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Rank 1 Croatan Gift

The Garou can turn raw, unprocessed food into a cooked meal without need of fire. In addition, the meal tastes first class. This Gift is taught by earth-spirits allied to Corn Maiden.

System: The player must make a Gnosis roll, difficulty 7; the more successes, the more elaborate the final meal. This Gift cannot add any food that isn’t already present – it cannot spice food if the Garou has no spices handy, for instance – but it can turn unripe corn on the cob into cakes, or a fish that hasn’t been cleaned into a neatly scaled, gutted, boned, and cooked meal.

Source: Croatan Song

Steel Fur

Rank 2 Glass Walkers Gift

Focusing in on their own being, the Glass Walker wraps his own spirit with those of steel, turning his fur into hardened metal. Metal or Earth elementals teach this Gift.

System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Science (difficulty 7). Each success adds one die to the Garou’s soak pool for one scene. While this Gift is active, the Garou suffers a +1 difficulty to all Dexterity rolls, and any Social rolls not involving other Glass Walkers. Obviously you must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus for to use this Gift.

Source: Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised)

Song of the Earth Mother

Rank 2 Shadow Lord Gift

A more powerful version of Sense Wyrm, this Gift allows the user to sense the presence of Wyrm activity within a broad area. Essentially, the Garou communes with the earth and listens to what it says. The Gift is taught by an earth-spirit.

System: The user spends 10 minutes communing with the earth, during which time she may take no other actions. The player then spends two Gnosis points and rolls Perception + Occult (difficulty 7). Success indicates that the earth tells her about any supernatural presence within an area of 100 yards (91 m) per success. While the Gift doesn’t offer specific information about the being or beings detected, it does indicate whether or not the presence is Wyrm-tainted.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Resist Temptation

Rank 2 Stargazers Gift

Using gestures to her chakras, as Klaital did, the Stargazer can resist worldly, mental and spiritual temptations, including corruption. This Gift is taught by an earth-spirit.

System: The player rolls Wits + Rituals (difficulty 6) and spends one Gnosis point. Each success raises others’ difficulties to ensorcel or supernaturally coerce the character by one for the rest of the scene. For instance, a vampire trying to Dominate the Garou would find it harder to succeed. Against non-supernatural coercion, this Gift is automatically successful. Thus, mundane con artists and temptresses have no power over the Stargazer.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook

Ley Lines

Rank 3 Fianna Gift / Rank 3 White Howler Gift

By manipulating ley lines — part of an energy web that crisscrosses the planet — the Fianna can disorient would-be trackers or hunters. The victims of this Gift find themselves following false trails, making wrong turns or walking in circles. The user’s trail simply disappears! The secrets of this Gift can be learned from an earth-spirit.

System: After spending a Gnosis point, the player rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty 7). Any attempt to track the Garou must follow a successful Perception + Occult roll (difficulty 8). This roll must exceed the Gift user’s successes before any tracking can take place.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition / 20th Anniversary Edition

Strength of Pine

Rank 3 Wendigo Gift

This Gift allows a character to ground herself in the presence of Gaia, spiritually as well as physically. If the character is struck by lightning or electricity, she remains unharmed by it for that turn of combat; she also becomes resistant to physical attacks, regenerating herself as long as she does not uproot herself from the touch of Gaia. An earth-spirit and a lightning elemental jointly teach this Gift.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis + Survival. The difficulty of the grounding varies depending on the physical location of the character: 9 if the Garou is surrounded by water or touching metal; 7 if she is not standing on or touching the earth, 5 if a piece of earth or earth-fetish is carried on the character’s person. Any physical damage inflicted on the grounded werewolf takes effect, but is then healed at the next turn, provided she does not move from her grounding-spot.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook (revised)