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Rank 6 Gifts

A list of all Rank 6 Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Gifts of a different rank, see the Werewolf Gifts section.

Unstoppable Warrior

Rank 6 Ahroun Gift

A Garou who uses this potent Gift can regenerate aggravated damage. This works against all attacks except those from silver weapons. Each turn, roll Stamina + Primal-Urge against a difficulty 8; if successful, then spend one point of Rage per Health Level healed (much like a vampiric Blood Pool).

Source: Rage Across the Amazon

One on One

Rank 6 Ahroun Gift

The World of Darkness is a complex place, filled with intrigue, misdirection and all manner of supernatural evasion. Ahroun, however, are simpler beings, and this Gift allows them to extend their direct methods where they might not otherwise reach. The Garou says a brief prayer to Luna and the other innumerable spirits of blood, terror and vengeance in the Garou pantheon. She is then transported instantly to a single foe of her choice, whom she may engage in one-to-one combat to the death under Luna’s own aegis. The foe cannot flee (though tactical withdrawal with the specific intent of continuing the fight this scene is acceptable), nor can she receive aid from outsiders. The invoker is bound by the same restrictions, of course.

Luna herself teaches this Gift, and not through an avatar — the petitioner must journey to Luna’s court in the Aetherial Realm and convince the capricious goddess that her reasons for needing this power are just.

System: This Gift cuts through all supernatural forms of warding, concealment, contingency spells and similar precautions without any roll. For the remainder of the scene, both affected parties can receive no aid from other sources, and can only use powers that are directly physical in nature. A vampire’s unearthly strength and speed or a faerie’s ability to strike at enemies with the spirit of holly would remain potent, but a member of either race would be stripped of his supernatural mind-clouding and unearthly presence. Likewise, a Namebreaker might throw lightning or increase his own strength, but not teleport away or turn incorporeal to avoid the Garou’s strikes utterly.

This Gift involves the direct interference of the Celestine Luna in mortal affairs, and the Storyteller should remember that a thinking being is determining the Gift’s exact effects, not a defined supernatural spell. The Storyteller should make judgement calls on the Gift’s effects keeping it within its intended spirit of providing a fair, open a physical fight. A Garou asking to be transported to a vampire in torpor, for example, might find the Leech awake and ready to fight…

The Garou must expend a point of permanent Gnosis to activate this Gift. Once the fight is done, normal rules of reality reassert themselves — which might be bad if the Garou has been sent to Malfeas or some other hellish domain.

Source: Book of Auspices

Sleep of the Hero

Rank 6 Fianna Gift

This powerful Gift has been invoked many times in Fianna history. When a great hero (Rank 5 or higher) ides in battle, the Fianna take the body and dedicate it to the land. This Gift forms a bond between the Fianna and the land and the spirit of the hero. The champion’s life returns, but he remains in a deep sleep, not to awaken until the Apocalypse. The target must be placed somewhere in the earth, such as a cave, or within a burial mound. During this sleep, the hero is unaffected by the elements and does not need to breathe. This Gift is taught by Fianna ancestor spirits.

System: The Garou spends two points of Gnosis and rolls Intelligence + Rituals against a difficulty of 9. If she succeeds, the life comes back into the hero and he falls into a deep sleep, usually after having a chance to say a few last words. If the wielder of this Gift receives five or more successes, then the hero may awaken and return to the caern at any time of great crisis, at the Storyteller’s option.

Source: Fianna Tribebook


Rank 6 Galliard Gift

Rather than simply telling and retelling the stories of old, or even waiting until the events of the day become the new stories, the Galliard can change the events of the ongoing drama unfolding around her. She may add new “characters,” altering chains of events, and even change the motivations of the major participants. However, as this Gift can literally have world-altering ramifications, the handful of Garou in history that have known it have been loath to actually use it. Rumor has it that the defeat of the Storm-Eater was due partially to use of this Gift — but likewise, rumor also states that the horrific events in Russia during the past century stem from a Child of Gaia Galliard who thought that she knew the way the story would end. No one knows what sort of spirit teaches this Gift; presumably an avatar of Gaia, but since so few Garou even know of the Gift’s existence, no one can say for certain.

System: The player spends one permanent Gnosis point and explains, in as much detail as possible, the change she wants to make to the story. The Storyteller, of course, has final say, and once the “dramatic alteration” is done, the Garou has no further control. Events that she concocts can and do spiral out of control, so utmost care must be taken with the Storyteller Gift.

Source: Book of Auspices

Call Great Fenris

Rank 6 Get of Fenris Get

As the ultimate expression of the pact between tribe and totem, the greatest Get heroes my summon the war-avatar of their tribal totem to aid them in their hour of need. The avatar joins in combat, slaying all that are not Get of Fenris or under their protection. However, Great Fenris demands a sacrifice for his intervention – usually the left hand of the summoner. It’s said that if the war-avatar is called for no good reason, it will devour the summoner entirely before departing – but there are no concrete tales of any Get of Fenris wise and mighty enough to attain this Gift yet foolish enough to abuse it. This Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Occult (difficulty 6). Success summons the war-avatar of Great Fenris, who will fight at the Fenrir’s side for the duration of the scene. At the combat’s end, the summoner automatically gains the Battle Scar: Maimed Limb (Werewolf, pg. 190) as the war-avatar claims Fenris’ due; even if the Garou already possessed that Battle Scar, he gains it a second time as Fenris devours another limb.

