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Rank 6 Theurge Gifts

A list of all Rank 6 Theurge Auspice Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Theurge Gifts of all ranks, see All Theurge Gifts.

Invoked Presence

Rank 6 Theurge Gift

By using this awesome Gift, the Theurge can call upon an Incarna or Celestine directly, bringing their focus to bear on the area around him. This does not summon an Avatar; rather, the presence is a mystical permeation of the principle the invoked spirit represents. The Theurge will later need to repay the debt owed to the spirit he invoked before he can use this Gift again; this typically entails a strong geas, an extended spirit quest or the sacrifice of a valuable fetish. Any Celestine’s avatar can teach this Gift.

System: The Theurge spends five points of Gnosis and the presence of a Celestine or Incarna is made manifest within a 180 yard radius globe around her for several hours. Essentially, this Gift is like a sustained, area-effect form of Totem Gift, and the effects are thus highly variable dependent upon which greater power the Garou chooses to invoke. The following three effects are constant:

  • Any actions that directly support the principle of the invoked spirit have a number of dice equal to the Theurge’s Gnosis added to their dice pool. In the case of combat, only one type of combat roll (attack, damage, dodge, initiative, etc.) will be so enhanced.
  • Attempting to take any action directly antithetical to the invoked spirit requires three successes on a Willpower roll (difficulty 8), and even then, the action will be rolled at +2 difficulty.
  • The spirit will send members of its Brood equivalent in power to a full pack of Rank One Garou to the site to aid the Theurge and his allies immediately.

Beyond this, the effects are dependent on the power the Theurge chose to invoke; Unicorn may simply make any act of violence impossible in the area; a Harvest Incarna may cause all the plants in the area to grow to rich and healthy maturity in minutes, while invoking the Weaver might make the Gauntlet utterly impenetrable.

Source: Book of Auspices

As In the Beginning

Rank 6 Theurge Gift

The Theurge can tear away aeons of the Weaver’s works for a short while. This Gift rips down the Gauntlet entirely, merging the worlds of flesh and spirit as they were in the days of legend. Moreover, this mended region acts as a shining beacon to Gaian spirits, calling a flood of nature-spirits and other allies to assist the Theurge. An avatar of Gaia Herself teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends three points of Gnosis and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). The Gauntlet is torn open within the local area. The thinner the Gauntlet, the wider the rip: from a few rooms in the midst of a skyscraper to an entire mile of landscape in the depths of the Amazon. Friendly spirits of the Storyteller’s choosing come flooding out to aid the Theurge — the more successes, the greater the number or power. The Gauntlet is permanently lowered by 1 in an area where this Gift has been used; this benefit doesn’t stack with repeated use.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition


Rank 6 Theurge Gift

This gift was bestowed upon the Silver Fang Lupus Theurge Grimfang by Gaia herself. Upon his death, he will be reborn in the form of a cub somewhere within 2,000 miles of his demise. This is not a Past Life, but an actual reincarnation. At maturity, the cub will come into Grimfang’s true powers.

This Gift is referenced in Grimfang’s description in several books without Tribe/Breed/Auspice reference; the first edition Storytellers Handbook lists it as a Theurge Gift.

Source: Rage: Warriors of the Apocalypse & 1st Edition Storyteller’s Handbook