Werewolf the Apocalypse information source


Glib Tongue

Rank 2 Fianna Gift

This Gift makes listeners hear whatever they wish to hear. The Fianna can say anything, even total gibberish, but anyone listening will agree heartily. While this Gift is not a way to talk a millionaire into signing over all his goods, it is a superb method of talking one’s way into a party, making fast friends or avoiding being caught in a lie. A rabbit-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Expression (difficulty of the listener’s Wits + Alertness). The effects last for one turn per success.

Source: Core book revised.

Surface Attunement

Rank 2 Stargazer Gift / Rank 2 Bunyip Gift

The Stargazer may attune herself to the surrounding environment, thereby gaining the ability to walk at normal speed across such surfaces as mud, water, snow and quicksand without falling through or leaving tracks. The spirits of small animals that are often overlooked by other tribes (such as rabbits, sparrows and mice) teach this Gift.

System: The Garou concentrates for one turn; the player rolls Dexterity + Athletics. The effects last for a scene.

Source: Core book revised / Rage Across Australia