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Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift

A list of all Rank 1 Get of Fenris tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Get of Fenris Gifts of all ranks, see All Get of Fenris Gifts.

Razor Claws

Rank 1 Ahroun Gift / Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift

By raking his claws over stone or another hard surface, the Ahroun hones them to razor sharpness. Either a cat- or bear-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends on Rage point, and the Ahroun must take a full turn to sharpen her claws. For the remainder of the scene, her claw attack do an additional die of damage.

Source: Core book revised.

Lightning Reflexes

Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift

Fenrir are Gaia’s ultimate warriors, effortlessly switching from offense to defense as the needs of battle demand. A mongoose-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player reflexively spends one Willpower point. For the next day, the character need neither make a Willpower roll nor spend a Willpower point to abort to a defensive action.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Safe Haven

Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift

Few Garou are as territorial as the Get of Fenris. This Gift enables a Fenrir to keep a close supernatural watch on his territory, becoming instantly aware of any trespassers marked by the Wyrm. Owl-spirits teach this Gift.

System: The player must spend one Gnosis to establish this early warning system, and one Gnosis per day to maintain it. Whenever a Wyrm-tainted person or creature crosses into the Fenrir’s territory, if the werewolf is at home or within a mile, the player may roll Perception + Occult (difficulty 7) to detect the intrusion. The more successes, the more accurately the werewolf pinpoints the intruder’s location. Note that this Gift may be used to protect only that territory that the Fenrir can rightfully call his own; this Gift cannot, for instance, protect a shared caern unless used by the caern Warder (who can be considered to “own” the territory for the purpose of this Gift).

Source: Tribebook: Get of Fenris (Revised)

Snow Running

Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift

The Fenrir have spread far and wide, but their home is in the North. This Gfit has served them well in their homelands, allowing them to run over snow or ice as if it were solid ground without sinking in or leaving footprints.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point. The effects last for a day.

Source: Tribebook: Get of Fenris (Revised)

Visage of Fenris

Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift

The Get appears larger and more fearsome, commanding respect from peers and cowing his foes. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Intimidation. Only one success is necessary to affect non-Garou and Garou of equal rank. To affect Garou of higher rank, the player must score a number of successes equal to twice the difference of rank between the Garou and the target. For example, for a Rnak 1 Garou to affect a Rank 5 Garou would require eight successes (not very likely). Allies and peers affected by this Gift see the Get as impressive and noble (-1 difficulty bonus to all Social rolls). Foes pause for a moment to summon the resolve necessary to fight such a monster (losing one from their initiative ratings). This Gift lasts for one scene.

Source: Core book revised.

Sigurd’s Stride

Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift

When Odin imprisoned Brunhilde in a ring of fire, it was Sigurd who dared the fires and rescued her. Like Sigurd, Get of Fenris with this Gift need not fear flame. The Gift is taught by a fire spirit.

System: The Fenrir spends one Gnosis and rolls Stamina + Primal Urge (difficulty 4). Each success provides an automatic level of soak against fire damage for the rest of the scene.

Source: Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)

Master of Fire

Rank 1 Homid Gift / Rank 1 Croatan  Gift / Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift

Once humans tamed fire to keep them warm and to drive off the wild beasts, they were humanity’s ancient pact with the spirits of fire. The spirits of flame agree to hold back their hunger when the werewolf touches them. An ancestor spirit or a fire-spirit grants this Gift.

System: This Gift allows a werewolf to heal fire damage as if it were bashing. This requires the expenditure of a Gnosis point; the effects last for a scene.

Source: Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition

Resist Pain

Rank 1 Philodox Gift / Rank 1 Children of Gaia Gift / Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift / Rank 1 Wendigo Gift

Through force of will, the Philodox is able to ignore the pain of his wounds and continue acting normally. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Willpower point; his character may ignore all wound penalties for the rest of the scene.

Source: Core book revised.