Werewolf the Apocalypse information source


Razor Claws

Rank 1 Ahroun Gift / Rank 1 Get of Fenris Gift

By raking his claws over stone or another hard surface, the Ahroun hones them to razor sharpness. Either a cat- or bear-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends on Rage point, and the Ahroun must take a full turn to sharpen her claws. For the remainder of the scene, her claw attack do an additional die of damage.

Source: Core book revised.

Spirit of the Fray

Rank 2 Ahroun Gift

This Gift allows the Ahroun to attack with lightning speed, striking before any foe. A cat-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: Once the character learns this Gift, its effects are permanent. The Ahroun may add 10 to all his initiative rolls, which will nearly always ensure that he strikes first. If he chooses, the Ahroun may spend a Gnosis point to add another 10 to his initiative roll. Remember, though, that doing so prevents him from spending Rage to gain extra actions; werewolves can’t use Rage and Gnosis in the same turn.

Source: Core book revised.

Predator’s Leap

Rank 2 Red Talon Gift

While any lupus werewolf can lean the secrets of jumping great distances, the Red Talons have refined the Gift to great effect when chasing or ambushing a foe. By employing this Gift, the Talon’s leap “tracks” a moving target, allowing her to pounce on her prey even if said prey has dodged or fled while the Talon is in mid-leap. A fox- or (sometimes) a cat-spirit teaches this gift.

System: The player must roll to leap as usual, as detailed on page 197 of Werewolf. She spends a point of Rage and rolls Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7); the leap is counted as a Rage action, and does not affect the dice pool. Any successes on the roll are subtracted from an opponent’s successes to dodge or flee from the Talon, before the Talon’s attack roll is made. The Talon may then attack normally.

Source: Red Talons (revised)

Catfeet / Possum’s Feet

Rank 3 Lupus Gift / Rank 3 Bunyip Gift

This Gift gives the werewolf the agility of a cat, making him immune to falls under 100 feet (he lands on his feet just right). He also has perfect balance even on the most slippery surfaces, and the difficulties of all combat actions involving body slams and grappling decrease by two. Cat-spirits teach this Gift. Possom-spirits teach the Bunyip version.

System: This ability becomes innate to those who learn the Gift.

Source: Core book revised / Rage Across Australia

Eyes of the Cat

Rank 3 Metis Gift

The werewolf may see clearly in pitch darkness. His eyes glow a lambent green while this power is in effect. Any cat-spirit can teach this Gift, although werewolves who make enemies of the Bastet will have trouble finding teachers.

System: The character must state when the Gift is in effect, but it requires no roll or expenditure. The character suffers no difficulty or dice-pool penalties from darkness.

Source: Core book revised.

Sense Balance

Rank 3 Philodox Gift

As the arbitrators of the Garou Nation, the Philodox have developed an attunement with the precarious forces that balance the world and the individual alike. This Gift allows the user to detect an overabundance of any of the prime forces of the universe, whether Wyrm, Wyld or Weaver. It can point out a Bane manifestation at an industrial plant or mental instability in a packmate. A cat-spirit teaches a friendly Garou this Gift in exchange for  a warm fire and promise not to chase her kin.

System: The Gift requires the expenditure of one Gnosis point. With a successful Perception + Enigmas roll (difficulty 8) the Garou can feel the balance, or lack thereof, within an area, person or inanimate object. Wyrm manifestation feels dense and oily, Weaver presence feels cold and unyielding and Wyld energies feel warm and trembling. Such manifestations are more subtle than ones detectable through Gifts such as Sense Wyrm.

The Philodox must focus and be at peace for this Gift to work properly. Distractions, such as combat or exhaustion, disrupt any benefits of the Gift — the Garou can find only her own imbalance in such instances.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition / 20th Anniversary Edition


Rank 3 Ragabash Gift

One of the Ragabash’s jobs is to voice uncomfortable truths. Unfortunately, not all tolerate that role, and those who most need to hear the truth are often least willing to listen. No Moons must be quick on their feet to avoid a furious elder who’s been called on the carpet by a subordinate. With this Gift, the Garou may tell a respected leader he screwed up without becoming the dead messenger. The Gift is taught by a cat-spirit.

System: By succeeding in a Charisma + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 6), the Ragabash can avoid the worst reprecussions of his statements. The target(s) must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6 plus the No Moon’s successes) to punish or attack the speaker for the rest of the scene. Each attempted use of this Gift in the span of a lunar month adds an additonal +1 to the No Moon’s difficulty. Note that whatever the Ragabash says must be clearly and completely true from the user’s point of view — no prevarication or double entendres are possible. For example, “Your nephew broke the Litany” would work if said Garou ate a policeman, but not if he failed to respect a Black Spiral’s territory. (Though a simple opinion, such as “You’re being an idiot,” is  acceptable if heartfelt). The Storyteller is the final arbiter. If the Ragabash attempts to misuse this impressive Gift, not only will he not realize it didn’t work until after he speaks, but Cat will make her displeasure evident.

Source: Book of Auspices

Calm Before the Storm

Rank 4 Black Furies Gift

The Black Furies are at heart a tribe of contradiction, they both represent the harmony and beauty of the Wyld, but also the spectacular savagery and brutality of the same. Sometimes, they even bring the two forces together, such as with this Gift. It lays a sense of peace and quiet over an area, not an uncomfortable silence but a serene sense of security. It is, naturally, used to prepare an ambush. The moment this peace breaks, these spirits of calm depart quickly and are replace with spirits of anger, storm and pain. Few subjected to this Gift survive the assault that follows. This Gift is taught by a cat-spirit.

System: The Black Fury spends one Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Primal Urge, difficulty 7. A simple success projects a sense of utter safety on a group of no more than ten people. If they expect an ambush, they may roll Perception + Empathy (difficulty 8) in order to sense the sudden change of emotion within their own group. If they obtain more successes than the Black Fury on her Primal Urge roll, they can sense the impending assault and run. Otherwise, the Gift works and the resulting chaos causes the targets to lose one die on each of their rolls for every success the Black Fury initially rolled.

Source: Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)

Avoid Fate

Rank 4 Stargazer Gift

With this Gift, the Stargazer can dodge the wheels of fate for the moment. Through a preternatural connection between herself and the universe, she avoids certain disaster. A cat-spirit teaches the Garou this Gift.

System: Once per scene, the player can spend a Gnosis point to reroll any failed roll.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.