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Rank 6 Uktena Gifts

A list of all Rank 6 Uktena tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Uktena Gifts of all ranks, see All Uktena Gifts.

Becoming Uktena

Rank 6 Uktena Gift

The legends of the Cherokee say that a man was transformed into the Great Uktena to try to kill the sun. Great Uktena was around long before the Cherokee, but Garou have taken the form of his children on two or three occasions. Great Uktena teaches this Gift only to the most worthy of his Uktena followers; with it, the hero may transform into a creature even a Thunderwyrm would fear. After the crisis is resolved (assuming he lives), the new uktena slips into the nearest body of water and into the umbra, forever parting with his Garou brethren to join his father in Galunlati. Such a glorious end to an already legendary career is worthy of fireside retellings for generations.

System: Once taught the Gift, the Uktena may call upon it at any time by invoking Great Uktena. The initial stage of the transformation takes three full turns, during which the werewolf’s body grows and changes to a 20 foot horned serpent. The new uktena still retains the personality of the Garou at this point. After a period of time (usually no more than a scene), the final stage of the transformation begins as the mind of the Garou recedes and the uktena mindset takes over. The spirit creature heads unerringly towards the nearest source of water wide enough to encompass its diameter (not necessarily its whole bulk). As it slides into the water and crosses the Gauntlet, the transformation is complete; the hero’s former pack had best treat this uktena like any other of its kind.

[Note: Frustratingly, stats for the uktena are not given for W:tA, but they do give Mind’s Eye Theater stats. Since these are very similar and can translate over, the MET stats for this Gift are included below:]

The statistics for a transformed uktena are as follows, except where noted, these statistics replace the Garou’s own, not add to them:

Physical Traits: 28, Social Traits: 3, Mental Traits: 14, Rage: 8, Gnosis: 8, Willpower: 6

Abilities: As per the character, with the exception that they receive the following Abilities (unless their own levels are higher, in which case they retain their own level): Athletics x3, Brawl x3, Dodge x2, Intimidation x3, Subterfuge x2, Stealth x3. In addition they automatically receive an additional level of Enigmas and two levels of Occult, even if this takes them over five levels in total.

Health Levels: Healthy x2, Bruised x4, Wounded x5, Incapacitated, Mortally Wounded

Attacks: Antler rush for one level of lethal damage, bite for two levels

Powers: Armor, Breathe Water, Burrow (as the Metis Gift), Blast (as the charm)

Source: Tribebook: Uktena