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Spirit Smuggler

Rank 1 Black Furies Gift

Camp: Sisterhood

Members of the Sisterhood frequently make deliveries through countries with broad laws against contraband; they might also wish to carry a weapon into an area interdicted by metal detectors or the like. Spirit Smuggler makes this much easier for them to do, and it is useful in a wide variety of situations. When the character wishes to hide an item from searches, she can use this Gift to push the item into the Gauntlet for a short time; it will return to the character’s possessions in the physical realm after a few minutes have passed. This Gift is taught by a Raccon-spirit

System: The character rolls Dexterity + Subertfuge and spends a point of Gnosis to push a small item (5 pounds or less, no more than a gallon in volume) through the Gauntlet into the Umbra; the difficulty on this roll is the local Gauntlet rating. If she achieves 2 or more successes, the item now resides in the Gauntlet, and cannot be sensed or manipulated by anyone in the Realm (unless a searcher can see into the Umbra). The item will return to the character’s physical possessions at the end of the scene. Should the character achieve only one success, the item is pushed through into the Gauntlet but will not return of its own accord, and has to be fetched by stepping sideways. A botch on the Dexterity + Subterfuge roll means that the item is lost in the Umbra, or that a spirit pickpocket has made off with it. This Gift does not halt the flow of time for the smuggled object – and explosions in the Gauntlet can have strange effects on both the local spirit world and the physical plane, for those who might consider using this Gift to stow a live bomb.

Source: Tribebook: Black Furies (Revised)

The Hungry Hound / Nose of the Hungry Hound

Rank 1 Bone Gnawers Gift
(called Nose of the Hungry Hound in the 1st Bone Gnawers tribebook and just Hungry Hound in the revised)

A Garou with this Gift can hunt down the closest source of discarded, safe, edible food. The user might find a bag of nacho puffs dropped out of a passing car window or the one perfect warm slice of cheese pizza buried at the bottom of a dumpster. The Gift may also reveal people who are willing to give a handout or spare some munchies. The Hungry Hound reveals food that’s available for free. For instance, it won’t automatically detect the hot dogs in a vendor’s cart, but if the man selling them would be happy to give one away to a hungry-looking wolf-dog, the chance of finding them improves considerably. This Gift is taught by a raccoon-spirit, often in exchange for liberating a few choice treasures the spirit really wants.

System: Roll Perception + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). One success produces an unremarkable snack. More successes can either uncover more food (like a feast of discarded donuts or cold pizza) or tastier food (like a single heavenly untouched eclair). This Gift is somewhere between a specialized version of hunting and the lupus Gift: Sense Prey. A successful roll means that the scent of tantalizing food has just wafted past the werewolf’s nose. Three successes and a couple of sniffs can give more details about the “prey,” even from a great distance. (“Wait! It smells like… a birthday cake… there’s writing on it…”)

Source: Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised)

Trash is Treasure

Rank 1 Bone Gnawers Gift

The refuse of humanity provides all the canny Bone Gnawer needs. Through the use of this Gift, any broken object can be temporarily restored to full functionality and usefulness. A raccoon-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player takes hold of a broken object and rolls Wits + Crafts. The object functions perfectly for one turn per success, and also supplies its own power, fuel, or ammunition — a dull knife cuts, a busted microwave runs (without being plugged into anything), an old rusty Saturday night special fires even without bullets, a junked car starts up and runs. The lifespan of the object’s renewed usefulness can be extended to one full day by spending a point of Willpower, but the object requires proper power, fuel, and ammunition in such circumstances.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Weaver’s Eyes

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift

Garou with this Gift gain an insight into the Weaver’s deep and subtle patterns for hiding information inside of other information and to the invisible patterns buried in large prime numbers. Encryption algorithms mean nothing to these Glass Walkers; using Weaver’s Eyes, they can even pierce magical shrouding of data. The Garou must have the data to be decrypted in some form — generally, residing on a local computer. Weaver’s Eyes cannot be directly used to break open the encryption on a live connection between two computers, but it will help the Garou use his own abilities to break through that encryption.

System: The player spends one Willpower and rolls Perception + Computer (difficulty of 10 – the local Gauntlet). The number of successes necessary depends on the encryption used on the message or connection that the character is trying to pierce. Encryption created by ordinary mortal programmers requires one success to pierce; mundane encryption created by the top echelon of mortal programmers requires two successes to pierce. Magical encryption, such as that created by the Gift: Encrypt or similar magical abilities performed by non-Garou, requires three or more successes — generally speaking, the character must achieve more successes on the Weaver’s Eyes roll than his opposite number got on an Encrypt roll.

If the character comes across an encrypted connection between two computers, Weaver’s Eyes can help him break the connection in a hurry, but since the data traffic is far from him, the Gift cannot pierce the encryption directly. However, it will provide one extra success on the Perception + Computer roll used to break the encryption, and it will allow the character to attempt to break through magical encryption. This Gift is taught by a raccoon-spirit.

Source: Book of the City

Open Seal

Rank 1 Ragabash Gift

With this Gift, the Garou can open nearly any sort of closed or locked physical device. A raccoon-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the local Gauntlet rating).

Source: Core book revised.

Hide the Wolf

Rank 1 Ronin Gift

A Garou with this Gift can temporarily hide all signs of his rage, including the subtle, instinctual signs which often spook humans and wolves. In this way, the Garou can live among them without suffering the Curse. However, the sight of a Garou in Crinos form will still activate the Delirium in humans. This Gift is taught by a raccoon- or chameleon-spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty 6). Only one success is required. The effect lasts for one scene. However, the Gift is canceled if the Garou spends any Rage points or shapeshifts.

Source: Outcasts