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Hidden Secrets

Rank 2 Shadow Lord Gift

Camp: Children of Crow

Children of Crow are terribly fond of blackmail, and this Gift does a lot to help their natural tendencies along. The Corax know this Gift as Dark Truths; the Shadow Lords learned the Gift from the raven-folk, and improved on it a bit. The Gift is taught by a fly-spirit.

System: To use this Gift, the character rolls Perception + Manipulation (difficulty 7). Success indicates the Garou learns one of the target’s deepest and most embarrassing secrets. These secrets are of no use in combat, but make excellent blackmail material. Of course, not everyone has secrets of equal value.

Source: Shadow Lord Tribebook (revised)

Fly Feet

Rank 3 Ragabash Gift

Like an insect, the Garou can now cling to vertical surfaces. She can walk along walls or hang from a ceiling. The adhesive grip of the Garou can even assist her when catching falling objects or seizing handholds when she is falling! A fly-spirit, naturally, teaches this Gift.

System: The Garou can automatically activate this Gift with a Dexterity + Athletics roll. The difficulty depends on the surface. For instance, wood or stone is difficulty 5; glass or ice is difficulty 9. Moving along the ceiling increases the difficulty by 1. The Storyteller should halve all movement rates unless the player rolls five or more successes.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Umbral Tracking

Rank 3 Theurge Gift

Usually only the Garou who creates an Umbral tether can see it. If a Theurge has this Gift, that is no longer true. This Gift is taught by a fly spirit.

System: By spending one point of Gnosis, the Garou can see all active Umbral tethers around her. She does not know to whom the tethers belong, but can tell in what direction it extends to the Garou. If the Garou attempts to break the tether, the tether’s creator knows immediately and may make a resisted Strength + Occult roll at difficulty 6 against the Garou. If the attacker gains more successes, the tether is destroyed.

Source: Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)


Rank 3 Uktena Gift

By staring into a mirror or other reflective surface, the Uktena can witness distant events or spy on rivals. She can follow a comrade’s progress into a dangerous ambush or sneak a peek into the Tremere chantry house. Other supernaturals, especially ones with similar abilities, may have defenses against this Gift, which is taught by a fly-spirit.

System: After spending one Gnosis point, the player must roll Perception + Occult (difficulty 7). The difficulty increases to 10 if the Garou does not posses an item owned by the target or something taken from the chosen area. The Uktena can see everything as if she were the proverbial fly on the wall.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.