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Pennies from Heaven

Rank 2 Glass Walkers Gift

The Glass Walker convinces money spirits to change their denomination. the coin or note simply metamorphoses into the appropriate denomintation. Money spirits teach the Gift.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Politics. What value the money becomes determines the difficulty regardless of the original denomination.

Currency – Difficulty

Penny – 3
Nickel – 4
Dime – 5
Quarter – 6
Dollar – 7
Five Dollar – 8
Twenty Dollar – 9
One Hundred Dollar – 10

Each success can change one coin or note into another denomination. Foreign currencies can also be converted in similar fashion, and it is also possible to convert a currency of one country to a different denomination of another.

Source: Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised)


Rank 5 Glass Walkers Gift

Camp: Corporate Wolves

Whate you wear determines your worth as a human being in the modern corporate world. If you live outside the business, you are a number with a dollar sign in front of it, representing what you own and how much it, and you, are worth. For a business, you are your possessions, and this Gift makes it literally true. With this Gift, the Corporate Wolf can attack and physically destroy another person by destroying their possesions. A money spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends three Rage points and rolls Strength + Enigmas (difficulty 8). The number of successes needed is determined by how long her opponent has owned the object. If he only bought it today, five successes are needed. If he has owned it for less than a month, four successes are needed; while if he has owned it for at least six months, then three successes are required. Finally i, if it has been owned for over a year, only a single success is necessary.

Assuming the roll is successful, the Corporate Wolf may proceed to make an attack on the object and any damage done to the object will also be inflicted upon her opponent. The damage still applies to the object, however, and if the object is destroyed then any connection between the object and the opponent is destroyed with it. If it still stands, the Corporate Wolf may continue to attack. If a Corporate Wolf obtains your priceless Ming vase, you should be all right, but worry if they ever steal your car.

Source: Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised)