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Rank 4 Bunyip Gifts

A list of all Rank 4 Bunyip tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Bunyip Gifts of all ranks, see All Bunyip Gifts.

Guardians of the Dreamtime

Rank 4 Bunyip Gift

As Australia’s guardians, the Bunyip were given special powers over the land. This Gift is one of the reasons the outback’s Gauntlet remained low for a longer time than in the rest of the world. In days past the Bunyip would use this gift to lead foes into the Penumbra (by lowering the Gauntlet to nonexistence) then abandon them there. This Gift is taught by a servant of the Rainbow Serpent.

System: The Bunyip can automatically step sideways at night without the need for a reflective surface. Furthermore, the difficulty of any attempt to step sideway is one lower than normal. Also, for each point of Gnosis he spends the Bunyip may reduce the gauntlet in an area by one for a number of hours equal to his Intelligence + Rituals dice pool.

Source: Rage Across Australia

Gnowee’s Torch

Rank 4 Bunyip Gift

In Australian myth, the sun is the torch carried by Gnowee, a mother who spends each day searching for a lost son. This Gift allows a Garou to conjure a miniature replica of her torch a ball of sunlight and flame.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Occult, difficulty 7. The conjured flame appears in the Garou’s hand, and can be held there for one turn per success before it gutters out; while it is in the Garou’s hand, the area around the Garou counts as lit by ambient sunlight. The Garou may also hurl the “torch” at an opponent or object (Dexterity + Athletics, difficulty 7), ending the Gift prematurely, but inflicting a number of dice of aggravated (fire) damage equal to the Garou’s Gnosis, plus one die per two successes on the Intelligence + Occult roll.

Source: Past Lives

Dance of the Lightning Snakes

Rank 4 Bunyip Gift

The Penumbra of Australia is inhabited by, among other things, the lightning snakes — spirits that leap to the earth and rebound to the heavens during Umbral storms, bringing lightning and rain. This Gift allows a Garou to call on the lightning snakes to evoke a powerful storm in the Umbra, washing away spirits and lashing foes with bolts of spirit-lightning.

System: This Gift works only in the Umbra. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Willpower, with the difficulty based on the spirit world’s existing weather (if any) — 5 if an Umbral storm is already brewing, to 9 if the spirit world’s skies are clear. The difficulty is reduced by 1 if the character is in Australia or New Zealand’s Penumbra, where lightning snakes are more plentiful. The storm gathers in three turns; it covers the equivalent of 5 miles per success, and increases the difficulty or Essence cost of any fire, perception or travel-related Charms by 1. The Garou may direct the lightning snakes to strike opponents (Charisma + Occult, difficulty 7 to hit; 10 dice of aggravated damage). The storm cannot bleed over into the physical world, although a sympathetic, uncontrolled rainstorm may gather in the material world.

Source: Past Lives