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Rank 1 Glass Walker Gifts

A list of all Rank 1 Glass Walkers tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Glass Walker Gifts of all ranks, see All Glass Walker Gifts.

Sheng-Nong’s Eyes

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift (Boli Zouhisze)

The Boli Zouhisze can see from the perspective of his tools and draw on their concentration for the task at hand, allowing him to perform multiple actions with ease. While this was originally used to wield two swords with equal dexterity, any tools can be used; even the werewolf’s own hands count as a “tool.” Either a monkey-spirit or a spirit of war teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point to receive an extra action. For the rest of the scene, the Garou need not be able to see his opponents in order to attack them. No visibility modifiers or off-hand penalties affect his actions while this Gift is in effect.

Source: Glass Walker Tribebook (revised)

Agro Culture

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift

Camp: City Farmer

The Garou can cause plants to take root and grow in places where it is usually impossible for plants to grow. This Gift does not make plants grow supernaturally fast; it simply gives them a chance for life where none existed before. The plants must still be tended to and watered. However, the plants can use artificial substances such as concrete and plastic for soil. They dig their roots in and grow. Plants can even be coaxed to grow out of walls, as long as they are nurtured during the process. This Gift is taught by plant spirits.

System: The Garou must plant seeds in the area to be fertilized. If this is a concrete wall, he must place the seeds in cracks within the surface. He then rolls Charisma + Science (or Herbology) against a difficulty dependent on the toxicity of the area. An abandoned lot might be 5, a typical city building bathed in the smog of passing cars might be a 6 or 7, while an oil spill site might be 9.

Source: Glass Walker Tribebook

Last Ditch

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift

Camp: Dies Ultimae

When the chips are down and your back’s to the wall, risks need to be taken. This Gift makes those last choices a little less risky by allowing for some instinctual co-ordination to be taken. A bee or ant-spirit teaches this Gift

System: The Soldier looks toward an ally and spends one point of Gnosis before rolling Intelligence + Primal Urge (difficulty 7). The ally does not need to spend Gnosis or roll, but must also know the Gift. As long as one success is rolled, the players of each character may formulate a detailed plan out of character, which both characters instinctually grasp simply from making eye contact.  Each character adds two bonus dice to his or her next roll, but for the rest of the scene after that they lose two dice from all actions.

Source: Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised)

Network Terminal

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift

Camp: Random Interrupts

Computers have grown more and more connected in recent years, most prominently via the Internet. Meanwhile, no matter how good your computer is, there’s probably someone with a better computer and you’re likely connected to it. This Gift connects the Random Interrupt to the theoretical better computer, making all work much easier. A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Gnosis, difficulty 7. Every success adds one die to any roll involving the Computer Knowledge. The Gift doesn’t provide you with a computer; you actually need to be seated at a computer that has some form of network connection.

Source: Glass Walker Tribebook (revised)

Tommy’s New Trick

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift

Camp: Wise Guys

While one of the Wise Guys favorite gun Gifts (Trick Shot, rediscovered from the Iron Riders by Gianluigi Lucci) eventually leaked to the whole tribe, this one may well go with them to their grave. This Gift ensures that when spraying bullets from an automatic gun, not a single bullet misses its target. A bird spirit (though never a pigeon) teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one point of Gnosis and makes a standard Dexterity + Firearms roll to make a spray attack. However, the standard +2 difficulty does not apply. Before the attack is resolved, the Wise Guy may spend one Willpower point to turn one failed die into a success, and this may be repeated until all dice are considered successes. The only exception to this is if the roll is a botch, in which case no Willpower may be spent and every bullet misses their target by exactly an inch.

In addition, not one bullet is left at the scene, nor will any bullet hit anything but the Wise Guy’s opponents. This Gift cannot be used on a single enemy; the attack must be a spray involving at least two targets.

