in their sockets, showing the whites. The Dancer yips, barks and howls madly (and uncontrollably) as if in the grip of a rabid madness — a contagious one.

System: The player of anyone bitten by a Dancer using this Gift must succeed in a Stamina roll (difficulty 8, 6 if the Garou has Resist Toxin), lest the character fly into a rabid frenzy. (In effect, the character enters the Thrall of the Wyrm).

Source: Core book revised.

Blue Breath

Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

This Gift enables the Dancer to exhale asbestos fibers in a deadly cloud of dust. This Gift is taught by Shush’thull, the Bane spirit of asbestos.

System: The Dancer must spend one Gnosis point. Anyone inhaling the dust will begin to choke, suffering three Health Levels of aggravated damage, if she fails a roll of Stamina + Medicine (difficulty 8). Players must state that their characters are holding their breath; otherwise, they inhale the dust. A Garou who uses the Resist Toxin Gift in the same turn is immune to the effects.

Source: Rage Across Australia


Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

This Wyrm Gift allows the fallen tribe to steal life in order to gain Gnosis. Relshab the Faceless Eater (see Book of the Wyrm) teaches this Gift.

System: The Garou kills a living thing of their own mass or greater, whether this is a mother and her children, a redwood tree, or a buffalo. The killing must involve physical contact between the Garou and his victim. For each living thing killed, the Dancer gains one Gnosis. One additional Gnosis is gained when an intelligent creature dies in pain. Any Gaian Garou using this Gift is considered to have fallen to the Wyrm.

Source: Apocalypse

Touch of the Eel

Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Ragabash Gift

The Black Spiral Ragabash releases a current of electricity through conductive materials nearby. If he is touched in any way during the use of this talent, the assailant receives an even greater shock.

Only a Ragabash has the patience and deviance to learn this Gift. With the assistance of a servitor of its Bane-totem, the Black Spiral must capture an electricity elemental. In most urban environments, this may take several hours. The dancer then torments, taunts and tortures the spirit until it offers him this Gift. Alternatively, the Ragabash might have to survive a Dance of Endurance involving electricity.

System: The Gift burns one point of Rage. The resultant charge can carry up to 30 yards if transmitted through the proper conductor. At a distance, it does three dice of damage (difficulty 7 to soak); by touch, it does four dice.

Source: Book of the Wyrm

Blood Omen

Rank 3 Black Spiral Dancer Theurge Gift

By examining the entrails of a freshly-killed creature, a Black Spiral Theurge can gain insights into a possible future. As expected, the vision is almost always tragic or violent.

A Theurge can receive this Gift during the Dance of Cunning. Sometimes this visionquest involves the dismemberment of the mystic, who watches the violation of her own body. This grants her insights into her true nature by an examination of her own internal organs.

System: This burns one point of Gnosis and requires an Intelligence + Enigmas roll; the difficulty depends on the type of creature used — 7 for a Garou, wolf or human, or 9 for any other warm-blooded creature. More successes will grant a clearer picture of the possible atrocity to come.

Source: Book of the Wyrm