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Rank 5 Bunyip Gifts

A list of all Rank 5 Bunyip tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Bunyip Gifts of all ranks, see All Bunyip Gifts.

Billabong Bridge / Billabong Stride

Rank 5 Bunyip Gift

Great Bunyip’s children used this Gift to successfully cross large expanses of Australian terrain by using water as a shortcut. The Garou enters one body of fresh water and emerges from another such body any distance away; salt water “fouls” the Gift, and cannot transport the Gift user. Both bodies of water must be personally well-known to the Garou using the Gift.

System: The player spends two Gnosis points and announces her destination. At the Storyteller’s discretion, using this Gift to leave or arrive in an area of high Gauntlet may require a roll to step sideways to make the transition safely. The Gift user cannot take anyone with her while using this Gift; only those items dedicated to her complete the journey.

Source: Past Lives / Rage Across Australia

Black Swans

Rank 5 Bunyip Gift

The Australian Aborigines attributed the Bunyip with the ability to transform people into black swans. Nobody remembers whether the folktales arose from use of this Gift, or if this Gift arose from the folktales, but the stories are certainly true. The Bunyip used this Gift as a means of punishing those who went against Gaia, and their ancestor-spirits teach it only to those inheritors who display a tremendous sense of justice.

System: The Garou must successfully splash an opponent with water taken from the environment; bottled water would not work, while water taken from a local river and carried in a bottle would, and tap water is effective in urban environments. The player spends two Gnosis points and rolls Wits + Occult; supernatural targets (but not ordinary humans) may resist the roll with Willpower. If the player scores more successes than the target, the target is transformed into a blackfeathered swan.

The swan loses access to most of its supernatural abilities while transformed, although its basic nature is unchanged; a vampire transformed into a black swan would have no heartbeat or pulse, and would have to drink blood to survive (although it could not expend blood to increase its Attributes or use Disciplines). Shapeshifters and other creatures that can take other forms (such as vampires with shapeshifting Disciplines) remain in swan form for the duration of the scene; for those with no shapeshifting ability, the transformation is permanent unless somehow reversed.

Source: Past Lives


Rank 5 Bunyip Gift

The Bunyip gains the ability to dedicate himself to one particular task, be it combat or an artistic endeavor. Nothing will sway the Bunyip from that task. This Gift is taught by servants of Mu-ru-bul Tu-ru-dun the Bunyip.

System: The Bunyip spends two Willpower points. Afterward, nothing save death can distract or dissuade the Bunyip from her chosen task. She need not eat or sleep. If the power is used in combat, the Bunyip becomes oblivious to any other opponents and consequently may not dodge their attacks. Her soak roll pool versus these attacks, however, is doubled. Versus the chosen opponent, the Bunyip gains one extra attack per turn, and the difficulties of all actions against that target are reduced by one. She also becomes immune to supernatural attempts to dissuade her.

Source: Rage Across Australia

Invoke the Spirits of the Storm / Call the Storm

Rank 5 Wendigo Gift / Rank 5 Bunyip Gift / Rank 4 Shadow Lord Gift
The Shadow Lord versions is called Call the Storm

The Garou can summon nearly any weather effect she desires, be it a tornado, fog, blizzard or thunderstorms. An avatar of Wendigo teaches this Gift. An avatar of Rainbow Serpent teaches the Bunyip version.

System: The player spends one Gnosis pint and rolls Willpower (difficulty varies based on how close the desired effect is to the actual weather patterns of the area). The storm covers 10 miles per success. If the Garou summons a thunderstorm, she may spend Gnosis to call lightning down on her enemies (Dexterity + Occult to hit, 10 dice of aggravated damage).

Shadow Lord version: Only thunderstorms may be called and an avatar of Grandfather Thunder teaches this Gift.

Source: Core book revised / Shadow Lord Tribebook (revised)