Source: Glass Walker Tribebook (revised)

Plug and Play

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift

All of the Weaver’s works are connected through the same web, the same song. The Glass Walkers exploit this truth to draw more power from the modern profusion of technology, making their devices compatible with almost everything. A Net Spider teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Willpower point. For the next day, any computer the Glass Walker uses — no matter how simple — becomes fully compatible with any other digital device, regardless of obstacles such as different operating systems, lack of physically compatible access ports, or even the complete absence of any means of receiving or interpreting a wireless signal. Generally, Glass Walkers use this Gift to turn their smart phones into omni-compatible access keys to computer networks, security feeds, and even car GPS systems.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition


Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift

At a glance, the Glass Walker can tell what is wrong with a machine. He can then enlist the aid of the machine’s spirit in repairing the faulty device. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift.

System: The player rolls Perception + Crafts to determine the problem. She then spends one Gnosis point as the Garou mentally convinces the spirit of the device to aid her in fixing it. (Most such spirits are happy to do so — they don’t want to be junk!) The time to fix the device is halved, and the player may subtract any successes on the Perception + Crafts roll from the successes necessary to fix the device.

Source: Core book revised.

Weaver’s Eyes

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift

Garou with this Gift gain an insight into the Weaver’s deep and subtle patterns for hiding information inside of other information and to the invisible patterns buried in large prime numbers. Encryption algorithms mean nothing to these Glass Walkers; using Weaver’s Eyes, they can even pierce magical shrouding of data. The Garou must have the data to be decrypted in some form — generally, residing on a local computer. Weaver’s Eyes cannot be directly used to break open the encryption on a live connection between two computers, but it will help the Garou use his own abilities to break through that encryption.

System: The player spends one Willpower and rolls Perception + Computer (difficulty of 10 – the local Gauntlet). The number of successes necessary depends on the encryption used on the message or connection that the character is trying to pierce. Encryption created by ordinary mortal programmers requires one success to pierce; mundane encryption created by the top echelon of mortal programmers requires two successes to pierce. Magical encryption, such as that created by the Gift: Encrypt or similar magical abilities performed by non-Garou, requires three or more successes — generally speaking, the character must achieve more successes on the Weaver’s Eyes roll than his opposite number got on an Encrypt roll.

If the character comes across an encrypted connection between two computers, Weaver’s Eyes can help him break the connection in a hurry, but since the data traffic is far from him, the Gift cannot pierce the encryption directly. However, it will provide one extra success on the Perception + Computer roll used to break the encryption, and it will allow the character to attempt to break through magical encryption. This Gift is taught by a raccoon-spirit.

Source: Book of the City

Control Simple Machine

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift

The Garou may command the spirits of the simplest machines, causing levers to flip, doors to unbolt, pulleys to roll and so on. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift.

System: The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Crafts (difficulty 7). The Garou’s control lasts until the end of the scene.

Source: Core book revised.

Trick Shot

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift

This Gift, once an acquired taste, has undergone a recent surge in popularity. It allows the Garou to execute brilliant feats of sharpshooting, such as shooting a weapon from an opponent’s hand or firing down the barrel of an enemy’s gun. The Garou cannot use this Gift to harm an opponent directly, however, and he can use Trick Shot only with rifles or pistols. Air-spirits teach this Gift.

System: The player adds the character’s permanent Glory rating to his dice pool when performing a really outlandish shooting trick. Again, this Gift does not allow direct damage to targets (“I’ll shoot him between the eyes!”), but it can be used to injure opponents indirectly. (“I’ll shoot the rope that’s holding the chandelier over his head!”) The effects are permanent.

Source: Core book revised.

Budget Approval Process

Rank 1 Glass Walkers Gift

Camp: Corporate Wolves

As any underpaid and underprivileged office worker will tell you, getting any budget approved involves knowing whom to ask. Those types would find this Gift a blessing, as would many other types. This Gift lets you find the weak point of any social group, which person can be leaned on to get results. It is taught by either an ant- or bee-spirit

System: The player spends one Willpower and rolls Perception + Etiquette (difficulty 5). If successful, the Garou automatically knows which member of a group it would be best to approach to get results in her efforts. The number of success determines how large a group can be scanned. Working out which punk to hit in a street gang to make the rest run would only require one success, working out which guy needs to bribing to bring down an entire corporation would require at least five. The Storyteller also is fully within his rights to suggest that no one person holds all the cards in a group and that the Gift simply won’t work.

