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Kali’s Tongue

Rank 2 Black Furies Gift

In the days of ancient myth, the Wyrm-creature Raktabija terrorized the Indian subcontinent. Raktabija could not be slain; every drop of blood that touched the earth sprang up another Raktabija. Soon after the battle against him began, the field was crowded with Raktabijas, each eager for the blood of Garou and Gaian spirits The mother-goddess Parvati (an aspect of Gaia) finally took to the field against Raktabija, in her guise as the hideous demon-warrior Kali. Kali spread her tongue out over the battlefield and prevented any of Raktabija’s blood from striking the Earth; she then commanded the Garou and gods present to destroy the Wyrm-creature, which they did.

The Gift Kali’s Tongue removes a creature’s ability to heal damage; its effects are relatively short-term, but if a creature is destroyed while this Gift is in effect, that death is permanent. What the Mother gives, the Mother’s vengeance can take away. This Gift is taught by a Cobra-spirit.

System: The Fury must first touch the victim, then the player spends one Rage and rolls Manipulation + Medicine (difficulty of the foe’s Rage, or Willpower -3, whichever is lower). Each success represents one turn during which the target creature cannot use any regenerative abilities, or heal inflicted damage naturally: Even supernatural healing Gifts like Mother’s Touch will fail on the target during this period. This Gift works equally well on humans, Garou, and materialized spirits; spirits entirely in the Umbra are immune to the Gift’s effects unless the Fury is also in the spirit world.

Source: Tribebook: Black Furies (revised)

Graceful Strike

Rank 2 Silent Strider Gift

Camp: Dispossessed

This Gift was used in bygone days to assassinate corrupt officials or merchants who were the tools of vampires. Beautiful young Garou would dance for them, then strike when the target least suspected. The secrets of the dancer’s knife had been kept alive by members of the Dispossessed camp, who found it useful to play on their gypsy heritage. In these desperate times, it’s a common tool of the camp’s Galliards when a fight gets messy. This Gift is taught by a cobra-spirit.

System: The player spends one point of Gnosis before making an attack roll as usual (Dexterity + Melee, difficulty dictated by the weapon), though the character’s attack is unusually fluid and dance-like. If the attack is successful, the player adds the character’s Performance skill rating in the dice to the damage roll.

Source: Tribebook: Silent Striders (revised)

Assassin’s Strike

Rank 4 Shadow Lord Gift

Camp: Judges of Doom

Like the Ratkin and the Nagah before them, the Judges of Doom have learned to quickly slip into and out of the Umbra so that they may surprise their prey. When using this Gift, the Judge disappears for a moment and reappears behind his victim, whereupon he may attack his victim with complete surprise. This Gift is taught by a cobra-spirit.

System: The character spends one Gnosis and one Rage, then uses the Umbra to “skip” up to 50 feet and reappear in the physical world directly behind his target. The Judge may then attack his victim at -2 difficulty (minimum 4). This attack may not be dodged unless the victim has bolstered his senses with supernatural aid.

Source: Shadow Lord Tribebook (revised)

Twist of Fate

Rank 5 Metis Gift

Some Stargazer metis have used this Gift to deliver a fatal blow to unsuspecting enemies, even knowing that the cost will be their own lives. After a Garou has been dealt her own deathblow, if she invokes this Gift, she may strike her enemy once more ere she dies. It’s bittersweet but often leads to an enemy falling dead alongside the metis warrior. This Gift is taught by a Cobra-spirit.

System: The player need only spend one Rage point to get that final shot; no wound penalties apply. The attack doesn’t automatically land, although the metis may spend Willpower to add to the attack roll’s successes (even though she’s already spent Rage in the turn). The metis’ damage pool is increased by ten dice — a metis’ parting shot channels a lifetime of Rage, and is almost always lethal.

Source: Guardians of the Caerns