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Memory Circle

Rank 1 Galliard Gift

The Galliards are the Garou’s historians, charged with committing the legends and tales of their people to memory, perfect memory. Not all of them are particularly good at it. Thankfully, this Gift gives those Galliards a chance to make up for their weakness by planting Umbral “reminders” on their person. This Gift is taught by an elephant-spirit.

System: This Gift is performed in two parts. When hearing words the Galliard wants to remember perfectly, he spends one point of Gnosis. As this happens, the Storyteller should write down exactly what he’s committing to Umbral memory. Later, when he wishes to retrieve the memory, he may spend one point of Willpower and ask the Storyteller to read it back verbatim. The use of this Gift leaves tiny clear spheres matted within the Garou’s fur that can be seen within the Umbra, the so-called “memory circles”. Should the Garou wish to remove a memory circle, they may do so simply by pulling it out of their fur while in the Umbra. Also, it is possible that a combat within the Umbra might break some of the circles (at the Storyteller’s option).

Source: Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)

Family Debt

Rank 5 Glass Walker Gift

Camp: Central House / Wise Guys

Only Dons of the Central House may learn this Gift, for they are the caretakers of the tribal debt and favors pool.

The Garou can call upon the past lives of other Garou to return a favor owed to the Glass Walker tribe, even if the debt was made centuries ago. Using this Gift will cause another Garou with the Past Life Background to become possessed by the ancestor whom the Glass Walker summons. The living Garou must be of the same tribe as the ancestor who is called (a Glass Walker cannot make a Bone Gnawer summon a Silver Fang ancestor). The Gift is taught by any long-lived spirit, such as a turtle or an elephant, and the Glass Walker often have such spirits witness any business transactions they make with other Garou.

System: The Garou spends one Willpower point and rolls Gnosis against a difficulty of 10 minus the target’s Past Life Background rating. If there is no Garou with Past Life present, this Gift will not work; it requires a Garou with deep connections to her ancestors to act as a conduit. If successful, the desired ancestor is summoned and possesses the target. This ancestor will then perform a duty to make up for a favor the Glass Walkers did for him in his lifetime.

The Central House keeps vast records of every debt owed the tribe. It usually requires a committee vote to summon one of their debtors and thus use up the favor owed. However, Dons who learn this Gift are considered to have the power to use it whenever desired, although Dons who abuse it may wind up being voted off the board, so to speak.

The player should be allowed to create the original debt condition and the debtor. “Grom Wyrmfoe of the Silver Fangs owes the Glass Walkers big, because they helped him root out vampires in Moscow in in the late 1600s. Well, my character feels it’s about time he repaid the favor by helping me kill that damn Gangrel.” The Storyteller, however, is the ultimate arbiter of this Gift. It should be used to enhance a story, never to simply power game. If the Storyteller feels the player is asking a greater favor than what was originally given to the ancestor, he is free to have the ancestor deny the call.

Glass Walker characters should also realize that most Garou do not like being puppets for their Past Lives simply at the whim of some damn city Urrah. They will usually try to get revenge at some later date — to do so immediately is to insult the ancestor.

Source: Glass Walker Tribebook