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Eagle’s Beak

Rank 2 Silver Fang Gift

Camp: Wyrmfoe

The eagle’s beak is a sharp, tearing weapon that can tear its prey apart in seconds. An eagle spirit can teach a Silver Fang the secret of eviscerating his enemy swiftly through this Gift.

System: The player spends a Rage point and spends a turn screeching his defiance at his enemy. For the remainder of the scene all bite attacks do two extra dice of damage.

Source: Tribebook: Silver Fangs (revised)

Word of Honor

Rank 2 Silver Fang Gift

To a Silver Fang, honor is everything. This Gift imbues a Garou’s words with his honorable bearing. As long as the Silver Fang speaks the truth, others believe him. An eagle-spirit teaches the Silver Fangs how to speak clear and true.

System: By spending a Gnosis pint, the Silver Fang can make every word he says bear the ring of truth. Anyone who listens hears that the Gift user speaks the truth. Listeners are not necessarily inclined to obey the Fang or follow his suggestions, but the facts are clear. The Silver Fang must speak the truth, as he knows it, or the Gift automatically backfires.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Words of the Alpha

Rank 3 Children of Gaia Gift

The Children have often sought leadership in human societies as well as among Garou. This Gift allows a leader to seek the best course of action for a particular goal. Eagle teaches this Gift.


The Garou meditates on the chosen goal, spends a Gnosis point, and rolls Intelligence + Leadership (difficulty 8), For each success, she gains one fragment of insight, be it a word of advice or hint at secret knowledge, into the right way to lead this group toward her chosen end. Note that Eagle does not show the most popular way, or the easiest way. His flight is high, and he flies alone.

Source: Tribebook: Children of Gaia (Revised)