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Buffalo Run

Rank 2 Ronin Gift

The Garou can charge an opponent with amazing speed and devastating force. This Gift is taught by a buffalo-spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Rage point. This Gift acts as a combat maneuver:

Roll  Difficulty
 Damage  Actions
Dex + Brawl  7  Strength + Special†  1

† Damage is considered aggravated.

If the attack succeeds, the opponent falls to the ground and is trampled by the attacker. The base damage done equals the attacker’s Strength + 4; each success scored on the attack roll above the minimum adds one to this base. Unlike a Body Slam, the character does not damage herself with this maneuver; she is protected by buffalo-spirit magic. The character must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus form to use this maneuver. The character can move her full distance, but she must run in a straight line; weaving around in circles does not build sufficient momentum.

Source: Outcasts

Ghost Pack

Rank 2 Wendigo Gift

This Gift allows the Wendigo to call upon the aid of their ancient relatives. Much like the Past Life Background, the Ghost Pack can aid the Garou when she is in trouble or needs advice. The Ghost Pack whispers secrets to the Wendigo and often follows her around even after the Gift expires. A buffalo-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player must spend one Gnosis, one Rage and roll Charisma + Occult (difficulty 7). The number of successes equals the number of ancestor spirits that come to the user’s aid. Although the ghosts cannot affect the physical world — they are simply memories and not actual wraith — they can provide information and skills as per the Past Life Background.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.