Source: Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised)

Cool Mind

Rank 1 Glass Walkers Gift

Camp: Cyber Dogs

Too many Garou are afraid of advancing beyond the limits of their bodies. To counter this, the Cyber Dogs have a Gift that banishes fear, anxiety or any other emotion. People targeted by this Gift lose their emotion temporarily, able to think perfectly logically. A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift

System: The Cyber Dog spends one Willpower and rolls Intelligence + Investigation (difficulty 7) in a resisted roll against the target’s Wits + Primal Urge (difficulty 7). The target can choose not to resist, and you may target yourself. If successful, the target becomes cold and impersonal for as many turns as successes achieved, thinking entirely with intellect and ignoring emotion. Emotions do still exist as abstract concepts; a target can still think, “I love this man, so it would not be to my benefit to harm him.” This Gift cannot counter the effects of the Delirium. Garou under this Gift’s effects suffer a +2 difficulty on Rage rolls, though frenzy will disrupt the Gift.

Source: Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised)

Well-Oiled Running

Rank 1 Glass Walkers Gift

Camp: Dies Ultimae

The greatest toll a Soldier has is her equipment. The worst enemy she has is the possibility of it failing. This Gift greatly reduces those chances by safeguarding machinery against environmental factors. It is taught by a dust, war, or water-spirit.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Crafts (difficulty 7). The Garou safeguards one machine against natural corrosion or adverse weather for one day per success. This machine can still be damaged by direct attacks.

Source: Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised)

Skyscraper Vision

Rank 1 Glass Walkers Gift

Whilst the urban jungle offers many new possibilities for the hunter, it also presents its share of difficulties. One of the most troublesome of these is the possibility of their prey slipping into a crowd and simply disappearing. With this Gift, the Glass Walker can see through the eyes of a glass spirit in a skyscraper window to pick out their prey from above. The City Father or a glass-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player makes a Gnosis roll (difficulty 6). For every success rolled, the character can see from the perspective of any window in the area (about half a city block) for one turn. If used to find specific details, the Storyteller may ask for a second roll using Perception + Alertness, adding one bonus die for each success gained in the initial Gnosis roll, to see if the mark can be spotted in time. Difficulty should be set by Storyteller to reflect the elusiveness of the target.

Source: Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised)


Rank 1 Homid Gift / Rank 1 Fianna Gift / Rank 1 Glass Walkers Gift

This Gift allows a homid to become more persuasive when dealing with others, in such a way that his statements and arguments are imbued with added meaning or credibility. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge. If successful, the Storyteller reduces the difficulties of all Social rolls by one for the remainder of the scene. In addition, any successful Social rolls may have significantly more impact than they would without the Gift. A werewolf could win arguments with hard line opponents, or cause a cold-hearted psychopath to relent (at least for a little while).

Source: Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition

Mother’s Touch

Rank 1 Theurge Gift / Rank 1 Children of Gaia Gift / Rank 1 Black Furies Gift / Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift, Camp: Wise Guys / Rank 1 Bunyip Gift

Camp: Order of Our Merciful Mother (Black Furies)

The Garou is able to heal the wounds of any living creature, aggravated or otherwise, simply by laying hands over the afflicted area. The Garou may not heal herself, spirits or the undead with this Gift. A bear- or unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends on Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Medicine (difficulty of the wounded individual’s Rage, or 6 for non-Garou). Each success heals one health level. The Theurge may heal even Battle Scars in this manner if the Theurge uses the Gift in the same scene in which the scar was obtained and she spends a second Gnosis point. There is no limit to how many times this Gift may be used on a person, but each use requires the expenditure of one Gnosis.

(Glass Walker): Wise Guys using this Gift often recite Luke 17:19 when using it. “And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.”

Source: Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition / Glass Walker Tribebook