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Rank 3 Uktena Gifts

A list of all Rank 3 Uktena tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Uktena Gifts of all ranks, see All Uktena Gifts.

Wisdom of the Ancient Ways

Rank 3 Philodox Gift / Rank 3 Wendigo Gift / Rank 3 Uktena Gift

All werewolves have an innate connection to their ancestors, a form of racial unconscious accessible through intense meditation. The Philodox can tap into these deep memories to remember ancient facts and lore. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The character must meditate for a short time, concentrating on the past. The player then rolls Gnosis (difficulty 9, -1 for each point of Ancestors the Garou possesses). The number of successes determines how detailed and exact the answer he receives will be.

Source: Core book revised / Tribebook: Uktena (revised)

Umbral Sight

Rank 3 Theurge Gift / Rank 3 Uktena Gift

Although all Garou can Peek from the Penumbra into the Realm, the Theurge is capable of shifting his sight into the Penumbra from the physical world. This Gift is taught by an owl-spirit.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Perception + Alertness (difficulty of the area’s Gauntlet). In all other ways, this Gift works exactly like Peeking. The ability lasts for the rest of the scene or until the character moves to an area with a higher Gauntlet. Note that while focused on the Umbra, the character cannot see in the physical realm.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition

Strength of the Guardian

Rank 3 Uktena Gift

Camp: Bane Tenders

This Gift provides Bane Tenders with extra power when attempting to bind or destroy a Bane (or other troublesome spirit) or keep it locked within its bindings. This is usually used against a Bane that the Garou is responsible for overseeing. Occasionally, another Bane Tender will be overcome, and the Garou must use this to regain control of the newly loosed Bane. Even more rare are those instances when the Garou is asked to locate and bind a particular Bane. This Gift is never used simply to overcome a Bane met by chance. It is too costly. The power gained lasts for the duration of the battle or scene. The Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit.

System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 6). Each success allows her to boost a chosen Attribute by one point – even if it goes beyond normal maximum (or her Willpower to a maximum of 10). When used, the Garou decides whether she wishes to increase her Strength, Stamina, Charisma, Manipulation and/or Willpower to aid her in her battle. Each might be useful depending on her intentions. Thus a Garou who gets five successes might raise her overexertion is a commensurate exhaustion. When the Gift comes to an end, the Garou loses an equal number of points from the Attributes and Willpower raised as she gained. This loss remains for 24 hours. Raising one’s Attributes beyond their normal doubling is very dangerous, for if they then fall below zero, the Garou dies unless immediately healed with Mother’s Touch.

Source: Uktena Tribebook

Ancestral Recall

Rank 3 Uktena Gift

Camp: Earth Guides

By accustoming themselves to a particular area or tribal group, the Earth Guides can “recall” pertinent information about tribal practices or traditions that may have been lost over time. This might uncover hidden lore of the tribe or simply reveal everyday information not generally known by outsiders. The Gift is taught by an Uktena ancestor-spirit. Garou using this Gift need not have Background: Ancestors.

System: The Garou must have spent at least 24 hours in the presence of those whose tribal memories she is attempting to access. The player then rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 7). The number of successes determines the strength and obscurity of the information available. If the Garou can access hidden or forgotten lore, the player must spend a point of Gnosis to learn it.

Successes Information
One Common Information
Two Uncommon (When dancing their harvest rites, the tribe wore corn silk tied to their costumes)
Three Obscure (known to some tribal elders, i.e., the tribe once served as guardians of a particular fetish)
Four Hidden (known only to the greatest Medicine Workers, passed on to a trusted successor; i.e., the tribe’s dancing place lies atop the resting place of a powerful evil spirit and their dances keep it pacified)
Five + Forgotten (known only to ancient ancestors; i.e. “Our people once knew this evil spirit’s true name. Perform this service for my descendants, and I will tell it to you.”

Source: Uktena Tribebook

Banish Totem

Rank 3 Uktena Gift

By speaking words of forbiddance, the Uktena can bar pack or personal totems from giving their children aid. Doing so also disrupts the spiritual rapport between packmates, making it difficult for them to execute pack tactics or act in concert. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The Uktena must concentrate for a full turn, and he must know which totem his victims follow. The player spends one Gnosis point and one Willpower point, and he rolls Gnosis at a difficulty of the pack’s combined Totem scores (maximum of 10). If successful, the pack members lose all Traits associated with their totem, and they cannot use pack tactics or act in concert for the remainder of the scene. If the Uktena is rendered unconscious or killed, the Gift is cancelled.

Source: Core book revised.


Rank 3 Uktena Gift

By staring into a mirror or other reflective surface, the Uktena can witness distant events or spy on rivals. She can follow a comrade’s progress into a dangerous ambush or sneak a peek into the Tremere chantry house. Other supernaturals, especially ones with similar abilities, may have defenses against this Gift, which is taught by a fly-spirit.

