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Rank 5 White Howler Gifts

A list of all Rank 5 White Howler tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For White Howler Gifts of all ranks, see All White Howler Gifts.

Fog on the Moor

Rank 5 Fianna Gift / Rank 5 White Howler Gift

This Gift transforms the Fianna into a ghostly outline of himself, allowing him to pass through anything except silver as though he were incorporeal. He may communicate and strike opponents normally. He cannot be harmed by anything except silver; all incoming attacks pass through him. A fog-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Gnosis (difficulty 7) to instantly transform the Garou into a ghostly form. Each success allows the Garou to stay in that form for one turn, though the Garou may change back at will. The character cannot regenerate while in this form.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Gaia’s Vengeance

Rank 5 Red Talon Gift / Rank 5 White Howler Gift

The Garou calls to the spirits of the surrounding forest to attack intruders. The terrain responds as best it can: Rocks roll and smash, vines trip, and water sucks victims under. An avatar of Gaia herself teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and one Rage point then rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). The exact effects depend on the terrain and are left to the Storyteller.

Source: Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition

Mad Strength

Rank 5 White Howler Gift

The greatest White Howlers were even more terrifying when they succumbed to their Rage. When he is driven to the breaking point, the werewolf’s strength is massively increased. Werewolves affected by this Gift undergo a bodily change when berserk; their thews bulge and twist disproportionately, giving them an almost monstrous appearance.

System: The character gains two extra dice of Strength and one extra die of Stamina whenever she enters a berserk frenzy (or Thrall of the Wyrm). Once learned, the Gift’s effects are permanent.

Source: Past Lives

Howl of Healing

Rank 5 White Howler Gift

The White Howler tribe is closely knit, sharing a bond rivaled by few others. This tie allows them to channel healing in a fashion others can only aspire to.

System: The werewolf howls. The player spends one Gnosis point and makes an Intelligence + Expression roll (difficulty 6). Everyone of the White Howler tribe (or their Kin) who can hear the howl heals one point of lethal, bashing, or aggravated damage. This howl cannot be amplified, communicated, or assisted through natural, artificial, or supernatural means, else it loses its effectiveness.

Source: White Howler Tribebook

White Fire

Rank 5 White Howler Gift

This forgotten Gift is the last link to the sacred bone-fires that the White Howlers kept before their Fall and conversion to Balefire. The werewolf can hurl a stream of blinding white fire from his hand, searing the flesh from the bones of his foes.

System: The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Dexterity + Occult (difficulty 6). The bone-fire inflicts six dice of aggravated damage, plus one die for every extra success on the attack roll. In addition, if the victim suffers more than three levels of damage after soak, she is blinded for the duration of the scene.

Source: Past Lives