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Rooftop Sprint

Rank 2 Homid Gift

On occasion, a city Garou may find himself in a chase across the rooftops of his town. He may be pursuing a fleeing Wyrm-spirit or Black Spiral Dancer, or he might be running for his life from similar foes. Rooftop Sprint makes such a chase much more survivable — and even winnable — for the Garou who uses it. He becomes able to leap up and down several stories, and easily spring across open alleyways. The primary restriction on the character’s movement is that he cannot touch the ground, or the Gift’s effect ends at once.

System: The player must spend a point of Rage and roll Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 6). For every success achieved, the character can jump up or down one story (3 meters) or 3 meters horizontally, without danger or difficulty. Athletics rolls can improve jumping distances, just as always; the effects of those Athletics rolls just add to the result given by this Gift. The Gift’s effects last for one scene, or until the character touches the ground at street level — if the Garou touches pavement, grass, or anything else commonly considered “ground” he is considered to have touched ground, but if he leaps from car roof to car roof he should be okay. Rooftop Sprint is taught by an alleycat-spirit.

Source: Book of the City