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Madness Season

Rank 4 Ragabash Gift

A fine line often exists between madcap humor and the precipice of insanity. The New Moon’s understanding of this boundary enables her to send enemies teetering off the brink into lunacy. While this Gift does no lasting harm to the victim, it can make him an object of ridicule and scorn… and grant a measure of respect to the Ragabash who uses it. Any spirit of Luna can teach this Gift.

System: The player expends one Gnosis point and makes a resisted Manipulation + Subterfuge roll against the target’s Willpower. One success causes the victim to become gibbering and helpless in a fit of madness for a number of turns equal to the Ragabash’s Gnosis rating; three successes causes the madness to last the remainder of the scene. With Storyteller’s discretion, four or more successes may render the victim incoherent for a longer period of time.

Source: Book of Auspices

Turn the Moon

Rank 5 Ragabash Gift

This Gift essentially makes a werewolf “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” For a short period of time, the New Moon can change the auspice of another werewolf to whatever she deems appropriate. Any spirit of Luna can teach this Gift.

System: The Ragabash spends a Willpower point, and the player rolls Manipulation + Primal Urge. For each success, the target must spend a day in his new auspice. The Ragabash can end the effects of the Gift earlier, if she so chooses. The target loses access to specific auspice Gifts, gains or loses enough temporary Rage points to bring him to the base minimum for the appropriate auspice, and suddenly finds his thinking influenced by the duties of the new auspice. For example, if the Ragabash changes an Ahroun into a Philodox, he’ll start trying to lead by example, feel an urge to settle disputes and try to bring things around him into balance (an opportunity for some fun and creative roleplaying). The New Moons of rank use this Gift to teach a lesson to those taking the duties of their auspice too much to heart, and it can be quite effective at showing them a different perspective.

Source: Book of Auspices

New Moon Legerdemain

Rank 5 Silver Fang Gift

Camp: Moon Lodge (Waning Cycle)

This Gift allows the werewolf to summon and command a group of small trickster spirits. This last step in the Cycle brings the werewolf to an understanding of Luna’s need for the tricksters and the madness that she welcomes. The spirits, once summoned, dance around the Garou in the Penumbra, protecting her from harm but disturbing and unsettling all those around her. They play tricks on everyone in the vicinity; harmless and amusing ones on the werewolf’s allies and destructive ones on her enemies. An avatar of Luna herself teaches this Gift, which puts the Garou in her debt — and service — forever. To learn the Gift, the Garou must undertake a great quest in Luna’s name, one that may take several game sessions to play out. Once the werewolf succeeds, Luna gifts her loyal subject an understanding of the true nature of madness. Thus, the werewolf makes the New Moon’s twisted wisdom part of herself.

System: The Gift costs a point of permanent Gnosis to learn. Once the spirits are summoned, strangelings, chimera and Wyldlings usually, they never leave their werewolf. At time, they may rest quietly, semi dormant in the Penumbra near the Garou, although they may occasionally play tricks on her or those around her. They are always dormant during the day. They awaken into full life during the New Moon or at the call of the Garou. To awaken the spirits, the player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 6, 5 if the character is a Ragabash) and spends a point of Gnosis. The pack of spirits becomes active for one night per success. If the werewolf wishes them to go back to sleep, the player must roll Gnosis as above, spending another point of Gnosis and get at least two successes.

Once they are active, the spirits play games and vicious tricks on all the werewolf’s enemies within a 25-foot radius, pinching, tripping and interfering with them in all manner of ways. This creates a +2 difficulty to all the enemies’ rolls and removes two dice from their dice pools to boot. The spirits may steal an object from an enemy in the Umbra once per day. It will only be a minor item of little worth or power, as defined by the Storyteller. The spirits might show their werewolf their prize, or they may not, depending on their whims. If no enemies are at hand, the spirits may turn their attentions to whomever is at hand (save the Gift’s master) — even allies are not quite safe, although the spirits harass them somewhat more infrequently. It is the wise Garou who sings the spirits back to slumber when the battle is done.

A powerful spirit of Jaggling level or higher, may disperse the spirits for a scene by spending a point of Gnosis.

Source: Tribebook: Silver Fangs (revised)


Full Moon’s Wrath

Rank 5 Silver Fang Gift

Camp: Moon Lodge (Waxing Cycle)

Sometimes Luna’s wrath waxes so great that her enemies fall before her chosen like corn before a scythe. This Gift allows a hard-pressed werewolf to summon war-spirits to her aid, striking at her enemies and giving her respite. Their power teaches the werewolf and her allies, not to mention her enemies, the wisdom and strength of the Full Moon. The werewolf must find an defeat nine of Falcon’s brood of Jagglings in succession on a night of the full moon to learn this Gift. At the end of the night, an Avatar of Luna appears and binds the defeated spirits to the Fang’s service ever more. However, she demands that the Garou be at her disposal on nights of the full moon in exchange.

System: To activate the Gift the player spends a point of Rage and Gnosis and then rolls Gnosis (difficulty 7, 5 for Ahroun). One of the defeated bird-spirits appears and attacks the enemies of the werewolf for each success rolled. The spirits remain part of the fray until they are defeated, the werewolf dies or the battle ends, at which point they depart into the Umbra once more.

Source: Tribebook: Silver Fangs (revised)

One on One

Rank 6 Ahroun Gift

The World of Darkness is a complex place, filled with intrigue, misdirection and all manner of supernatural evasion. Ahroun, however, are simpler beings, and this Gift allows them to extend their direct methods where they might not otherwise reach. The Garou says a brief prayer to Luna and the other innumerable spirits of blood, terror and vengeance in the Garou pantheon. She is then transported instantly to a single foe of her choice, whom she may engage in one-to-one combat to the death under Luna’s own aegis. The foe cannot flee (though tactical withdrawal with the specific intent of continuing the fight this scene is acceptable), nor can she receive aid from outsiders. The invoker is bound by the same restrictions, of course.

Luna herself teaches this Gift, and not through an avatar — the petitioner must journey to Luna’s court in the Aetherial Realm and convince the capricious goddess that her reasons for needing this power are just.

System: This Gift cuts through all supernatural forms of warding, concealment, contingency spells and similar precautions without any roll. For the remainder of the scene, both affected parties can receive no aid from other sources, and can only use powers that are directly physical in nature. A vampire’s unearthly strength and speed or a faerie’s ability to strike at enemies with the spirit of holly would remain potent, but a member of either race would be stripped of his supernatural mind-clouding and unearthly presence. Likewise, a Namebreaker might throw lightning or increase his own strength, but not teleport away or turn incorporeal to avoid the Garou’s strikes utterly.

This Gift involves the direct interference of the Celestine Luna in mortal affairs, and the Storyteller should remember that a thinking being is determining the Gift’s exact effects, not a defined supernatural spell. The Storyteller should make judgement calls on the Gift’s effects keeping it within its intended spirit of providing a fair, open a physical fight. A Garou asking to be transported to a vampire in torpor, for example, might find the Leech awake and ready to fight…

The Garou must expend a point of permanent Gnosis to activate this Gift. Once the fight is done, normal rules of reality reassert themselves — which might be bad if the Garou has been sent to Malfeas or some other hellish domain.

Source: Book of Auspices