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Wyld Resurgence

Rank 1 Black Furies Gift / Rank 1 Croatan Gift

Bent to Gaia’s service, the creative, living essence of the Wyld roars through the Fury’s body, shining beneath her skin as a rippling wave of prismatic energy which focuses on and shines out through her wounds. This surge supercharges the werewolf’s regenerative powers, quickly mending even the most grievous of wounds. A servant of Pegasus teaches this Gift.

System: The Fury spends a turn in concentration and the player spends one Gnosis point. The werewolf immediately heals either three levels of bashing damage or two levels of lethal damage. With the expenditure of a Willpower point in addition to the Gnosis point, one level of aggravated damage may be healed instead. Damage caused by silver weapons cannot be healed with this Gift.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Breath of the Wyld

Rank 1 Black Furies Gift

As the Furies see it, the problem with most humans (and some Garou) is that they have forgotten that the energy of Creation is nourishing, refreshing and ever present. With this Gift, the Black Fury may instill a feeling of vitality and life in a living being. A spirit servant of Pegasus teaches this Gift.

System: The Fury must touch her target’s skin, and this Gift must be used outdoors in a natural setting (a city park is natural enough for the Gift to function). The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 6 for humans, 5 for Garou). Success grants a rush of energy and clarity of thought. In game terms, this Gift grants one extra die on all Mental rolls for the next scene. It also adds one to the difficulty of any Rage rolls the target makes in that time.

Source: Core book revised.

Arion’s Burden

Rank 1 Black Furies Gift

The Black Furies had many tribeswomen among the ancient Scythians, who were renowned for their use of cavalry. During their battles with other Garou tribes, the Furies often surprised their enemies by showing that they too could employ cavalry, thanks to this Gift. Most animals shy away from creatures of high Rage, and even the Glabro form tended to make a werewolf heavier than the horse could handle. But this Gift perfectly calms the mount’s mind and makes the Black Fury as light as a child to it. It is taught by an avatar of Pegasus.

System: The Black Fury rolls Charisma + Athletics (difficulty 6). A simple success is all that is needed to keep this Gift active for the rest of the scene. While this Gift works to calm any animal normally friendly to the Black Fury, it is most commonly employed on horses. Riding in Crinos form, even with this Gift, is a tricky business, requiring a Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 7) roll.

Source: Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)


Rank 2 Black Furies Gift

By pointing a finger or claw at a target, a Fury can force him to his knees. Only the strongest-willed can do anything but strain and swear in response. This Gift is taught by one of Pegasus’s brood.

System: The Fury rolls Manipulation + Intimidation (difficulty of the subject’s Willpower). Her target falls to his knees unless he spends a Gnosis point to resist the Gift’s effects (other supernatural beings may spend their own form of mystic energy, such as blood or quintessence, but mortals remain helpless). The target kneels for one turn per success.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Trail of Pain

Rank 2 Black Furies Gift

First developed by the Amazons of Diana camp, this Gift allows the user to sense persons in agony. The Amazons use this Gift to uncover individuals suffering abuse. Other Black Furies use this Gift to track the abusersafter wounding them. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Pegasus.

System: The Garou must focus and spend a Gnosis point. At least one turn is required for the Gift user to attune herself to the mental anguish of the target. A Perception + Empathy roll discerns a single sufferer amongst many. The Fury can sense any living being in tremendous pain, physical or emotional , within 50 yards. The user senses only the general direction and urgency, but that’s typically enough for an angry Black Fury.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Wings of Pegasus

Rank 3 Black Furies Gift

The Fury can sprout majestic wings when in Hispo form, allowing her to fly at will. An avatar of Pegasus teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point to produce the wings capable of 50 miles per hour (80 kph) flight, which last until dismissed. Fine flying maneuvers require a Dexterity + Athletics roll at a difficulty determined by the Storyteller.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition