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Rank 3 Ragabash Gift

Taking their cue from numerous trickster legends, some Ragabash love to confuse their targets with unusual quizzes and mysterious puzzles. Those with this Gift add a little spiritual punch into the mix, slowly driving their targets mad with riddles. A spirit servant of Sphinx teaches this Gift.

System: The player must first create (or find) a riddle to be told. It must have a solid answer that can be understood by most people. After telling it to the victim, the player spends one Gnosis. From then on, the victim will be driven to distraction by the riddle and until he can solve it, he suffers a +1 difficulty to all rolls. In addition, every morning the victim loses one Willpower. Should this drain him entirely of Willpower, he will go a little crazy, most commonly by barricading himself in his room for a day and refusing to come out. At the end of the day, however, the riddle will no longer concern him.

Source: Players’ Guide to Garou (revised)

Invocation of the Pharaoh

Rank 5 Silent Strider Gift

This awe-inspiring Gift is only available to the greatest Strider heroes. The Strider must be in Homid form, must spend a Gnosis and a Willpower point, and must enact a 10-minute chant to the greatest of ancient Egyptian spirits. Once this is done, the Garou expands and grows, becoming a giant similar to the depictions of pharaohs on mastabas and sarcophagi. This Gift is taught by Sphinx.

System: The Garou grows to a height of nearly eight feet, but otherwise remains in Homid form. The Garou gains the Physical Attributes of a Crinos, but loses no Social Attributes; indeed, the Garou’s Charisma and Manipulation are treated as 6 when making Leadership or Intimidation rolls. A Garou in Pharaoh form does not inflict aggravated damage, but adds one to all Brawl and Melee damage inflicted against Wyrm-foes (or adds two when facing Followers of Set). The Garou regenerates as a Crinos, but is invulnerable to silver and cannot frenzy. Essentially, the Pharaoh form combines the best of both Homid and Crinos forms. This form lasts for one scene.

Source: Tribebook: Silent Striders