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Rank 2 Stargazers Gift

There is a mystical resonance — wuxing — that exists between the elements of water, fire, earth, metal and wood. These elements are the basic forces underlying everything in the world, and the resonance between them is something that a Stargazer with this Gift can hear and tap into. The Stargazer can take the reverberation between elements and tweak it temporarily; the result is, for a short time, that one element can be changed into the other. This Gift may only be taught by an avatar of Chimera.

System: The player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas (difficulty 7). Each success allows for one square foot of a particular element (water, earth, fire, metal or wood) to be changed into an alternate type of the same group of elements. Fire may become wood, water may become earth, and so on. The dimension of the element doesn’t change – a fire in the fireplace still retains its “shape,” but may now be made of wood, earth, or even water (water doesn’t change the shape either; it actually retains the same shape, but is simply liquid held fast to a specific contour). The effect lasts for a number of turns equal to the character’s permanent Gnosis score.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook (revised)


Rank 3 Stargazer Gift

A Stargazer with this Gift can introduce an unsolvable problem into a victim’s mind. Depending on the effectiveness, the target could be completely immobilized by her new, fascinating train of thought. The effect varies with every individual, but it usually derives from the target’s personality: A computer-hacking Glass Walker might try to discover the last digit of pi, while a Bone Gnawer might try to reason why, indeed, did the chicken cross the road. An avatar of the Chimera teaches this Gift, but the Garou must first solve her instructor’s puzzle.

System: The Stargazer rolls her Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty of the target’s Wits + Enigmas). The number of successes indicates the complexity of the problem and the extent to which the target is distracted. Each success also subtracts one die from the target’s Dice Pools for an equal number of rounds. Each Willpower point the target spends reduces the effectiveness of this Gift by 1.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Break the Loom

Rank 5 Stargazers Gift

The Stargazer uses controlled cognitive dissonance to temporarily confuse Paradox and banish it. With riddles and conundrums posed to the t h in air, the Stargazer thus confuses the Weaver, who halts her spinning as she tries to solve the riddle. This Gift is taught by Chimera herself.

System: The player rolls Wits + Enigmas and spends one Gnosis point. If successful, a particular manifestation of Paradox is canceled. In addition, the Gauntlet of the area drops for the rest of the scene by one point for each success gained. This is an immensely powerful Gift when put: to use for a mage; however, Stargazers usually let mages learn from their own mistakes, intervening only if the Paradox threatens someone other than the unwise willworker.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook

Thought-Form of the Twelve Ministers

Rank 6 Stargazers Gift
Mantra Gift

The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-ka-la-rim-sa-ka-la-rim-ha-ka-la-rim. This Gift allows a Stargazer to attain true spiritual balance for a single moment. In that moment, all extreme desires and impure emotions are blasted away by an unmitigated blast of the Self. A startling crackle of energy travels like lightning to each of the Stargazer’s chakra points. It only lasts for a second, and then it is gone. But in its wake, the Stargazer is left empowered and burning with a halo of pale green light. There is only a handful of Stargazers who have ever been worthy enough to learn this Gift, and it can only be taught by an avatar of Chimera.

System: The player spends a single temporary point of Gnosis, Rage, and Willpower. For the remainder of the scene, the Garou gains a series of Trait bonuses: +2 to Perception, +3 to Enigmas, +3 to Empathy, and +2 to Brawl. There are two other benefits as well. First, any Garou standing within ten feet of the Stargazer using this Gift find that their temporary Gnosis pools are suddenly refreshed. Also, this Gift burns out any corruption that was contained in the werewolf grasping the power. Hence, any Wyrm-taint that the character had thus disappears.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook (revised)