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Rank 5 Black Spiral Dancer Gifts

A list of all Rank 5 Black Spiral Dancer Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Black Spiral Dancer Gifts of all ranks, see All Black Spiral Dancer Gifts.

Mask Taint

Rank 5 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

A Dancer with this Gift can hide his Wyrm-taint from all senses or Gifts that may detect it.

System: Spend two Gnosis points and roll the Dancer’s Appearance + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). The effect lasts for one scene. Shadow Lords may still detect Wyrm-taint — with Sense Wyrm (difficulty 8) — from a Dancer thus veiled.

Source: Core book revised.

Avatar of the Wyrm

Rank 5 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

The Dancer assumes an awful and horrific visage, perhaps even a facet of the Wyrm itself (albeit a small one). The Dancer increases in size, it skin becomes scaly and greenish-gray, and his claws increase in length to jagged, vicious knives dripping with venom. His howl becomes a terrifying roar. Only a Maeljin Incarna, one of the Wyrm’s most powerful avatars, can teach this Gift.

System: Spend one Gnosis point and one Rage point. The Dancer must concentrate for a full turn, at the end of which the transformation occurs. The Dancer shifts to Crinos automatically (if he wasn’t already in that form) and adds an additional dot to all Physical Attributes, and one Bruised health level. Additionally, his claws inflict an additional die of damage and are unsoakable. Finally, treat Delirium as three levels worse to onlookers.

Source: Core book revised.


Rank 5 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

The Dancer can hurl balls of sickly green flame at her enemies. Balefire, as the very lifeblood of the Wyrm, is very dangerous to werewolves. It often inflicts hideous and life-threatening mutations, as well as tainting the victim heavily. It’s impossible to dodge Balefire — it moves with a malicious intelligence. It can only be resisted.

System: Roll Dexterity + Athletics, taking the standard ranged-combat modifier into account. The victim resists with Stamina (difficulty 8), and his roll must equal or exceed the Dancer’s successes. If the victim fails to resist, the Balefire’s influence mutates her. Treat each success over resistance as one level of aggravated damage for the purposes of healing/rejecting the mutation. This damage is not soakable (the resistance roll is the soak roll). Afflicted werewolves may grow extra (useless) eyes, lose all of her fur and hair, go blind, deaf or anosmic (no sense of taste or smell) temporarily. Until she rejects the mutations and undergoes a Rite of Cleansing, she registers a strong taint to the Gift: Sense Wyrm.

Source: Core book revised.

Totem Form

Rank 5 Black Spiral Dancer Gift

This powerful Gift allows a Black Spiral to take on the appearance — and much of the power — of her pack’s Bane totem. For instance, a Dancer sword to the Dark Fungus might sprout slime molds and toadstools in place of fur, radiating a cloud of halluciongenic spores, while a bastard of the Green Dragon might swell into a draconian war form the equal of any MokolĂ©.

This Gift is only taught by the pack’s totem spirit, and only to the Dancer who shows the most promise. Some packmates have been known to horribly maim one another in the process of proving who is worthy to learn this Gift.

System: The Dancer must spend a point of Willpower and roll Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7) to make the shift. It takes a full turn to transform, although the form lasts for the duration of the scene. The Storyteller must best adjudicate the appearance and abilities of the totem form; for instance, one of the Hakkan’s bastards might radiate fear so intense that opponents have to make Willpower rolls just to act against him, much less confront him. The result, of course, should always be impressive.

Source: Book of the Wyrm