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Rank 4 Wendigo Gifts

A list of all Rank 4 Wendigo tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Wendigo Gifts of all ranks, see All Wendigo Gifts.

Scream of Gaia

Rank 4 Get of Fenris Gift / Rank 4 Lupus Gift / Rank 4 Wendigo Gift

The Garou emits a horrible, ragged scream imbued with Rage and pain of Gaia. The force of the scream batters foes and knocks them off their feet. Storm-spirits, which the Get call Sturms, teach this Gift.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Rage. Everyone within a 50-foot radius is blasted to the ground to suffer one health level of bashing damage per success as a shockwave rips through the area.

Source: Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition

Hero’s Stand / Last Stand

Rank 4 Get of Fenris Gift / Rank 4 Wendigo Gift / Rank 4 White Howler Gift

The Garou channels the strength of Gaia herself, becoming one with the earth upon which he stands. While he may not retreat or even move from that spot for the duration of the Gift, he gains many powers through Gaia’s might. An earth elemental teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Willpower (difficulty 8). Each success grants one extra die to all Physical dice pools. Also, the Garou may not be surprised, and all attacks are considered frontal. The Garou may not move until all foes have been defeated or have fled.

Source: Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition

Harano / Curse of Harano

Rank 4 Wendigo Gift
Called Curse of Harano in the Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)

The Wendigo can inflict a state of Harano on a single victim. The target feels the tragic history of all the world’s oppressed peoples, including the Garou themselves. Rumors that this power would not affect Native Americans have been dispelled by a Shadow Lord who swindled the Gift out of a native Wendigo — who found himself the victim of a Gift he’d just taught. The Shadow Lord has not been heard from in recent days. A wind-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: For one scene, the Garou can inflict an artificial Harano with a Manipulation + Expression roll (difficulty 8). Five or more successes can result in permanent mental injury. During the duration of the effect the victim is too depressed to perform any actions without a successful Willpower roll (difficulty 6).

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Chill of Early Frost

Rank 4 Wendigo Gift / Rank 3 Get of Fenris Gift (Camp: Ymir’s Sweat)

The werewolf calls down a mystical chill from Great Wendigo himself, freezing the surrounding lands and anyone in it. A spirit servant of Great Wendigo teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Occult (difficulty varies: 4 if it is already winter, 6 for spring, 9 for summer). Success drops the temperature to a bit below freezing in a five-mile radius, or even further below zero if it was already winter. All creatures without a natural coat of fur lose two dice from all pools. This Gift wreaks pure havoc in urban environments, as pipes burst and roads freeze. This Gift lasts for one hour per success.

Source: Core book revised / Get of Fenris Tribebook

Shelter of Needles

Rank 4 Wendigo Gift

As the Strength of the Pine grounds a single Garou, the protective umbrella of the Pine’s branches may be extended to shield any Garou, human or Gaian creature in the surrounding area. It also disables anything electrically powered beneath its canopy for that turn, as all the power is grounded and funneled towards Gaia. A pine-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Willpower once, at the difficulty of 3+ the highest Stamina of the other living creatures in the surrounding area. If the roll is a success, those creatures are sheltered from electrical shock and physical damage, in the same manner as Strength of Pine. The distance between the Garou and the furthest creature from her determines the size of the canopy. For example, if the Garou rolls successfully to protect several allies, the furthest of which is 100 feet away from her, all creatures within 100 feet can take advantage of the Shelter. If a sheltered creature moves from its grounding spot, it alone loses the protection of the Gift. However, the Gifted Wendigo may move about freely once the Gift’s effects are established.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook (revised)

Call the Cannibal Spirit

Rank 4 Wendigo Gift

By dancing under the night sky, the werewolf can summon an avatar of Great Wendigo to hunt down a target of the Garou’s choice. The Garou must possess a piece of his target whose heart the Wendigo devours.

System: The Garou must dance for three full turns. The player spends one Rage point and one Gnosis point, then rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty 8). If the roll botches, or if the Wendigo is somehow prevented from killing its target, it will return to kill the summoner.

Source: Core book revised.

Call the Ice

Rank 4 Wendigo Gift

The Garou may summon the spirits of the ice to cause a great fissure to form beneath the feet of her enemy, engulfing and encasing the target in a prison of ice from which he has little chance of escaping. This Gift may also cause the ice on a frozen lake to crack, dumping the target into the frigid water. Ice-spirits teach this Gift.

System: This Gift is at its most effective on the polar ice, but is usable anywhere the ground has a layer of frost upon it. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Willpower (difficulty 7) to exert enough influence upon the ice-spirits in a single area of up to 10 square feet. A single success causes the desired effect, with additional successes adding to the depth of the crack or size of the fissure.

Source: Croatan Song

Wsitiplaju’s Bow

Rank 4 Wendigo Gift

The Wendigo with this Gift can loose any arrow from her bow and unerringly hit her target, no matter where she stands, as long as there is a path through the air. The Gift sends the arrow traveling like a bird through any available space, diving over or under obstacles and around corners to reach its mark. However, Wsitiplaju’s Bow does not enchant the arrow used, and the arrow cannot pass through any barrier that a normal arrow could not pierce. The spirit of an ancestor with great skill at Archery teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Perception + Archery against a difficulty of 8. The wielder of the Gift must form in her mind a picture of the target and its general location before letting loose the arrow; the target must be within standard range of the bow, regardless of the use of the Gift. This Gift works normally with a talen or fetish arrow.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook (revised)

Bark of Willow

Rank 4 Wendigo Gift

Unlike Resist Pain, which allows a character to ignore pain through force of will, but still feel it, this Gift allows the Wendigo to numb herself to pain completely, enabling her to endure pain for much longer periods of time, even days. This causes the character to be unable to judge the severity of her wounds or fatigue, and may lead her to continue on unwisely, causing herself further damage during combat while frightening her enemy with her seeming imperviousness. If the pain inflicted upon the Garou is not combative, i.e., she is undergoing a surgical operation or needs to cross a wall of flames, she may concentrate her will to keep from unwittingly furthering the damage to herself, and to bolster the confidence and courage of any Garou aiding her. This Gift is taught by a snake-spirit.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis, after which any sense of pain or physical discomfort fades entirely, and the character no longer takes wound penalties. The length of the Gift’s pain-numbing effects lasts for a number of days equal to a roll of Stamina + Primal-Urge. The Storyteller should hide the character’s wound levels from him while this Gift is active. If the character needs to assess how badly damaged she is during this time, she must make an additional roll of Wits + Primal-Urge, at difficulty 7, although characters with Medicine knowledge can use it to diagnose wound levels normally.

Wendigo who nonchalantly carries severe wounds around is intimidating to his foes. Any character who wishes to attack a wounded Wendigo who is using Bark of Willow must first make a Manipulation + Intimidation roll, at the difficulty of the Garou’s Willpower. If the opponent fails that roll, she does not lose any actions, but she finds herself unable to attack the Gifted werewolf.

This Gift may not be used while the Garou is attempting to complete a rite that requires any check of Stamina.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook (revised)