System: After spending one Gnosis point, the player must roll Perception + Occult (difficulty 7). The difficulty increases to 10 if the Garou does not posses an item owned by the target or something taken from the chosen area. The Uktena can see everything as if she were the proverbial fly on the wall.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Chains of Mist

Rank 3 Uktena Gift

Silvery filaments spin out from the Garou’s claws, becoming streamers of mist that enwrap and confound nearby spirits, sapping their strength. A fog-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The Uktena concentrates for a turn; and the player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Dexterity + Enigmas (difficulty 7). One spirit of the player’s choice within 200 feet (60 m) is affected per success. Spirits struck by this Gift treat their Rage, Gnosis, and Willpower ratings as though they were one lower than they truly are for the purpose of all dice rolls for the rest of the scene.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Death Trance

Rank 3 Uktena Gift

Sometimes, death is the only way out. But that doesn’t mean you want to stay that way. With this Gift, the Uktena may appear dead, following the expected progression (lividity, rigor, etc.) well enough to fool a forensics team. While “dead,” the Uktena is in a muted state, unable to move; his senses are still active but dulled and dreamlike. The danger is reviving, as the effort required to return to the living increases with time, and eventually the character is no longer feigning. An opossum-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: It takes a Gnosis point, a Wits + Occult roll (difficulty 6) and three turns to “die.” Once in a state of “death,” the body cools and exhibits all the normal signs of death at the proper rate of progression for environmental conditions (Players would do well to look through a forensics manual for hints). To realize something isn’t right, observers must make a Perception + Investigation roll (difficulty 7) and achieve at least the same number of successes the “dead” werewolf achieved. A view from the Penumbra shows the spirit still resides in the body, but appears to be in some kind of Slumber. During this death trance, the Uktena need not breathe, but fire and such can still hurt him badly. Physical wounds do not bleed until the trance is lifted, but neither do they heal.

The character may hear, smell, and see (assuming his eyes are open) while in the death trance, but all rolls to perceive anything are at +2 difficulty.

The Death Trance Gift lasts as long as the Uktena wishes. However, to wake at any time during the first day requires a successful Willpower roll difficulty 4 (to fully revive requires three turns, plus one turn per day spent in a death state). Every day after that the difficulty increases by 1. If the Garou fails to wake in time, he must wait a day before trying again (although the Storyteller may make allowances, such as friends trying to wake him, or he finds himself on a pyre). After a number of days equal to the character’s permanent Gnosis rating, his spirit slips loose from the husk and the character dies. As it is, some Uktena have eventually figured out they were being buried, but weren’t able to care enough to do anything about it for a long time.

Source: Tribebook: Uktena (revised)


Rank 3 Uktena Gift

The Garou can vanish from sight. When this Gift is in use, the Garou must concentrate on staying invisible. He cannot move faster than half normal walking speed, and he cannot draw attention to himself. A spirit servant of Uktena teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Occult (difficulty varies: 4 if already concealed, 6 if in open, 9 if in plain site). Anyone looking for the Garou must score more successes on a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 8) than the player did on the initial roll.

Source: Core book revised.

Rending the Craft

Rank 3 Uktena Gift

The werewolf’s claws burn with mystic force, rending apart the delicate workings of magic. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: After the werewolf makes a successful claw attack, the player may spend a point of Willpower to end the effects of any ongoing magical power enhancing the target (such as the Gift: Razor Claws, or the Armor Charm). Permanent magical effects cannot be rent asunder by this Gift, nor powers that are innate to the nature of the target. For example, a werewolf’s Gifts could be cancelled, but not her ability to shapeshift; a vampire’s Disciplines could be disrupted, but not her immortality or her ability to spend blood to raise her Attributes. In the event that a magical effect mixes permanent and temporary elements, the permanent elements are retained while transitory elements are disabled. For example, a vampire’s Potence would continue to passively grant extra Strength dice, but blood could not be spent to transform those dice into automatic successes.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Uktena’s Passage

Rank 3 Uktena Gift

This Gift allows the Garou to calm or agitate water, whether in the form of a river, stream or lake. She may calm rapids or endow a placid lake with waves to help speed along a canoe or wash a swimmer to shore. The power to shorten a trip or thwart enemy craft is yet another advantage of this Gift. The spirits of the river trout and salmon teach this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Survival (difficulty 7). For each success, she may raise or lower the speed and/or roughness of the current within 100 yards by one degree. Degrees of current are calm, slow, moderate, swift, and turbulent. The change lasts for one scene.

Source: Croatan Song

Sing Down the Rain

Rank 3 Uktena Gift

This Gift is used to bring rain from the heavens, either to nourish crops and cleanse the land, or to cause damage through mudslides and flooding. This Gift is common among Ghost Dancers. A frog-spirit teaches the Gift.

System: The Garou sings or howls a ritual chant; the player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty is ordinarily 7; 8 in a cloudless desert, 6 in a temperate rainforest). One or two successes brings down a misty drizzle after a short delay, but three successes causes a heavy rain to fall almost immediately. Four or more successes means the rain comes in heavy torrents. The effects ordinarily last one scene, but the player may spend Gnosis to continue the effects. Depending on the Storyteller, the terrain and the user’s intent, the effects may cause flooding, mudslides or even wash away pollutants.

Source: Tribebook: Uktena (revised)


Rank 3 Uktena Gift

Uktena are said to possess more hidden knowledge than any other tribe. This Gift may be one reason it is so. With Secrets, an Uktena can have one specific question answered simply by touching somebody who knows the answer. The answer to any question — such as “Where is the vampire’s lair?” — leaps into the Garou’s mind if, in fact, the target knows the answer in the first place. A dream-spirit can teach this Gift after being caught.

System: After formulating a mental question, the Garou must touch the target. She must also roll Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 8) and spend one Gnosis point. The deeper the secret, the more successes are required. Learning a target’s favorite color requires only one success, whereas uncovering his secret lair might be four or more. If the target is aware of the mental intrusion, she may resist with a Willpower roll (difficulty 9).

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.