Werewolf the Apocalypse information source


Lambent Sight

Rank 1 Planetary Gift (Sokhta)

This Gift allows the Garou the ability to see under circumstances where sight would normally be impossible, such as in conditions of total darkness (inside a deep cave, for example) or if the Garou is blindfolded. This Gift provides illumination for the Garou equivalent to that of a full moon.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis; no roll is necessary. The effects of this Gift last for one scene. This Gift cannot grant sight to one who is naturally blind.

Source: Rage Across the Heavens

Moonpool of Sokhta

Rank 2 Planetary Gift (Sokhta)

This Gift enables a Garou to transform clear, standing water into a pool which offers visions of possible futures. Wilderness ponds, small mountain tarns, pools of clear rainwater or even basins filled with water can serve as a conduit for the images. The scenes that appear within the pool depict what might happen unless something occurs to change the course of events. The Garou must concentrate on the event (or series of events) to get a sense of the outcome. The pool may reflect either literal or symbolic images.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 7 for near future events, difficulty 8 for more distant occurrences). Each success causes one vision of the future to appear in the pool. The Storyteller should determine the clarity and accuracy of the visions. No successes indicate a failure of the Gift, while a botch produces false visions or an extremely chaotic jumble of meaningless images.

Source: Rage Across the Heavens


Rank 3 Planetary Gift (Sokhta)

By using this Gift, the Garou may swiftly travel across the surface of a body of water which reflects the moonlight. She can follow a river or cross a lake so long as she follows the “trail” of the moon’s light. If the light becomes obscured at any point (such as when a cloud passes across the moon), the effects of the Gift end and the Garou may have to swim or wade to shore.

System: The player rolls Dexterity + Occult. Only one success is needed for the character to gain the ability to travel the “moonriver”. The Garou travels across the water with supernatural speed, typically three times her normal movement rate. No successes on the roll indicates that the moon is either not visible or does not shine over a body of water in the character’s vicinity. A botch allows the character to get midway through her journey before the moon’s light fails, thus stranding the character in mid-stream.

Source: Rage Across the Heavens


Rank 4 Planetary Gift (Sokhta)

This Gift allows the Garou to assume form of a small white cat (one of Sokhta’s favored animals). This ability can prove useful for getting into small places (or escaping from such) and remaining hidden. The Garou has the senses of a cat for the duration of the Gift, including good night sight, the ability to absorb information through her whiskers and extreme flexibility of movement – however, she also retains the power of a full-fledged Garou, and is much more dangerous than she looks. Anyone studying the cat closely can tell that it is not a normal feline because the cat’s eyes always reflect the current phase of the moon regardless of the surrounding light sources.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Dexterity + Animal Ken (difficulty 7). Each success allows the character to remain in cat form for one scene, although she can end the gift at any time before the duration runs out. While in cat form, the Garou retains her Lupus-form Attributes, may soak silver as if it were ordinary damage (although silver damage is still aggravated), and can inflict aggravated damage with claw and bite attacks as usual. No successes means that the Gift fails, while a botch results in a transformation into a misshapen creature somewhere between a cat and a wolf. The character may choose to end the Gift immediately if this happens.

Source: Rage Across the Heavens


Rank 5 Planetary Gift (Sokhta)

The Garou petitions Sokhta to grant her a prophetic dream before she falls asleep beneath the light of the moon. She then enters a state of lucid dreaming in which she explores some potential future. The Garou may interact with the creatures and situations she encounters in the dream and, thus, learn the possible effects of certain actions upon the subject of the dream. The Garou may replay the dream several times in order to test various actions and their consequences until she awakens from the dream, eight hours late. Once the Garou has entered her Moon Dream, she may not be awakened until the full eight hours has passed.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Wits + Enigmas. The number of successes indicates the degree of control the character has over her part in the dream. The Storyteller may either take the player aside to run the dream privately or else create a scene that involves the entire troupe (particularly if the subject of the dream also involves the character’s park mates). The dream should give a reasonably accurate picture of the next two or three scenes so that the character may experiment with ways of handling the future, or, perhaps, changing it. No successes means that the character receives no dream while a botch gives the character an eight-hour long nightmare which she cannot remember but which results in a -1 penalty to all rolls involving Alertness.

Source: Rage Across the Heavens