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Perfect Recall

Rank 1 Galliard Gift

As mentioned earlier in this chapter, Galliards often share one trait even before the Change takes them. That trait is memory. Moon-Dancers often have good heads for detail; this Gift, however, accentuates that capacity. Any Weaver-spirit can teach this Gift, which is one reason it isn’t more common.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point. The Garou can then remember any one detail, no matter how small, from her entire life. A name she only heard once, a scent that she only smelled faintly — whatever the memory, as long as she experienced it, she can call it to mind. Note that this Gift does not provide context for the memory, but using it can lower the difficulty on related rolls (remembering a conversation the character had with his father about cars might aid in fixing an engine, for example). The Storyteller has final say over whether or not the character has ever experienced a given detail.

Source: Book of Auspices

Cub’s Lesson

Rank 1 Red Talon Gift

Camp: Whelp’s Compromise

Lupus Garou often have difficulty when walking among humans, even as part of a pack. Those few Red Talons that are intrigued rather than enraged by human behavior have even bigger problems, as they cannot expect instruction from the tribe in human ways. This Gift allows a lupus werewolf to learn from a mistake and gain a better understanding of human devices and customs, albeit temporarily. Weaver-spirits and (strangely enough) some ancestor-spirits teach this Gift.

System: This Gift, once learned, is always active. Any time the player attempts a roll using an Ability that the characters does not possess and fails the roll, she may spend a point of Gnosis and make the roll again, adding one die. This does not replace the original roll, so any consequences of failure must still be faced. Note that since a character that has no dots in a Knowledge cannot normally use that Knowledge at all, a character with this Gift must use it to make such an attempt at all.

For example, Eyes-like-Hornets, a Red Talon Ragabash, gets into a conversation with a human woman and attempts to tell her a joke. The werewolf doesn’t have any dots in Expression, however, and fails the Charisma + Expression roll to get the woman to laugh. The player spends a Gnosis point and makes another roll, adding a die. This time, it succeeds. Eyes-like-Hornets recognizes that his first attempt at humor didn’t go over as he’d hoped, and covers it up. If Eyes-like-Hornets didn’t have any dots in Linguistics and way trying to simply communicate with the woman, his player would have to spend a point of Gnosis for each attempt to do, as he cannot attempt to use a Knowledge he doesn’t have.

If the original roll is a botch, the player may still spend a Gnosis point to make another attempt, but the difficulty increases by one.

Source: Tribebook: Red Talons (revised)

Cowing the Bullet

Rank 3 Homid Gift

The spirits of tools recognize man as their master; as a result, they become reluctant to harm the homid. A Weaver-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point. For the rest of the scene, the Garou gains two additional soak dice against all crafted weapons not made of silver.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Web Walker

Rank 3 Theurge Gift / Rank 3 Glass Walker Gift

The Garou may move across the Pattern Web through the Umbra, ignored and unmolested by any Weaver-spirits in the area. This Gift is taught by any Weaver-spirit.

System: To activate this Gift, the Garou spends two Gnosis points, then rolls Charisma + Science (difficulty 7). Success enables the Garou to travel through the Umbra as though she were on a moon bridge. However, there must be strands of the Pattern Web in the area through which the Garou wants to travel.

Source: Umbra

Tractor Beam

Rank 4 Glass Walker Gift

The Garou can transport non-dedicated objects with her to the Umbra when she steps sideways. She may not take living creatures, only objects. This Gift is taught by Weaver spirits.

System: The Garou spends one Willpower point for each object brought over to the Umbra. It must be something she can carry and it must weigh no more than her own body weight. However, two or more Garou with this Gift can team up and carry larger items into the Spirit World. Despite it’s name, the user of this Gift does not emit a beam.

Source: Glass Walker Tribebook


Rank 4 Homid Gift

The werewolf can wrap himself in a thick, opaque sarcophagus-like epidermis, making him immobile but near-impervious to harm. This cocoon grants him immunity to fire, starvation, gas, high pressure, cold and similar environmental hazards. An insect or Weaver-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The Garou spends on Gnosis point. While in the cocoon, the werewolf ignores any attacks which fail to do damage at least equal to her Stamina + Rituals, but attacks that pierce the cocoon destroy it. The cocoon lasts for one scene, after which it dissolves rapidly and evaporates. The player may extend the duration of the Gift spending more Gnosis points. Spending days in the cocoon is entirely possible, but the maximum duration is up to the Storyteller.

Source: Core book revised.

Blurring the Mirror

Rank 4 Theurge Gift

This Gift allows the Theurge to cloud the minds of other beings, making it impossible for them to find the Umbra or step sideways into it. Once used as a form of punishment for arrogant pups, this Gift is more often deployed as a weapon against Black Spiral Dancers in the days of the coming Apocalypse. A Weaver-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point for every individual she wishes to affect. The Gauntlet increases by five for those targets for the rest of the scene. Up to five individuals can be affected at once. While normally used against other Garou, this Gift is effective against any being capable of entering the Umbra sideways, including other Fera and some mages.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition

Weakest Link

Rank 5 Ragabash Gift

With this Gift, a New Moon can delve into the hearts and minds of a given pack. He can sense the fears and concerns of either friends or enemies to the best help or harm them. Armed with this knowledge, the Ragabash can guide his own pack in attaching foes or use his own peculiar brand of wisdom to facilitate peace and healing. Any Weaver spirit can teach this Gift.

System: After spending a Willpower point, the player rolls Perception + Enigmas. With each success above one, he can find out crucial information on two packmembers per success. For example, with two successes, he can target two packmembers; with three, he can learn about four packmembers. The Storyteller should word things in a descriptive way; she needn’t give specific rank or auspice, for example, but might point out who’s leading and who’s following. Moreover, this Gift can clue in a Ragabash on specific fears or phobias he can best use to his advantage. At the Storyteller’s discretion, he might also discern the ranking of pack members, who has the most Rage and Gnosis, and possibly certain Merits or Flaws. Storytellers should be generous, as this is a rare and powerful Gift.

Source: Book of Auspices.