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Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gifts

A list of all Rank 3 Shadow Lord tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Shadow Lord Gifts of all ranks, see All Shadow Lord Gifts.

Spirit of the Bird / Dark Aerie

Rank 2 Uktena Gift / Rank 3 Shadow Lord (Camp: Children of Crow) Gift

Few enemies would expect a werewolf to attack from above, which is precisely why the Uktena developed the means to do so. The Garou may hover, fly or float. Any bird spirit can teach this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point. The Garou can fly at 20 mph and hover as she desires. The difficulties of all combat maneuvers increase by one. This Gift lasts for one hour.

In the Shadowlord version of this Gift, the servant of Crow is enveloped by shadows as he escapes.

Source: Core book revised.

Dark of Night

Rank 3 Shadow Lord (Hakken) Gift

A Hakken can cause an opponent to become temporarily blinded. Hakken reserve such underhanded tactics for use against minions of the Wyrm. This Gift comes from a raven-spirit.

System: The Hakken spills a vial of ink; the player spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge, resisted by the target’s Gnosis (if any). Each success blinds the victim for an hour.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition


Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

Camp: Lords of the Summit & Judges of Doom

This Gift was originally discovered by a cult of Shadow Lords known as the Judges of Doom. A Garou may use this Gift to terrify his victim into a confession. This Gift is taught by a Fear-spirit.

System: The interrogator rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge or Interrogation; the defendant resists with an opposed Willpower roll. If the Garou succeeds, the defendant will be paralyzed with fear for one round and confess the greatest crime that he has committed during the last cycle of the moon. This is long enough for a one sentence confession, but may only be used once per moon cycle. Judges of Doom may learn this as a Level One Gift.

Source: Tribebook: Shadow Lords

Raven’s Wings

Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift / Rank 3 Ronin Gift

A lord with this gift is especially close to Raven, and may manifest a spirit avatar in the form of a raven to spy for him. The raven may see and hear, but may not affect the physical world or, in turn, be affected by attacks of any sort.

System: To activate the Gift, the Lord spends a Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty 6). The raven may be sent up to five miles away for every success rolled,  but is canceled if it goes beyond this range. The Lord must concentrate to see through the raven’s eyes, but need not do so to maintain the raven’s existence. Although the raven is visible in the Penumbra, it cannot be seen in the physical world; by default it sees its Penumbral environment, but can peek across the Gauntlet to the material world. The effects of the Gift last for a scene.

Source: Shadow Lords Tribebook (Revised) / Outcasts

A Thousand Eyes

Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

Camp: Children of Bat

The Child of Bat melds his consciousness with that of a swarm of bats, and may see and hear all that they see and hear for the duration of the night. Using this Gift requires a swarm of at least a thousand bats (easily found in most temperate or tropical areas). It is taught by a bat-spirit.

System: The Garou spends three Gnosis and rolls Perception + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8). Success indicates she slips into a deep meditative trance, and can see through the bats’ eyes and hear through their ears for one full night. With one success, she cannot control the bats’ movements; they go where they will, and she sees and hears what they happen to see and hear (generally lots of insects). With three or more successes, however, the Garou can subtly direct the movements of the swarm such that they are guided to a general area of interest to the Garou. She still cannot control individual bats, but they will show mild interest in whatever area it is that the Garou wants them to see.

Source: Shadow Lord Tribebook (revised)


Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

Camp: Children of Bat

The Shadow Lord can extrude large flaps of skin under her arms, resembling a flying squirrel’s membranes. When not in use, the flaps usually shrink into the Lord’s arms and sides, where they are not detectable. This Gift is taught by a bat-spirit or a squirrel-spirit.

System: The Shadow Lord stretches her arms and leaps from a height. She may glide at 25 mpg, but the player must make Dexterity + Athletics rolls (at the Storyteller’s discretion) to avoid losing altitude.

Source: Shadow Lord Tribebook (revised)

Direct the Storm

Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

Having a packmate who is prone to frenzy isn’t safe for anyone. With this Gift, the Shadow Lord can direct the primal instincts of a frenzied Garou — friend or foe — causing him to attack targets of the Lord’s choice. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Willpower (difficulty of the target’s Rage). Success indicates that the Shadow Lord controls the target’s frenzy and can set him on anyone she chooses. Using this Gift on a Garou in the Thrall of the Wyrm is possible, but doing so requires the player to roll Rage (difficulty 7) to check for frenzy for her own character.

Source: Core book revised.

Shadow Cutting

Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

One of the more cunning tactics of the Shadow Lords, this Gift allows a Lord to maim or kill her opponent by attacking the shadow he casts. This tactic makes her attacks difficult to dodge, and can provide a great advantage in situations where the shadow is a larger or more accessible target than the opponent himself. A night-spirit teaches this Gift

System: The werewolf must activate the Gift by spitting into her opponent’s shadow and spending a Gnosis point. For the remainder of the scene, she may injure her opponent by striking his shadow. Only fetish weapons, silver or natural weaponry (claws and teeth) will work in conjunction with this Gift; firearms or other mundane measures cannot transmit damage across the spirit-link. The victim has two fewer dice to dodge attacks aimed at his shadow, and cannot parry such attacks at all. The Storyteller may even give the shadow’s attacker extra dice in certain situations, such as during sunset or when the victim is a few stories up, but his shadow falls at the Garou’s feet.

Source: Shadow Lords Tribebook Revised


Summon Stormcrow

Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

The Judges of Doom learned this blessing from Grandfather Thunder himself. The Stormcrows, some of Grandfather Thunder’s servants, come to the aid of those Garou who activate this Gift. Acting as spies, the Stormcrows follow anybody the Judge chooses and report back all they learn. Rumors speak of networks of Stormcrows that pass information back and forth like a telephone line.

System: To call a ‘crow, the Judge must roll Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty 8) and spend a Gnosis point. He may give the crow a single command, such as “Follow the Red Talon and report his activities” or “Keep an eye on the Theurge elder.” The Stormcrow is invisible to everyone except individuals in the Umbra. The target must roll her Perception (difficulty 8) or employ a Gift to see a Stormcrow in the Umbra.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Paralyzing Stare

Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

The Shadow Lord directs a terrifying glare at a target, causing her to freeze in terror. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.

System: The Garou concentrates for one turn. The player spends on Gnosis point, and rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). Each success freezes the target in place for one turn. The target must be able to see the Garou.

Source: Core book revised.

Under the Gun

Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

The Shadow Lord lays a curse on her foe, ensuring certain death by bullets. While the curse is in effect, bullets (as well as arrows, hurled knives, and any other missile weapons) are strangely attracted to the target. Although this Gift is useful in battle, most Shadow Lords prefer to use it secretly on a chosen foe before a fight begins, ensuring an “unfortunate accident.” A raven-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The Shadow Lord touches the intended target with her fingertips. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Firearms. The curse lingers for one day per success. While it is in effect, the difficulty to strike the target with any sort of missile attack drops by two.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Icy Chill of Despair

Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

The Shadow Lord with this Gift can appear to grow larger and more imposing, becoming a terrible, shadowy version of herself. This change in aspect can severely intimidate any onlookers. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.

System: The werewolf concentrates for a turn; the player spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Intimidation, difficulty 7. Anyone who means the Shadow Lord harm must make a Willpower check, difficulty 8, and score more successes than the Lord does in order to act normally. Failure means that the victims must spend Willpower to attack, take action against or even verbally oppose the Shadow Lord. This Gift doesn’t give the Lord actual control over her intimidated victims – they’re simply too spooked to actively oppose her.

Source: Shadow Lords Tribebook Revised Pg. 67

Curse of Corruption

Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

The Shadow Lords, never a tribe to play fair, designed this Gift to discredit their rivals. Victims of this curse find themselves doubted by even their staunchest allies. Despite a target’s most noble exertions, no one believes anything he has to say until the curse fades. A jackal-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The Shadow Lord rolls her Gnosis against a difficulty equal to the target’s Gnosis. The number of successes indicates the number of turns the victim suffers from the curse. Until it fades, everything the victim says sounds dishonest. The Shadow Lord must pend a Willpower point to activate this Gift.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.