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Urban Ward

Rank 1 Bone Gnawers Gift

If your home has no walls, sleeping can be a nightmare. There’s no guarantee that someone won’t sneak up on you to steal your stuff… or even take your life. Some werewolves solve this problem by sleeping in packs, but it never hurts to take extra precautions. Rural Garou set twigs and branches that easily snap underfoot; Bone Gnawers rig the same warnings with tin cans, tripwires, or even broken glass. With a little mystical aid, a werewolf can enlist spirits in similar defenses. The werewolf can never be sure exactly where the boundary of the urban ward is set but he may be paranoid enough to spend more time setting multiple layers of trash around his encampment. This Gift is taught by a Rat-spirit, who usually warns its student to always collect trash and shy things for just this purpose.

System:  By spending one Gnosis, a Bone Gnawer can ward an area against intrusion. The “area” can be anywhere between the size of a room and the size of a building. Trash is set around the periphery, usually junk that makes noise when its disturbed. If anyone crosses this imaginary boundary, the Bone Gnawer hears the spirits scream a silent warning to him. This ward remains in effect for eight hours (or in some cases, from dusk ’til dawn).

The Storyteller secretly rolls the characters Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 6). Any supernatural creature attempting to use its powers to overcome the Urban Ward (for instance, with the vampire Discipline: Obfuscate) must score more successes on its roll to activate the proper supernatural power than the Garou did. For more mundane creatures, like humans, crossing the boundary automatically warns the Garou, who may consciously decide whether to wake up. If the trespasser is also using Stealth the sleeping Garou can make an opposed Perception + Alertness roll without penalty, as if he was awake. Creatures that “teleport” in by means of Gifts such as Shadow Step still count as having crossed the boundary; instantaneous passage through the Umbra is still Umbral passage across the boundary.

Source: Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised)


Kitchen Chemistry

Rank 1 Bone Gnawers Gift

With ten minutes, a bit of rage, and everyday household chemicals, you can unleash a firestorm of vengeance against an uncaring world. You have a deep and instinctive understanding of the principles of modern chemistry, one that allows you to scratch-build and detonate explosives. (This Gift exists to cancel out the need for any sort of “realistic” explosive rules in the game.) Rat-spirits teach this Gift, occasionally with the help of a few furtive cranks on the internet.

System: One scene. One Rage. At least three household kitchen chemicals approved by the Storyteller. The Result? An explosion inflicting an amount of aggrevated damage equal to the character’s permanent Rage. Detonating the explosives properly is the difficult part.

At the end of the scen in which the chemicals are cooked, the character attempts an Intelligence + Science roll (difficulty 6). With one success, the explosives will detonate at the specified date and time. Three successes allow them to be thrown (Dexterity + Athletics, distance equal teo the Garou’s Strength in yards) or triggered by remote (line of sight). Five successes allow for a complex trigger, such as a timed matchbox fuse, trip wire, weight-sensative pressure plate, or sound of a particular television personality’s voice. On a botch, of course, the bomb goes off in the Garou’s face.

Source: Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised)

Smell of Success

Rank 1 Bone Gnawers Gift

You’re good at sizing people up. With a few sniffs, you can smell how successful someone really is. Even on a bad day, you can sense whether he’s got money in his pocket, a steady job, or a place to stay. When passing by street folk begging for change, some people claim they don’t have anything to give. By repeatedly sizing up people on the street, Bone Gnawers learn to distinguish a real bad-luck case from a cheap bastard who doesn’t give a damn. After mastering this elemental talent, the Garou can then sniff out deeper secrets from passers-by.

This insight can also be used on people who beg for food, money, or assistance from the Garou; for instance, Hoods use this ability to distinguish someone who really needs help from a scam artist. Either way, this Gift is taught by a rat-spirit, usually while the student sits on a street corner asking for help over and over again; the rat gets a cut of any handouts during the time of training.

System: Spend one Gnosis and roll Perception + Streetwise (difficulty 6). Pick a person within about a city block you can see. One success reveals one of the following facts: whether the person has money in his pocket, whether he has a job, or whether he has a home (your choice). Three successes either answer all three questions or give more detailed information about one of them: how much money he’s got on him, what his occupation is, and what kind of place he lives in.

If you score five successes, some telltale clue also reveals more specific information. With spiritual insight, you can narrow down four or five choices of where his home may be, what company he works for, or the last item he just bought. Specific information may come as a vision of facts whispered by a helpful Gaffling. (“Guess what a little rat told me.”) Alternatively (at the Storyteller’s discretion), it can reveal the number of dots a character has in his Resources Background.

This Gift may be unreliable on creatures other than humans. Most supernatural creatures can resist this ability with Willpower (difficulty 6) or Perception + Subterfuge (difficulty 7). If a supernatural creature is impersonating someone else (say, with the Obfuscate Discipline or the Doppleganger Gift), you must beat the number of successes on the initial roll for that talent. Figuring out a vampire’s haven or where he draws his financial resources takes a bit of work, but it can be done.

