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Heavens’ Guidance

Rank 1 Silent Strider Gift

This practical Gift prevents the Silent Striders who have it from ever being lost. Under a cloudy night sky and without the benefit of a chart or compass, a Strider can still make his way through unfamiliar territory. Although he cannot tell exactly where he is at all times, the Strider will always have a perfect sense of direction. Also, he always knows the exact distance he has traveled. Various star-spirits and other inhabitants of the Aetherial teach this Gift.

System: Once learned, this Gift’s effects are always active from twilight to dawn. The werewolf gains an innate sense of direction; he always knows which way is north, and the path he took to reach where he is.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Prophetic Vision

Rank 3 Theurge Gift

This Gift enables the Garou to receive a vision of the future based on the study of the night sky. The vision usually reveals itself in astrological terms (“Lu-Bat’s influence suggests an attitude of acceptance towards the events of the next several days” or “The intervention of Shantar indicates that changes may occur rapidly in the near future”). This Gift is taught by a star-spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 7). The number of successes indicates how precise a vision appears to the character. A single success provides vague information, while three of more successes allows the revelation of specific details. Storytellers should couch their visions in symbols appropriate to the Incarna and matter at hand; the seer should have to interpret the vision rather than be spoon-fed.

Source: Rage Across the Heavens