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Rank 5 Silent Strider Gifts

A list of all Rank 5 Silent Strider tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Silent Strider Gifts of all ranks, see All Silent Strider Gifts.

Reach the Umbra

Rank 5 Silent Strider Gift

The Garou may step into and out of the Umbra at will, without need of a reflective surface or even any effort at all. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The Garou may step sideways instantly, at any time, with no fear of being “caught.” No roll is necessary. In addition, all rolls made to enter or leave Umbral Realms receive a -2 difficulty bonus. She may not, however, spend Rage in the same turn that she steps sideways.

Source: Core book revised.

Invocation of the Pharaoh

Rank 5 Silent Strider Gift

This awe-inspiring Gift is only available to the greatest Strider heroes. The Strider must be in Homid form, must spend a Gnosis and a Willpower point, and must enact a 10-minute chant to the greatest of ancient Egyptian spirits. Once this is done, the Garou expands and grows, becoming a giant similar to the depictions of pharaohs on mastabas and sarcophagi. This Gift is taught by Sphinx.

System: The Garou grows to a height of nearly eight feet, but otherwise remains in Homid form. The Garou gains the Physical Attributes of a Crinos, but loses no Social Attributes; indeed, the Garou’s Charisma and Manipulation are treated as 6 when making Leadership or Intimidation rolls. A Garou in Pharaoh form does not inflict aggravated damage, but adds one to all Brawl and Melee damage inflicted against Wyrm-foes (or adds two when facing Followers of Set). The Garou regenerates as a Crinos, but is invulnerable to silver and cannot frenzy. Essentially, the Pharaoh form combines the best of both Homid and Crinos forms. This form lasts for one scene.

Source: Tribebook: Silent Striders

Gate of the Moon

Rank 5 Silent Strider Gift

This Gift creates a specialized moon bridge that takes the Strider to her destination instantly. At least a sliver of moon must be visible at her area of departure. A Lune teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point for every 100 miles the Garou needs to travel. She then rolls Intelligence + Alertness (difficulty varies on how far the journey is and how well the Garou knows the way). Success transports the character to her destination, but she will be disoriented for one turn unless the player scored three successes. A Botch takes the character miles in the wrong direction — possibly straight up.

Source: Core book revised.

Fetish Doll

Rank 5 Uktena Gift / Rank 5 Silent Strider (Camp: Bitter Hex) Gift

Sympathetic magic is the oldest form of sorcery, and it is still effective. Although many cultures find this sort of magic repellent, the Uktena believe that the ends well justify the means. The Garou can harm his victim from afar using a specially created doll. He must have a piece of his victim or an object belonging to him, and he must then construct the doll. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The doll takes one week to construct and enchant. The player rolls Perception + Crafts (difficulty 8) to construct the doll. When the doll is complete, the player may roll Intelligence + Medicine (difficulty of the victim’s Willpower). Each success inflicts one level of aggravated damage on the victim, which eh may soak if he is capable of doing so. The doll is only capable of transferring 10 levels of damage. After 10 successes, the doll is too mutilated to be of further use. A botched roll destroys the doll without inflicting any damage.

Source: Core book revised / Tribebook: Silent Striders (revised)