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Stench and the City

Rank 1 Homid Gift / Rank 1 Bone Gnawer Gift

Many city Garou use this Gift when facing off against just about anything with a particularly sensitive nose: this can include other Garou, Black Spiral Dancers, and a host of normal animals or Wyrm-creatures. The Gift incapacitates its target by overwhelming its sense of smell with the stink of the city: sweat, blood, human waste, rot, smoke and car exhaust.

Garou have been known to use this Gift to pull one of their own out of the thrall of frenzy, or to incapacitate a crazed wolf without permanent injury. The Black Spiral Dancers are said to be quite familiar with Stench and the City as well, and are perfectly willing to use it on Gaian Garou.

System: The Garou should select a target with a sense of smell better than a human, spend a point of Rage, and roll Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty of the target’s Stamina + 5, maximum of 9). For every success rolled, the target loses one die from all actions for the next turn; if five successes are rolled, the target is incapacitated for the scene. The target may resist by holding its breath, if he is aware; if he does so he must follow the rules for suffocation on p.189 of Werewolf. This Gift is taught by a skunk-spirit.

Source: Book of the City

Gift of the Skunk

Rank 3 Bone Gnawers Gift

With this Gift, the Garou can swell his musk glands, allowing him to spray musk like a skunk. It is, of course, taught by a skunk-spirit.

System: The spray is directed with a Dexterity + Primal-Urge roll (difficulty 7, maximum range of 10 feet). A target struck by this attack must spend a Willpower point to do anything but spend the first turn retching. Afterwards, he subtracts one from his dice pools for the rest of the scene for every two successes rolled. Immersion in water negates this Gift, and it is ineffective against targets with no sense of smell.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition