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Guardians of the Dreamtime

Rank 4 Bunyip Gift

As Australia’s guardians, the Bunyip were given special powers over the land. This Gift is one of the reasons the outback’s Gauntlet remained low for a longer time than in the rest of the world. In days past the Bunyip would use this gift to lead foes into the Penumbra (by lowering the Gauntlet to nonexistence) then abandon them there. This Gift is taught by a servant of the Rainbow Serpent.

System: The Bunyip can automatically step sideways at night without the need for a reflective surface. Furthermore, the difficulty of any attempt to step sideway is one lower than normal. Also, for each point of Gnosis he spends the Bunyip may reduce the gauntlet in an area by one for a number of hours equal to his Intelligence + Rituals dice pool.

Source: Rage Across Australia

Invoke the Spirits of the Storm / Call the Storm

Rank 5 Wendigo Gift / Rank 5 Bunyip Gift / Rank 4 Shadow Lord Gift
The Shadow Lord versions is called Call the Storm

The Garou can summon nearly any weather effect she desires, be it a tornado, fog, blizzard or thunderstorms. An avatar of Wendigo teaches this Gift. An avatar of Rainbow Serpent teaches the Bunyip version.

System: The player spends one Gnosis pint and rolls Willpower (difficulty varies based on how close the desired effect is to the actual weather patterns of the area). The storm covers 10 miles per success. If the Garou summons a thunderstorm, she may spend Gnosis to call lightning down on her enemies (Dexterity + Occult to hit, 10 dice of aggravated damage).

Shadow Lord version: Only thunderstorms may be called and an avatar of Grandfather Thunder teaches this Gift.

Source: Core book revised / Shadow Lord Tribebook (revised)