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Sheng-Nong’s Eyes

Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift (Boli Zouhisze)

The Boli Zouhisze can see from the perspective of his tools and draw on their concentration for the task at hand, allowing him to perform multiple actions with ease. While this was originally used to wield two swords with equal dexterity, any tools can be used; even the werewolf’s own hands count as a “tool.” Either a monkey-spirit or a spirit of war teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point to receive an extra action. For the rest of the scene, the Garou need not be able to see his opponents in order to attack them. No visibility modifiers or off-hand penalties affect his actions while this Gift is in effect.

Source: Glass Walker Tribebook (revised)

Well-Oiled Running

Rank 1 Glass Walkers Gift

Camp: Dies Ultimae

The greatest toll a Soldier has is her equipment. The worst enemy she has is the possibility of it failing. This Gift greatly reduces those chances by safeguarding machinery against environmental factors. It is taught by a dust, war, or water-spirit.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Crafts (difficulty 7). The Garou safeguards one machine against natural corrosion or adverse weather for one day per success. This machine can still be damaged by direct attacks.

Source: Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised)

Spiritual Wrath

Rank 2 Ahroun Gift

Garou are by nature beings half of corporeal flesh and half of spirit ephemera, living in two worlds simultaneously. By calling upon this Gift, an Ahroun manifests her spiritual nature more strongly than physical for a brief period, allowing her claws to cut through defenses they could never normally pierce. This Gift has no effect on creatures that are half spirit already like other Garou, fomori and changelings. But any being entirely of one world, such as Banes, vampires, ghosts or animals, is vulnerable to its sting. Any spirit of war can teach this Gift.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis; the difficulty to soak the damage from a single claw attack the Ahroun makes in that turn is raised to 9. Note that the usual rule of being unable to spend Rage and Gnosis in the same turn still applies.

Source: Book of Auspices

Hands Full of Thunder

Rank 2 Glass Walker Gift

Many Glass Walkers regard the gun as the ultimate sign of the power of the modern age, and make pacts with the spirits to assure that their firearms do not become useless, primitive clubs in the midst of battle. A technological spirit or war-spirit teaches this Gift.

 System: The player spends a point of Gnosis. For the rest of the scene, any gun the Glass Walker fires won’t run out of ammunition, so long as it had ammo to begin with. Burst restrictions are still recommended with automatic weapons to keep the gun from overheating and jamming.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition


Rank 4 Get of Fenris Gift

Fenrir are proud of their scars, even those that have maimed them permanently. This Gift allows a werewolf to overcome her old injuries for a brief period of time, acting as though her body was never injured. The Fenrir’s scars blaze with silver light, and any missing extremities are replaced with temporary substitutes made of the same cold, bright energy. Any war-spirit of Fernris’ brood may teach this Gift.

System:  The player spends a Rage point and rolls Rage, difficulty 5 + the number of Battle Scars her Garou has acquired. The Gift’s effects last for two turns per success. As long as the Gift is in effect, the Garou may ignore wound penalties and the debilitating effects of her Battle Scars; even those that have lost a limb may fight as if whole. Extremities temporarily restored by Glory-Scars function as normal, causing no extra damage. This Gift cannot restore lost abilities in any other sense but that of combat; a Fenrir who has received the Battle Scar: Gelded cannot use this Gift to sire offspring, for instance.

Source: Tribebook: Get of Fenris (Revised )