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Rank 3 Get of Fenris Gifts

A list of all Rank 3 Get of Fenris tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Get of Fenris Gifts of all ranks, see All Get of Fenris Gifts.

Coup de Grace

Rank 3 Black Furies Gift / Rank 3 Get of Fenris Gift (Camp: Valkyria of Freya)

The Garou studies her foe, looking for the best place to strike. In doing so, she sets herself up to land this devastating attack. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Perception + Brawl (difficulty of the target’s Stamina + Dodge). If successful, the player doubles her damage dice on the Garou’s next successful attack.

Source: Core book revised 20th Anniversary Edition

Mark the Enemy

Rank 3 Get of Fenris Gift

A specialized power developed by the Swords of Heimdall, this Gift marks the target with a mystical brand that only this Gift’s users can see. The Swords use this brand to label their enemies so that all other Swords can see the threat. An avatar of Fenris himself teaches his  children to identify their enemies thus.

System: By laying her hand on the target and successfully rolling Manipulation + Occult (difficulty 8), the Get can mark her enemy. Other Swords who know the Gift can see the mark with a successful Perception + Occult roll (difficulty 8). Any Garou who knows the Gift can remove the effect.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Alberich’s Claws

Rank 3 Get of Fenris Gift

Alberich was a dwarven king who had his castle below the ground, carved out of the rock itself. Get of Fenris with this Gift could well have been amongst the builders of that palace, for their claws can slice directly through stone, steel or any other inanimate material as if it were butter. It is taught by a mole spirit or earth elemental.

System: The player spends one point of Rage. If the Fenrir’s next attack is performed with natural weaponry and strikes an inanimate object, it automatically does an extra ten levels of damage.

Source: Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)

Redirect Pain

Rank 3 Get of Fenris Gift

If a Fenrir is struck in battle, he may rely upon this Gift to retaliate. His enemy immediately experiences the pain from wounds received by the Fenrir. A cuckoo-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Rage point and rolls Manipulation + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8). For one scene, the target incurs whatever wound penalties indicated by the Fenrir’s current wound levels, regardless of whether or not the Fenrir actually feels the pain.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Might of Thor

Rank 3 Get of Fenris Gift

The Garou can increase his strength tremendously, the better to slay his foes. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis and one Rage, then rolls Willpower (difficulty 8). The Garou’s Strength doubles for one turn per success. After the Gift wears off, the Get is weakened considerably (Physical Attributes are considered 1 and Willpower is halved) until he can rest for at least one hour.

Source: Core book revised.

Venom Blood

Rank 3 Get of Fenris Gift

The Garou may change her blood into a black, acidic bile that poisons anyone unlucky enough to come into contact with it. A snake- or spider-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends on Rage point and rolls Stamina + Medicine (difficulty 7). Anyone coming into contact with the Garou’s blood for the duration of the scene takes one die of aggravated damage per success on the first roll.

Source: Core book revised.

Loki’s Touch

Rank 3 Get of Fenris Ragabash Gift

This Gift is rare among the Get of Fenris, but the Rotagar often find it necessary to cool the rages of their comrades. With just a touch, the Garou may cause a target to go into uncontrollable fits of laughter or simply to have a better sense of humor. This Gift is taught by any Trickster spirit (most often Ratatosk, the Squirrel).

System: The Garou must touch an opponent and roll Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty equal to the Rage plus the Rank fo the target; maximum difficulty of 10). The fits of laughter will last for one round per success, during which time the target may not take any offensive action, although he may defend himself if attacked.

Source: Get of Fenris Tribebook

Chill of Early Frost

Rank 4 Wendigo Gift / Rank 3 Get of Fenris Gift (Camp: Ymir’s Sweat)

The werewolf calls down a mystical chill from Great Wendigo himself, freezing the surrounding lands and anyone in it. A spirit servant of Great Wendigo teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Occult (difficulty varies: 4 if it is already winter, 6 for spring, 9 for summer). Success drops the temperature to a bit below freezing in a five-mile radius, or even further below zero if it was already winter. All creatures without a natural coat of fur lose two dice from all pools. This Gift wreaks pure havoc in urban environments, as pipes burst and roads freeze. This Gift lasts for one hour per success.

Source: Core book revised / Get of Fenris Tribebook