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Rank 4 Philodox Gifts

A list of all Rank 4 Philodox Auspice Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Philodox Gifts of all ranks, see All Philodox Gifts.

Roll Over

Rank 4 Philodox Gift / Rank 4 Shadow Lord (Lords of the Summit) Gift

The Philodox can call on her power to radiate a commanding presence that compels others to submit to her. Should she succeed in a test of wills, she dominates her foe, which causes humans to fall to their knees and wolves to roll on their backs. Either a lion- or a wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player must score at least three successes more than her opponent on a resisted Willpower contest. If the Gift takes effect, the victim can take no action other than submission unless he is in direct danger.

Source: Core book revised / Shadow Lord Tribebook (revised)

Reality’s Path

Rank 4 Philodox Gift

Perception is subjective, but the Philodox cannot afford that luxury. This Gift allows the user to sense whether what the subject believes to be true is actually false. A Jaggling of Falcon teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 7). A single success determines if what the subject is telling an unintended untruth. Three successes will discover if the subject was deliberately misled. Five successes or more will reveal the truth of the lie at its simplest level (it might tell who perpetrated a crime, but not why or who the perp was working for). Note that this Gift only works when a subject speaks what he truly believes; packmates can’t go on “fishing expeditions” by throwing out names to determine who really committed a deed, for example.

Reality’s path deals with knowable facts (“She never intended to return”, “despite his boast, your brother didn’t kill the Bane single-handed”), not greater spiritual truths.

Source: Book of Auspices

Take the True Form

Rank 4 Philodox Gift

The Philodox with this power can force a Garou into her breed form. This Gift is especially useful to abate frenzy, prevent damage from silver or take a combative advantage. A wolf-spirit teaches a worthy Philodox the workings of this Gift.

System: The player rolls his Manipulation + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). If successful, the target automatically shifts to her breed form. The number of successes equals the number of turns the target must remain in her natural form.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Scent of Beyond

Rank 4 Philodox Gift

The werewolf can bring all his senses to bear on one spot with which he is familiar (even an Umbral site), no matter how far away that spot is. The Philodox senses the site from a point of view as if he were standing in the middle of the area being scanned. A bird-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 8). If the spot is in the Umbra, the difficulty is 9 or the Gauntlet rating (whichever is higher).

Source: Core book revised.