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Rank 3 Red Talon Gifts

A list of all Rank 3 Red Talon tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Red Talon Gifts of all ranks, see All Red Talon Gifts.

Recycle / Render Down / Rot Weavertech

Rank 3 & 4 Red Talon Gift
Rank 4 in the 2nd edition Player’s Guide, Rank 3 in 20th Anniversary. Different books gave this gift different names.

Red Talons who posses this powerful Gift can destroy any man-made substance. Plastics, alloys and any other material not found in nature disintegrate with just a touch. Lawn chairs dissolve into oily puddles and steel melts into iron and carbon.

The cockroach-spirit, which has witnessed the human’s secret creation rites, knows the Gifts that can dissolve almost anything.

System: The Garou must touch the material for the Gift to work. Only materials that science has manufactured are viable targets. For instance, a wooden chair would be unaffected, whereas a plastic chair would melt to the ground. The Garou then must roll her Rage against a difficulty determined by the item’s complexity. The difficulty ranges from iron (difficulty6) and ordinary plastics (difficulty 7) to rare and complex metal alloys (difficulty 9). Every success reduces five pounds of the target material to its base components.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition / Player’s Guide 1st Edition / 20th Anniversary Edition

Territory / Predator’s Many Eyes

Rank 3 & 4 Red Talon Gift / Kucha Ekundu (Red Talon) / Rank 3 White Howler
Rank 4 in the Red Talon tribebook; rank 3 in the 20th Anniversary Edition

The Red Talon with this Gift doesn’t need to patrol his hunting ground to know what transpires there. With bit a moment of concentration, he may extend his senses to any area he has marked. This Gift is taught by a wolf spirit.

System: To use this Gift, the Red Talon must first mark one or more areas with his own urine. A Talon may have a number of marked locations equal to his Gnosis (and does not have to establish such a mark in every place that he urinates). Thereafter, the player may roll Perception + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7) to extend the Talon’s senses to that location. The character can sense the area as though standing in the same place he was in when he marked the area originally. The scent marks last for one week per dot of Gnosis the character possesses (for wilderness) or one day per dot of Gnosis (for urban environments).

Kucha Ekundu (African Red Talons): The Kucha Ekundu don’t regard themselves as “Lords of the Savannah,” especially given the strength of Africa’s other Fera, but they still wish to do their job as Garou. This Gift facilitates that job, allowing the werewolf to “mark” a predator and thereafter look through its eyes.

System: As the Red Talon Gift: Territory. The Red Talon needs not urinate on the animal it wishes to mark; the player must merely roll Charisma + Animal Ken (difficulty 7) while the predator is in sight. Using this Gift on other Fera is possible but requires the Fera’s consent. In all other respects, this Gift functions as Territory.

White Howlers: White Howlers can mark a land as their own by carving sigils in stone in the area. Stones marked in this way can be used over and over, by the Garou who carved them. The duration remains the same; the werewolf reactivates the gift by adding additional details to the stone in question.

Source: Red Talon Tribebook (revised) / 20th Anniversary Edition

Elemental Favor / Yao’s Commands

Rank 3 Glass Walker Gift / Rank 3 Red Talon Gift / Boli Zouhisze (Glass Walker) Gift

By begging, threatening or cajoling an urban elemental, a Garou can convince the spirit to do her a favor by manipulating or even destroying her earthly shell. Thus, a glass sheet might explode at the Garou’s foes; a door might refuse to open, even if unlocked, or a car’s brakes might fail. An urban elemental teaches this Gift.

Red Talon: this version affects the four classic elements — fire, earth, water and air — and a natural elemental teaches it.

Boli Zouhisze: When this Gift is taken, the Boli Zouhisze must choose to be able to command Eastern elementals (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) or urban elementals). The character may never command elementals of the other group.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty of the spirit’s Gnosis). The Storyteller determines the precise effects.

Source: Core book revised / Glass Walker Tribebook (revised)

Mother’s Rage

Rank 3 Red Talon Gift

A she-wolf is most dangerous when protecting her cubs, and will fight against enemies from which she would normally flee if her family is at stake. The Red Talon with this Gift is able to harness that Rage and use it in battle, although only when defending something of value. A bear- or wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: This Gift can only be used in defense of something or someone else – Kinfolk, a wounded packmate, a caern, etc. If the Red Talon is attacking a foe, she may not activate Mother’s Rage. To use this Gift, the player spend two Rage points. The Garou enters of kind of frenzy, but stays within the vicinity of her charge. She will attack anything that gets too close, within the usual guidelines of frenzy (i.e., if her Rage is equal to or lower than her Gnosis, she will not attack packmates).  While in this state, the Talon takes no wound penalties. All difficulties to soak are reduced by two, and she gains an extra dot of Strength. Additionally, she regains one Rage point each turn while the Gift is in effect, making it impossible for her to run out of Rage (and therefore impossible to lose to the wolf). All these benefits disappear when the Red Talon’s carge is out of danger or at the end of the scene, whichever comes first.

