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Data Flow

Rank 3 Glass Walker Gift

The Glass Walkers originally developed this Gift as a “remote control” for new electronic devices. As the computer gained importance, this Gift gained a whole new utility. Glass Walkers now use this ability to take control of the data resources that are so important to the world’s economy and to society in general. By focusing her attention on a single computer, a Glass Walker can take control of that machine from across the room. She can order it to erase its memory, alter security clearances, transmit false data or simply print a document. An electrical spirit or the even more complex computer spirits can teach this Gift.

System: A successful Wits + Computer roll (difficulty 7) plus the expenditure of one Gnosis point establishes contact with the computer. As long as the Garou keeps her target in her line of sight, she can maintain contact with the machine. While this Gift allows remote access, the Garou must still make all the appropriate roll to manipulate the computer.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Virtual Umbra

Rank 4 Glass Walker Gift

This Gift enables a Garou to transport himself into the CyberRealm’s Computer Web (Umbra page 61) from any part of the Pattern Web. Any spirit affiliated with computers can teach this Gift.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Computer (difficulty 8). The Glass Walker may also transport other (willing) characters into the ComputerWeb, but attempting this feat raises the difficulty to 10.

Source: Umbra