Source: Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised)


Trash Magnet

Rank 2 Bone Gnawers Gift

Ordinary street garbage becomes the Bone Gnawer’s ally as it swirls about his opponent or engulfs his rival. All the trash nearby assails the target of this Gift, making life difficult. Older Bone Gnawers can completely immobilize smart-mouth, upstart Garou in heaps of trash and piles of garbage. Trash-spirits teach this Gift, although Rat-spirits teach a version that animates sewer flotsam.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Streetwise (difficulty 7) to determine the amount of trash involved. With one success, a minor distraction of newspapers and plastic bags causes a small increase in difficulties. With five successes, the target is buried in garbage and must dig his way to freedom. This Gift affects toxic waste as well. Note that this Gift does not create trash but instead draws upon the garbage in an area. An attempt to use this Gift in a sterile laboratory would fail.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Cornered Rat

Rank 2 Bone Gnawers Gift

When backed into a corner with nowhere to run, there are only two options — beg for mercy or turn and fight. Rat-spirits teach Bone Gnawers to excel at the latter.

System: The player spends one Rage point and rolls Rage (difficulty 8). Each success grants the character an additional die to his Brawl pools for the rest of the combat. This Gift sends the Bone Gnawer into an automatic and unavoidable berserk frenzy; any magic that stops the frenzy also ends the Gift.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Emergency Exit

Rank 2 Ragabash Gift

Sometimes things go sour, and the most important thing a pack can know is the way to the nearest exit. This Gift allows a Ragabash to smell out the nearest exit from a realm or enclosed space; obviously, it’s at its greatest use in hostile and unfamiliar Umbral territory. Rat-spirits teach this Gift.

System: The player must spend a Willpower point and roll Perception + Survival, difficulty 8. One success indicates general direction; the more successes, the more information the Ragabash receives. This Gift doesn’t point to the safest exit out — the exit may be guarded, or lead somewhere worse than the Ragabash’s current surroundings — only the closest.

Source: Umbra

Vengeance of the Scorned

Rank 2 Ronin Gift

The Garou can turn part of a Garou’s (or other shapeshifter’s) flesh into silver, causing extreme pain to the opponent. This Gift is taught by a rat-spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Rage (difficulty 7). The Garou must first touch the target. The area touched will turn to silver for one turn per success. Assuming the target is a shapeshifter that is of a Breed susceptible to silver, this will cause excruciating pain to the target, adding three to all his difficulties as long as the effect lasts. In addition, the target suffers the normal Gnosis penalty for carrying silver. The opponent must also make a frenzy roll for each turn he is affected.

Source: Outcasts

Attunement / Lay of the Land

Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gift / Rank 4 Glass Walker Gift / Rank 4 Silent Strider Gift / Rank 4 Uktena Gift (Lay of the Land)

The Garou may commune with the spirits of a city or town and gain information about the area from them, including rough population, enclaves of Garou or other being and secret tunnels. This Gift does not function in the wilderness, since the Bone Gnawers have lost the knack for conversing with such spirits easily. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift.

Glass Walkers: a cockroach-spirit teaches this Gift.

Silent Strider: one exception: When the Garou learns the Gift, she must choose if it functions in the city or the wilderness. The “city” version is identical to the Bone Gnawer Gift. The “wilderness” version is similar, but the roll required is Perception + Survival.

Uktena: any animal spirit teaches this Gift. Works in rural or wilderness rather than urban areas, and the required roll is Perception + Survival.

System: The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Perception + Streetwise. The amount and accuracy of the information depends on the number of successes rolled. On a botch, playful spirits lie (which can be fatal, depending on the nature of misinformation).

Source: Core book revised / Tribebook: Uktena (revised)

Shadow of the Rat

Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gift

Rats are known for their resilience, persistence, and ruthlessness. Since Rat serves as the Bone Gnawer’s tribal totem, Garou of this tribe may learn a great deal about survival under the tutelage of rat-spirits.

System: The Garou can spend one Gnosis to lower the difficulty of all Stamina rolls (including soak rolls) by 1 for the duration of one scene.

Source: Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised)


Rank 4 Bone Gnawers Gift

The Bone Gnawer can duck into a shaded area (an open dumpster, a dark alley, beneath a parked car) and pop out in another shaded area some distance away. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Stealth (difficulty 6). The character can reappear in any shaded area within (number of successes x 20) yards (18 m per success).

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Umbral Motorcade

Rank 4 Glass Walker Gift

Camp: Wise Guys

A “motorcade murder” was the Mafia equivalent of a drive-by killing. The idea was to be gone the moment after the deed was done. Gianluigi Lucci always felt this never went far enough, and came up with the trick of never being there in the first place. This Gift allows the Wise Guy to shoot a victim in the physical world from the Umbra. A rat spirit teaches this Gift, a fact that made the Gift unpopular in some quarters.

System: The Garou fires a gun at the target as normal, but the player should then spend on Willpower point and roll Gnosis, difficulty equal to the Gauntlet in the area. In effect, the Wise Guy is making the bullet “reach” across the Umbra, so normally three successes are needed. Should the target be immobile for some reason (such as being asleep), then one or two successes might be sufficient. Since the target is probably unaware of the attack, most attacks made with this Gift are at point blank range and probably lethal.

Source: Glass Walker Tribebook (revised)


Rank 5 Bone Gnawers Gift

This Gift summons a horde of malevolent spirits to provoke the inhabitants of a city into violent rioting. The Gift plays on the hatred and fear of the down-and-outs of the city: the homeless, the poor and even stray animals. The Gnawer can direct the riot to a degree, but such things tend to escalate, and the Garou has no power to stop the riot from doing so. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). If successful, the spirits direct their hosts against a target of the Garou’s choice. The different hosts, however, will not necessarily work together — they may even begin to fight each other as the mob mentality takes over. The number of successes determines the area affected.

District (the South Side, etc)
Entire City

Source: Core book revised.