Source: Red Talons (revised)

Howl of Hunger

Rank 3 Red Talon Gift
Howl Gift

Wolves gorge themselves when they eat, especially during the cold winter months, because they cannot be sure wen they will find food. Most humans know nothing of this kind of hunger, as they have their food handed to them. The Garou with this Gift can weaken any that hear her howl with crippling hunger. The Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit or ancestor-spirit.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty 7). If the Red Talon also knows the Galliard Gift: Call of the Wyld, reduce the difficulty of the roll by one. If the roll succeeds, anyone within earshot of the werewol’s howl loses two dice from any mental and physical dice pools as their bodies are wracked with hunger pangs (the player may choose to spend a Gnosis point to leave the Red Talon’s packmates unaffected). This Gift only functions on creatures that feel a physical hunger for food – vampires and other dead things are unaffected. However, any Garou affected by this Gift must immediately check for frenzy (although even a Garou in frenzy is subject to the dice penalty due to weakness). Frenzied werewolves are likely to feast on any meat they can find if subject to Howl of Hunger, much like homid Garou in the Thrall of the Wyrm. The effects of the Gift last for one scene.

Source: Red Talons (revised)

Snap Man’s Chains

Rank 3 Red Talon Gift

Camp: Warders of the Land

All Red Talons feel disgust at domesticated animals, both predator and prey. They hate prey animals that simply stand around waiting to be slaughtered, rather than being allowed to live their lives before being eaten. Domesticated predators incense the Talons, for obvious reasons. This Gift allows the werewolf to free domesticated animals from whatever enclosures hold them, physical or otherwise. Horses throw their riders, dogs turn on their masters, farm animals smash through their gates and run. While the Red Talons have known this Gift for centuries, few learned it after the rise of cities, since so few humans there kept animals. However, the Warders of the Land continue to learn the Gift occasionally. Any animal-spirit can teach this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8). The number of successes indicates the area of the effect. One success drives any animals in a small house feral. Three affects all the animals in a small neighborhood or in a building housing many animals (a pound, for example). Five affects all of the animals within a square mile.

Source: Tribebook: Red Talons (revised)

Trackless Waste

Rank 3 Red Talon Gift

Humans have no sense of direction, the Talons assert. With this Gift, the Garou can make certain that they don’t. The Talon employing Trackless Waste must have some familiarity with the terrain in question. Upon using the Gift, humans become hopelessly lost. Compasses malfunction, maps are misleading, and landmarks seem to be out of place. A spirit of the wilderness teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Primal-Urge. Each success “scrambles” a two-mile radius. This Gift functions on other werewolves, but they can resist with a Perception + Primal-Urge roll, and they must score more successes than the Talon to remain unaffected. This Gift lasts for four hours.

Source: Core book revised.

Herding the Infant Ape

Rank 3 Red Talon Gift

Perhaps the most unpopular Gift in the entire tribe, this Gift is hidden by Whelp’s Compromise, although a few Warders of the Land use it in more… experimental ways. It turns a human child of no older than ten years old into a creature of the wild, unable to set foot in a city. Some suggest this Gift is responsible for myths such as Romulus and Remus, or the tale of Mowgli. Whelp’s Compromise camp members use this to show that humans themselves can exist in harmony with Gaia, it is the City that is evil and needs to be destroyed.

 System: This Gift can only be used on a human child of no more than ten years. The player spends three Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Primal Urge. The difficulty is the child’s age; any child less than a year old automatically is barred from setting foot in a city for the rest of their life. For children aged one and up, the number of successes rolled becomes the number of decades that pass before they can re-enter a city. If they do so before then, they suffer incapacitating cramps, refuse to eat, and stay immobile until removed from the city.

Since this Gift only works on those too small to fend for themselves, few who use it simply abandon their charges. After all, a dead human child in the wild isn’t the example the Whelp’s Compromise wants to make.

Source: Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)

Gaze of the Hunter

Rank 3 Red Talon Gift

The Garou stares into the eyes of an intended victim, and communicates to them the ancient bond between predator and prey — beginning the sacred hunt. This Gift is taught by the spirit of any predatory mammal — wolf, mountain lion, bear, etc.

System: The Garou spends on Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Intimidation (difficulty 6 for animals or the human [or other sentient] target’s Willpower — whichever is higher). If the Gaze is successful, the target (human or animal) understands the link and will act accordingly: Wild animals will run into the open, allowing the hunter to eventually catch and kill them. Humans and domesticated animals — for whom this is a terrifying experience — may run or cower, terrified. No victim will begin a fight, although if the Red Talon pursues and catches the prey, a battle might result. The Gift does not work on other Garou, but will be effective against most creatures the Garou sets out to hunt.

Source: Tribebook: Red Talons