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Inspiration / Grim Resolve

Rank 1 Ahroun Gift / Rank 1 Silent Strider (Camp: Harbingers) Gift  / Rank 1 Silver Fang Gift

Other werewolves look to the Ahroun for leadership in combat. The Gift of Inspiration is one reason. The Garou with this Gift lends new resolve and righteous anger to his brethren. Either a lion- or wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point. All comrades (but not the Gift’s user) receive one automatic success on any Willpower rolls made during the scene.

Source: Core book revised / Tribebook: Silent Striders (revised) / 20th Anniversary Edition

Ma’at’s Feather

Rank 1 Philodox Gift

According to Egyptian legend, if the heart of one of the dead was heavier than Ma’at’s feather, she would feed it to the beast Ammit, destroying their soul entirely. If it was lighter, then the dead person was admitted to the afterlife. This Gift was first the province of Silent Strider Philodox (and is still most common amongst that tribe), but has spread throughout all of Garou society. It allows the Philodox to sense the weight of a fallen Garou’s soul and determine if he died as one of Gaia, or had fallen to the Wyrm. It is used to determine what rituals will be undertaken for the deceased, and is taught by a bird- or lion-spirit.

System: If the Garou died in the service of Gaia, the Gift works automatically, revealing this to be so. If however, the Garou had betrayed the Mother, then a roll of the Philodox’s Perception + Occult (difficulty of the deceased’s former Gnosis) is needed to correctly determine their guilt. A simple success is sufficient, and the Storyteller is encouraged to roll secretly for each use of this Gift, to keep the players guessing.

Source: Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)

Command the Gathering

Rank 2 Philodox Gift

The Philodox draws all eyes to herself with a great exclamation, a clap of her hands, the striking of klaive to shield, or some other such gesture. Until she has had her say, none may depart or interrupt her. A lion-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Appearance + Leadership (difficulty equals the highest Willpower among those whose attention she seeks to gain). If the roll succeeds, all in attendance fall quiet and listen. Any individual who wishes to interrupt the Philodox or walk out before she has finished speaking must spend two points of Willpower to do so.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

King of the Beasts

Rank 2 Philodox Gift

The Philodox’s authority extends even into the realm of beasts, such that he can command the loyalty of any specific animal. If successful, the animal follows his commands willingly and unconditionally. A lion- or falcon-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The Philodox must choose one target within 100 feet. The player rolls Charisma + Animal Ken against a difficulty based on the werewolf’s relationship with the animal. This power works on only one animal at a time, and it does not attract animals to the Garou’s vicinity (see the Level Four lupus Gift: Beast Life).

A sibling
Feed and care for

Source: Core book revised.

Beast Life

Rank 4 Lupus Gift / Rank 4 Children of Gaia Gift

The werewolf with this Gift can communicate with other wild animals and attract (or even command) them. Domesticated animals will speak with the werewolf, but they have given themselves to the ways of humans and must be persuaded to obey the Garou. Any animal spirit may teach this Gift, although Lion and Bear are most often sought as teachers.

Children of Gaia: Children of Gaia who use this Gift never do so if the animals attracted would come to harm, unless the very heart of a caern is threatened.

System: The player spends on Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Animal Ken (difficulty 7). The character gains the ability to communicate with all animals automatically. One success can attract specific types of animals within a 10-mile radius, and those that can reach the werewolf in a reasonable amount of time will do so. Each additional success adds 10 miles (two successes indicate a 20-mile radius). All wild animals become friendly to the character. They follow any reasonable request the character makes, and many unreasonable ones as well. A character who uses this Gift to force an animal to sacrifice itself had best pay homage to its spirit or risk angering Gaia. The effect lasts for one scene, but the time may be extended by spending one Gnosis point per extra scene desired.

Source: Core book revised.

Roll Over

Rank 4 Philodox Gift / Rank 4 Shadow Lord (Lords of the Summit) Gift

The Philodox can call on her power to radiate a commanding presence that compels others to submit to her. Should she succeed in a test of wills, she dominates her foe, which causes humans to fall to their knees and wolves to roll on their backs. Either a lion- or a wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player must score at least three successes more than her opponent on a resisted Willpower contest. If the Gift takes effect, the victim can take no action other than submission unless he is in direct danger.

Source: Core book revised / Shadow Lord Tribebook (revised)

Ignore Death Blow / Sidestep Death

Rank 4 Silver Fang Gift
There are two nearly identical but mechanically different versions of this gift. We believe these are intended to be the same gift and that a player should not be able to possess both versions.

Player’s Guide 2nd Edition Version (Ignore Death Blow): Tales say that the first Silver Fang died and was reborn; since that time, the Fangs have passed won this Gift. A Fang with this Gift can choose to ignore what would be a killing blow. This Gift is taught by a lion-spirit.

System: Once per scene, the Fang can spend a Willpower point and ignore all damage from a single attack. The damage simply does not occur; no special handicaps take effect, either.

20th Anniversary Version (Sidestep Death): Old legends say that when the first Silver Fang died, he was reborn with this Gift. A Fang with this Gift simply sidesteps what would have become his deathblow. A lion-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: Once per scene, the player may spend three Willpower points to evade a single attack that would inflict enough damage to place the Fang’s health levels below Crippled (before soak). The Garou simply appears instantly at the nearest location not affected by the attack, which may be an inch, a mile or more.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition / 20th Anniversary Edition