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Rank 1 Stargazer Gifts

A list of all Rank 1 Stargazer tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Stargazer Gifts of all ranks, see All Stargazer Gifts.

Falling Touch

Rank 1 Ahroun Gift / Rank 1 Stargazer Gift

This Gift allows the Garou to send her foe sprawling with but a touch. Any aerial spirit can teach this Gift.

System: The Garou’s player rolls Dexterity + Medicine (difficulty of the opponent’s Stamina + Athletics). Even one success send the victim to the ground. Doing so counts as an action; activating this Gift and striking a foe with intent to harm are two separate things.

Source: Core book revised.

Sense Wyrm

Rank 1 Metis Gift / Rank 1 Theurge / Rank 1 Black Furies / Rank 1 Silent Strider / Rank 1 Silver Fang / Rank 1 Stargazer / Rank 1 Uktena / Rank 1 White Howler

The werewolf can sense manifestations of the Wyrm in the nearby area. This Gift involves a mystical sense, not a visual or olfactory image, although werewolves using the Gift sometimes say things like, “This place stinks of the Wyrm” (with a few more colorful adjectives). Garou should remember that the Wyrm’s taint can cling to relatively blameless souls. Werewolves may sense an innocent person who happens to work in a Wyrm-controlled factory or who has eated tainted food. This power requires active concentration. Any spirit of Gaia may teach this Gift.

System: The player rolls Perception + Occult. The difficulty depends on the concentration and strength of the Wyrm’s influence. Sensing a single fomor in the next room would be difficulty 6, while detecting the stench of a Bane that was in the room an hour ago would be difficulty 8. Vampires register as Wyrm-tainted, save those with Humanity Traits of 7 or higher.

Source: Core book revised / 20th Anniversary


Rank 1 Stargazer Gift

A Stargazer possessing this Gift causes considerable problems to all attackers. Those attacking find themselves clumsier and less nimble with every successful strike. An earth elemental teaches this Gift.

System: At the beginning of close combat (this Gift cannot be activated after the first turn of combat), the player spends a Gnosis point. If an attacker completes a successful hit against the Stargazer, the attacker’s next roll to strike is at +1 difficulty. Each turn thereafter, the Stargazer may spend a Rage point to continue the +1 difficulty to hit for another turn.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook (revised)

Inner Strength

Rank 1 Stargazer Gift

After brief meditation, the Garou may convert her inner anger into iron resolve. Stargazer ancestor-spirits teach this Gift.

System: The Garou concentrates for five minutes; the player rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 8). Each success converts one point of Rage into a point of Willpower.

Source: Core book revised.

Paper Butterfly

Rank 1 Stargazer Gift

Ancient court magicians of the Chinese emperor were able to conjure a cloud of paper butterflies out of thin air. Stargazers who have mastered this trick use it to create a mood of tranquility, or can use them to distract an opponent. This Gift is taught, appropriately enough, by a butterfly or moth-spirit.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Performance (difficulty 6). A flock of fluttering butterflies (a dozen per success) made of varying colors of paper appears in the air around the Stargazer’s head. The butterflies may be instructed to head in any direction (up to a number of yards equal to the werewolf’s Willpower score). If the Stargazer is using this Gift as a distraction to an opponent, the butterflies take one turn to reach the opponent. The successes on the roll to activate the Gift subtract successes away from the next non-reflexive roll the opponent attempts to make. This happens on a two-to-one basis, however. Every success on the roll to activate the Gift subtracts two successes from the opponent’s. (In other words, if the Stargazer scores three successes, it can take away a full six successes from the opponent’s roll if able.) If the Stargazer has successes left over, they can apply to the opponent’s next action next turn.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook (revised)


Rank 1 Stargazer Gift

The Stargazer is able to walk across any ledge, rope, etc., no matter how thin or slippery. Wind-spirits teach this Gift.

System: No point expenditure or roll is required. Difficulties for climbing decrease by three.

Source: Core book revised.

Iron Resolve

Rank 1 Stargazer Gift

Through the blessings of the spirits, the Stargazer’s resolve is tempered like steel, allowing great feats through application of sheer will. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: Once per scene, the Stargazer may spend one Willpower to gain two automatic successes on an action, rather than one.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition


Rank 1 Stargazer Gift
Awakening the Serpent Fire Gift: The Serpent Fire gifts must be learned in order, from 1 – 5.

The base chakra is awakened and the energy stirs. The character can call on this energy to help himself root or center for meditation, or summon energy to stave off fatigue. This also includes the Svadhisthana or sacral chakra, governing the sex organs.

System: The player must declare which effect he is trying to achieve before he rolls. He then rolls Stamina + Rituals and spends one Gnosis point. Each success lowers the difficulty of any roll involving meditation by one; or, when resisting frenzy, each success raises the difficulty of the roll by one — although the character must perform no other action that turn or the next. In all cases, Stamina roll difficulties related to fatigue are lowered by one for the rest of the scene.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook (revised, 2nd ed.)

Seed of Speech

Rank 1 Stargazers Gift
Mantra Gift

The spoke mantra for this Gift is Aum-Vak-Bija. It represents the primal nature of speech and gives the Stargazer using this Gift a preternatural understanding of the underlying force behind all words and names. Merely by intoning the mantra and activating this Gift, the Garou is capable of harmonizing with the very fundamental nature of spoken sound and the knowledge that comes with it. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Cuckoo.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point after the Stargazer speaks the mantra. For the duration of the scene, the werewolf gains the ability to understand the basic subject/verb structure of all sentences spoken to him, regardless of the language used. For instance, “What are you doing here?” would translate (to the Stargazer) as “You do?”; or “Put down that idol,” may translate to “You drop.” This Gift only captures the most basic essence of a sentence spoken (the “seed”), but when being spoken to in a completely foreign tongue, this can make all the difference.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook (revised)

Sense the Demonic

Rank 1 Stargazers Gift

Camp: Demon Eaters

The difference between a servitor of the Wyrm and a demon-possessed mortal is subtle. While most demons emanate perceptible Wyrm-taint, strangely some seem able to mask themselves and escape such notice. Plus, Sense Wyrm doesn’t identify the nature of the taint, so the nature of the creature (that it’s a demon) goes unknown until it’s potentially too late. This Gift helps circumvent that problem. It doesn’t provide a literal sense so much as a spiritual one – the eye in the Demon Eater’s mind registers the disruption in the fabric of reality, and senses the demonic source. This Gift is taught by a chimerling.

System: The player rolls Perception + occult. The difficulty is dependent upon the proximity and intensity of the demon (or demon-possessed victim). Sensing a single demon in the same room would be difficulty 6, sensing a demon across a busy city street would be 7, and detecting a demon’s infernal influence after the creature has already left would be a difficulty 8.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook (revised)


Rank 1 Stargazers Gift

Rage is both a boon and a bane to the Garou, and the Stargazers feel this doubly so. Rage, while certainly a vital resource, is also a dangerous element. Many Stargazers seek new ways to harness and direct their Rage, and those with this Gift have at least one more option. A Garou using this Gift can channel her Rage into a single action, helping her perform that one action as best as she is able. This Gift is taught by a fire-spirit.

System: Once per game session, the player may spend up to three of the Garou’s temporary Rage on a single action. Each point spent in this manner gives the Garou an extra die for that roll.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook

Drunken Spider

Rank 2 Stargazers Gift

This Gift is primarily practiced by those Stargazers who feel that the Weaver is the true enemy of Gaia. With this ability, the Stargazer may affect the logic centers of any Weaver-spirit, jumbling its mind into sluggish discord. If the spirit isn’t part of any physical manifestation mirrored in the “real” world, the spirit is merely hampered and confused. If performed on a spirit that’s part of the soul of a machine, it actually makes the machine work significantly less efficiently, and thus makes it harder to use. A computer affected as such may not do what the user intends. Hitting “Enter,” for instance, might trigger the “Backspace” key instead. Or opening a document might cause it to appear as gibberish. This Gift can be taught by either a cockroach-spirit or a water-

System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Charisma + Crafts (difficulty of the spirit’s Gnosis). If the spirit is “alone” and unassociated with any real world device, then each success on this roll reduces the spirit’s Willpower rolls to act by one die. If the spirit is associated with a machine, then each success raises the difficulty to use the device by one as it acts oddly and performs erratically and slowly. The muddling effects last for the duration of the scene.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook (revised)