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Rank 1 Silver Fang Gifts

A list of all Rank 1 Silver Fang tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Silver Fang Gifts of all ranks, see All Silver Fang Gifts.

Inspiration / Grim Resolve

Rank 1 Ahroun Gift / Rank 1 Silent Strider (Camp: Harbingers) Gift  / Rank 1 Silver Fang Gift

Other werewolves look to the Ahroun for leadership in combat. The Gift of Inspiration is one reason. The Garou with this Gift lends new resolve and righteous anger to his brethren. Either a lion- or wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point. All comrades (but not the Gift’s user) receive one automatic success on any Willpower rolls made during the scene.

Source: Core book revised / Tribebook: Silent Striders (revised) / 20th Anniversary Edition

Sense Wyrm

Rank 1 Metis Gift / Rank 1 Theurge / Rank 1 Black Furies / Rank 1 Silent Strider / Rank 1 Silver Fang / Rank 1 Stargazer / Rank 1 Uktena / Rank 1 White Howler

The werewolf can sense manifestations of the Wyrm in the nearby area. This Gift involves a mystical sense, not a visual or olfactory image, although werewolves using the Gift sometimes say things like, “This place stinks of the Wyrm” (with a few more colorful adjectives). Garou should remember that the Wyrm’s taint can cling to relatively blameless souls. Werewolves may sense an innocent person who happens to work in a Wyrm-controlled factory or who has eated tainted food. This power requires active concentration. Any spirit of Gaia may teach this Gift.

System: The player rolls Perception + Occult. The difficulty depends on the concentration and strength of the Wyrm’s influence. Sensing a single fomor in the next room would be difficulty 6, while detecting the stench of a Bane that was in the room an hour ago would be difficulty 8. Vampires register as Wyrm-tainted, save those with Humanity Traits of 7 or higher.

Source: Core book revised / 20th Anniversary

Falcon’s Grasp / Implacable Grip

Rank 1 Silver Fang Gift / Rank 1 Uktena Gift

A leader must keep a tight grip on his power, and this Gift allows the Garou to do so literally. The Garou’s hands or jaws tighten in a mighty death-grip, making it nearly impossible to escape. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one point of Rage. For the remainder of the scene, the Garou’s grip with either hands or jaws (or both at the cost of two Rage) is much stronger. In game terms, the Garou’s Strength is considered three points higher for purposes of grappling or maneuvers such as the jaw lock. The Garou may not use this extra Strength to inflict damage.

Source: Core book revised / Tribebook: Uktena (revised)

Osprey’s Eye

Rank 1 Silver Fang Gift

Camp: Austere Howl

Osprey can spot his prey in the water from high in the air above, despite the distorting effect of the water itself. She gives her children the same ability, so they may hunt the enemies of Gaia as easily in the water as in the air. This Gift is taught by an osprey spirit, or by her ally, Salmon.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis. For the rest of the scene, the character can see into water as if there was no distortion at work. In addition, if the character is submerged in the water, he as at -2 difficulty to any vision-based Perception roll.

Source: Tribebook: Silver Fangs (revised)

Full Moon Cleansing

Rank 1 Silver Fang Gift

Camp: Moon Lodge (Waning Cycle)

This Gift allows a Garou to turn her own Rage against her Harano, thereby defeating it like any other enemy. The werewolf learns this Gift in ritual combat with a blood-warrior spirit, who must be defeated and burnt in an Umbral fire. The Garou then marks himself with the glyph for her own auspice and the Ahroun glyph. Thus, she learns how the anger of the Full Moon may be made part of herself.

System: The player must spend one point of Rage and make a Rage roll (difficulty 7, difficulty 6 for Ahroun) to activate the Gift. The character may then ignore the effects of Harano for one scene per success rolled.

Source: Tribebook: Silver Fangs (revised)

New Moon’s Laughter

Rank 1 Silver Fang Gift

Camp: Moon Lodge (Waxing Cycle)

This Gift allows a werewolf to make others around her more receptive to criticism and less obsessed with their own pride, thus showing them the wisdom of the New Moon. To learn this Gift, the werewolf must trick a Lune into revealing the Gift.

System: The player must spend a point of Gnosis and roll Gnosis (difficulty 6). For one hour per success scored, the gathering that the character attended takes on a lighter mood. All Social rolls with a positive intent are at -1 difficulty, while all Social rolls intended to provoke argument, insult or misery are at +1 difficulty. If the character using the Gift is a Ragabash, the bonus and penalty are doubled.

Source: Tribebook: Silver Fangs (revised)

Harrier’s View

Rank 1 Silver Fang Gift

Camp: Unbreakable Hearth

The Gift allows a pack alpha to have a perfect sense of where his packmates are, relative to his own position. This allows him to howl or shout orders more effectively and plan the tactics of the group better. A barrier-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis to activate the Gift. For the remainder of the scene he has an uncanny sense of his packmates’ location. All Leadership rolls involving packmates are at -2 difficulty and all participants in any pack tactic gain an extra die on their roll(s) to complete the tactic.

Source: Tribebook: Silver Fangs (revised)

Eye of the Falcon

Rank 1 Silver Fang Gift

Falcon is a great predator, with keen eyes and a sharp beak. As he soars in the sky, he can spot the tiny movement in the grass that betrays the location of his prey at great distances. He shares this Gift freely with his children so they may spot their foes easily and lead the Garou into battle with confidence. Any Falcon’s brood may teach this Gift.

System: All visual-based Perception and Alertness rolls are at -1 difficulty. The same applies to all long-range weapon attacks, such as a bow or gun. This Gift costs one Gnosis point to activate, and lasts for a scene.

Source: Tribebook: Silver Fangs (revised)

Lambent Flame

Rank 1 Silver Fang Gift

The Garou causes her body to ignite with silver light. A Lune teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Willpower point to ignite the light. The glare illuminates a 100-foot area. Any hand-to-hand attacks made against the Garou take a +1 difficulty penalty, while missile attacks receive a -1 difficulty bonus.

Source: Core book revised.

Ice Dance

Rank 1 Silver Fang Gift

This Gift is a legacy of the tribe’s deep roots in Russia and the frozen north. The Wyrm often chooses its battlegrounds with cunning, using Gaia’s own snow and ice against Her defenders. This Gift allows the Fangs to face the Wyrm on equal terms, or even turn Gaia’s own beauty to their advantage by moving freely across snow and ice, as if it was a flat plain of green grass. An ice elemental teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends a single Gnosis point to activate this Gift. Its effects then last until the next sunrise. All Dexterity-based rolls while on ice or snow are at -1 difficulty and the werewolf may move normal speed across both deep snow and ice. As this is a Gift of balance, Philodox gain more from it than most: their Dexterity rolls on snow and ice are at -2 difficulty and they may double their normal running speed when they are on snow or ice.

Source: Tribebook: Silver Fangs (revised)

Call the Breeze / Wind of Buzzard’s Wings

Rank 1 Wendigo Gift / Rank 1 Silver Fang (Camp: Crescent Moon) Gift

The Garou calls up a strong (20 mpg), cold breeze and directs it at whim. This breeze chills anyone not prepared for it, and it disperses (or redirects) clouds of vapor (including tear gas or airborne toxins) or swarms of insects. A wind-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The Garou simply whistles to call the breeze. Anyone caught in it loses one die from Perception rolls as long as the breeze lasts.

Source: Core book revised / Tribebook: Silver Fangs (revised)