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Between the Cracks

Rank 2 Bone Gnawers Gift

Urban blight is the very underbelly of the Wyrm, and the Bone Gnawers know it better than any other tribe. The werewolf’s instincts guide him to the nearest barren spot within an urban area — a place where no human has set foot in at least a week, one which is not only isolated and currently unoccupied, but also likely to remain so for the rest of the night. This may be a boarded-up, abandoned building, a vacant apartment, or even a dead subway station. Bone Gnawers find this Gift useful for securing ritual spaces, setting up ambushes while preserving the Litany, and finding a place to sleep for the night. Any urban spirit can teach this Gift.

System: The player spends a point of Willpower and rolls Wits + Streetwise (difficulty 5). The more successes, the more secluded and difficult-to-locate the destination will be.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Guilt Trip

Rank 3 Children of Gaia Gift

By unearthing buried guilt and remorse, the Child of Gaia can force another to perform an action against her own will. Even if little relation exists between the guilty conscience and the task at hand, the Gift can be effective. Better results occur when there is a direct link, however. The Gift works best when the target wants to perform the action, but pride or fear prevents her from doing so.

Many urban spirits that have witnessed the cruelty of humanity toward itself know this Gift and teach it to the Garou.

System: The player must roleplay the plea; otherwise the Gift automatically fails. Excellent roleplaying can even negate the need for a roll (or even the need for the Gift). Otherwise, the player must roll Manipulation + Empathy versus the target’s Willpower. One success barely gets a Bone Gnawer to lift his pinkie, whereas five successes can force a proud Silver Fang to beg for forgiveness. The target can spend Willpower points to resist this Gift.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.