Werewolf the Apocalypse information source


Renewed Vigor

Rank 2 Ahroun Gift

By slaying a Wyrm beast (or other enemy, shameful though inter-tribal conflicts may be) in a particularly spectacular fashion, the Ahroun can inspire all allies who have her in their line of sight to fight harder through her example. A hawk-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: To activate this Gift, the Ahroun must have spent at least three Rage points in that turn, and must have killed an enemy with a stroke that brought it at least three health levels below Incapacitated. The Ahroun spends a point of Willpower, and all her Garou allies gain a number of points of temporary Rage equal to her Charisma Rating. Using this Gift does not require a separate action in combat aside from the action used to kill the enemy.

Source: Book of Auspices


Rank 2 Wendigo Gift

A werewolf with this Gift may use it to drastically reduce any amount of her own bleeding, specifically blood loss that she experiences as a result of combat. A bloody wound taken in a duel or in battle by a klaive, blade, fang or claw can be staunched swiftly with a whisper of gratitude to the spirits. Tourniquet does not heal, numb or close the wound, but simply keeps it from bleeding further. Wendigo consider it very bad form to use this Gift to stem bleeding caused by self-inflicted wounds, causing the loss of Honor Renown if its use is known. Accordingly, Wendigo may not use this Gift while attempting to complete a rite or other ritual that requires any check of Stamina. A hawk-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Strength + Survival. This gift converts Lethal wounds into Bashing wounds, and does not repair Bashing damage on its own. The more successes she rolls, the more bleeding she can staunch, at the ratio of 1 success to 2 Health Levels converted.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook (revised)

View the Battlefield

Rank 3 Galliard Gift

Moon Dancers are renowned for their ability to be everywhere at once during a fight. Some onlookers say that Galliards have a sort of innate sense of where they need to be during a fight, either to witness a blood feud consummated or simply to help an overwhelmed packmate. This Gift is part of the reason for these tales, and allows the Galliard to see the entire battlefield in her mind’s eye. A hawk-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends on Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Alertness. The difficulty varies based on the size of the battlefield. One large room would be difficulty 5, while a football field would be difficulty 7 and an entire forest would be difficulty 9. If the roll succeeds, the character can see the entire battlefield as if from above (and can look through ceilings and the like to view the combatants below). This makes ambushing the character nearly imp9ossible, and allows her to know if any of her allies are in immediate danger. Even if the character’s sight is somehow blocked (through the use of the Gift: Shroud, for example) she still instinctively knows the exact location of her packmates. This Gift lasts for one turn per success on the initial roll.

Source: Book of Auspices