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Rank 2 Glass Walker Gift

Paranoid Glass Walkers — which is to say, most of them — use the best encryption technologies available on the open market when they send data through the Internet or Digital Web. If a Glass Walker suspects that a Netspider is watching her Net activity, she may even choose to use this Gift, which magically protects data against snooping. Encrypt doesn’t ordinarily hide itself from magical observers — anyone with the ability to see into the spirit world will notice that the message has been enshrouded, unless the Glass Walker takes special care to hide that.

System: The player must spend one Willpower and roll Manipulation + Computer; the difficulty is (10 – the local Gauntlet). Success means that the character’s message has been encrypted beyond the ability of most mortals to pierce. This encryption can apply to either a single message (one email or burst of data) or to a connection (such as might exist between two computers for a long download or chat-conversation). A character trying to break the encryption on a single message gets just one chance to do so — the magic surrounding the message deletes it if the character fails. A character trying to break the encryption on a connection can treat the attempt as an extended test.

With just one success, the encryption can be pierced by mortal means — a human who is not magically active can break through the encryption with a Perception + Computers roll (difficulty of the Garou’s Willpower) that achieves five or more successes. With more than one success, the encryption can only be pierced by a Garou using Weaver’s Eyes (see above) or similar magical abilities. If the Garou additionally spends one Gnosis, the message does not appear to be encrypted — it seems to be an innocuous conversation, or an income-tax spreadsheet, or the like. This Gift is taught by a squirrel-spirit.

Source: Book of the City

Loki’s Touch

Rank 3 Get of Fenris Ragabash Gift

This Gift is rare among the Get of Fenris, but the Rotagar often find it necessary to cool the rages of their comrades. With just a touch, the Garou may cause a target to go into uncontrollable fits of laughter or simply to have a better sense of humor. This Gift is taught by any Trickster spirit (most often Ratatosk, the Squirrel).

System: The Garou must touch an opponent and roll Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty equal to the Rage plus the Rank fo the target; maximum difficulty of 10). The fits of laughter will last for one round per success, during which time the target may not take any offensive action, although he may defend himself if attacked.

Source: Get of Fenris Tribebook


Rank 3 Shadow Lord Gift

Camp: Children of Bat

The Shadow Lord can extrude large flaps of skin under her arms, resembling a flying squirrel’s membranes. When not in use, the flaps usually shrink into the Lord’s arms and sides, where they are not detectable. This Gift is taught by a bat-spirit or a squirrel-spirit.

System: The Shadow Lord stretches her arms and leaps from a height. She may glide at 25 mpg, but the player must make Dexterity + Athletics rolls (at the Storyteller’s discretion) to avoid losing altitude.

Source: Shadow Lord Tribebook (revised)