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Uncloak the Hidden

Rank 1 Planetary Gift (Hakahe)

By concentrating on a person, object or area, the Garou can determine whether or not her target is hiding anything. The Garou can spot disguises, concealed weapons and wires; determine if a room contains trapdoors, hidden cameras, microphones and wire taps; or if someone lurks in a hidden passage. The Gift does not, however, allow the Garou to seek beneath the disguise, determine the nature of a concealed weapon or tell what lies within a hidden wall safe – this trick reveals only that a deception is present. The Garou must concentrate on the target in order to invoke this Gift.

System: The player rolls Perception + Investigation (difficulty 8). Extra successes might reveal more facts about the subject, if multiple secrets exist to be sought out. The Storyteller should inform the player of her characters’ knowledge in general terms (“That man has some sort of disguise”; “The floor contains a hollow beneath the floorboards”).

Source: Rage Across the Heavens

Shadow of the Ebon Whisperer

Rank 2 Planetary Gift (Hakahe)

This Gift makes the Garou as insubstantial as a shadow and as hard to see. The physical form of the Garou fades to a murky, dark shape that can slither and flow almost anywhere. Although others can use certain Gifts to spot the “shadow” werewolf, anyone wishing to do so must first have a reason to suspect the presence of the Gift’s user. This Gift does not function in bright daylight or in places where no shadows exists — such as a brightly lit room (or a room in total darkness, for that matter).

System: The player spends a point of Willpower and rolls Appearance + Occult (difficulty as assigned by the Storyteller depending on the surroundings). Each success allows the character to assume the shadow-form for one scene (or one combat round); even one success can give the character the advantage of surprise in a battle. No successes means that the Gift fails while a botch throws the characters across the Gauntlet momentarily and does not conceal the Garou upon her return.

Source: Rage Across the Heavens

Hidden Heart

Rank 3 Planetary Gift (Hakahe)

This Gift allows the Garou to take a dangerous piece of knowledge she possesses and lock it away in her mind so that it becomes inaccessible without a key. The concealed information cannot be taken from her through mental powers or coercion; she can neither access the information nor remember that she has something hidden away in her mind. Until someone speaks the trigger word, performs the appropriate gesture or enacts the conditions set forth in the activation of the Gift, the Garou remains blissfully unaware of the information she has hidden from everyone — including herself.

System: Before using this Gift, the Garou must set the conditions which will cause the information to become available to her. This information should be given a trusted ally — after all, the Garou herself won’t even remember that she has a key word, much less a secret. After describing the trigger, the player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls the character’s Willpower (difficulty 8). Only one success is necessary for the Gift to take effect. The effect of the Gift lasts until the hidden information is triggered.

Source: Rage Across the Heavens

Whisper in the Dark

Rank 4 Planetary Gift (Hakahe)

This Gift allows the Garou to determine a fact detrimental to an individual. The Garou may then use that piece of knowledge against the target of the Gift, either by holding it over the victim’s head or making the information public.

System: The player rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty 8). Each success enables her to grasp one piece of heretofore-unknown information about the target of the Gift. Thus, a character can learn that an individual owes millions of dollars in gambling debts, hides a murder in his past or funds a company that systematically pollutes the rivers in a particular state. Failure means that the character learns nothing, while a botch provides the character with erroneous information leading to the character’s possible embarrassment or dishonor.

Source: Rage Across the Heavens

Ebon Binding

Rank 5 Planetary Gift (Hakahe)

This Gift allows the Garou to take her knowledge of someone’s fault, practice or secret vice and bind a fitting punishment to that person. Most often, a target suffers crippling pains when he thinks of indulging in the forbidden action. The Garou may use this Gift to prevent rapists, child molesters, murderers or traitors from repeat offenses (assuming the Garou allows these individuals to live in the first place.

System: The player must sacrifice a point of permanent Gnosis and roll her Willpower (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). Only one success is necessary to make the binding permanent. A failed roll means that the binding is unsuccessful while a botch causes the character to undergo the mental or physical pain she intended to bind to her target — a one-time-only occurrence.

Source: Rage Across the Heavens