Source: Tribebook: Get of Fenris (Revised)

Release from Bondage / Break the Bonds

Rank 6 Philodox Gift / Rank 6 Galliard Gift
Called Break the Bonds in the 20th Anniversary Edition

There are many ways to mystically blend the will of another. This Gift shatters all such bonds, from the blood domination of a vampire to a mage’s mind control or a Half Moon’s geas. Those who know this Gift may use it on any being, including themselves. This Gift is only granted by an Incarna or equally powerful spirit, usually as a reward for some great service.

System: The Garou is automatically immune to any supernatural coercion save from any being more powerful than an Incarna. The Gifted one may break another’s mystic compulsion by touching her, spending a Gnosis point and rolling Manipulation + Leadership (difficulty 11 – the target’s Willpower).

Source: Book of Auspices / 20th Anniversary Edition


Rank 6 Ragabash Gift

This powerful Gift allows a Ragabash to pull the ultimate stunt, stealing a supernatural power and turning it into a Gift. Moreover, the Gift can be taught to others, as if the New Moon was a spirit teacher. The difficult part is that the Ragabash has to endure having the power used on her first, but after that, she makes it her own to teach, but alas, not to use herself. A powerful spirit, such as the avatar of a trickster Incarna, teaches this Gift.

System: Survival, smarts and sacrifice are key to acquiring this Gift, though no specific dice rolls are needed. First, the Ragabash must suffer through the effects of the power (such as vampiric Discipline, or a mage’s rote) being successfully used on her. Then, she can take her experiences, work with the appropriate spirit and turn the power into a Gift she can teach to others. The Ragabash cannot herself use the Gift, and moreover, she now has a vulnerability to its effects. The next time she encounters another supernatural using the power, the enemy is at one difficulty less to use it on the New Moon (the power more easily affects the Ragabash). Any supernatural power acn be co-opted in this way, including Wyrm-tainted powers. In this way, the werewolves can turn the might of the Wyrm back on itself. Because of the sacrifice involved, the New Moon usually gains considerable Renown for not only “stealing” the knowledge of the supernatural power, but also teaching it to others. Storytellers should feel free to be creative and innovative in bringing powers from other games (Such as Vampire and Mage) into the Werewolf universe. The Storyteller determines the level of any Gift gained in this manner, as appropriate.

Source: Book of Auspices

Home in All Lands

Rank 6 Red Talon Gift

Legends among the Red Talons state that the wolves with the greatest connection to the Progenitor Wolf were not bound by distance, but indeed could appear anywhere where wolves were found. This was long thought to be simply lore, but in fact an elder Red Talon with strong enough lineage might well learn to fade from one location and appear anywhere else in the Realm or the Umbra, provided that the Progenitor has been there before him. Only the Progenitor Wolf himself teaches this Gift.

System: The player must roll Gnosis as though her character were stepping sideways. If successful, the character may appear at any location on Earth where wolves might be found naturally (whether or not any may still exist) or any location that boasts Garou. She may instead choose to appear in any Umbral Realm that she has previously visited. A Red Talon must have Pure Breed 5 to learn this Gift.

Source: Red Talons (revised)

Shield of Gaia

Rank 6 Red Talon Gift

The Garou can become so attuned to the laws and rhythms of Gaia that the Weaver’s laws cease to have any affect on her. This Gift can only be used once by any Garou who learns it; its effects are permanent. The Garou becomes immune to the effects of one form of technology, such as bullets, photography (i.e., cannot be photographed), electricity, chemical toxins, etc. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Griffin.

System: The Garou spends a permanent point of Gnosis and chooses the one form of technology to which she will be immune. It is up to the Storyteller to determine exactly what is and is not included in the protection afforded by this Gift. For example, Garou who choose immunity to flame-throwers would not be burned by them, but other flames will act normally upon her.

This Gift does apply against Wyrm-tainted technology, although not Wyrm substances. For instance, a Garou who is immune to chemical toxins may not be harmed by the Pentex acid, but the Bane in the acid can still try to possess her.

This Gift is open to a lot of abuse, but the player and the Storyteller should recognize the spirit of the Gift: it is Gaia’s protection to Her children from the ravages of the Weaver and the modern world. Just how this is interpreted and how much is permitted depends on the mood and atmosphere of a game. However, no player should be allowed to claim immunity from nuclear weapons.

Source: Tribebook: Red Talons

Renew the Cycle

Rank 6 Silver Fang Gift

One of the most potent powers available to the Garou, this Gift allows the correction of a grievous wrong to the natural cycle of Gaia. The undead, whose very existence is an affront to the natural order of things, wither and crumble to dust when struck by the power of this Gift. Whether the undead is a shambling, month-old animated corpse or an ancient vampire, the Fang can destroy it with but a glance.

Only an avatar of Helios of Gaia Herself can teach this Gift.

System: The Garou and the victim enter into a resisted contest of Gnosis versus Willpower (both difficulty 8). The Garou must then spend three permanent Gnosis points to activate the wrath of Gaia. If the Garou wins the contest, the vampire (or other undead) is reduced to its natural state: Elder vampires turn to dust, whereas freshly exhumed corpses simply lose their animation. This Gift forces mummies into a dead season of sleep but does not destroy them.

Source: Player’s Guide Second Edition.

Thought-Form of the Twelve Ministers

Rank 6 Stargazers Gift
Mantra Gift

The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-ka-la-rim-sa-ka-la-rim-ha-ka-la-rim. This Gift allows a Stargazer to attain true spiritual balance for a single moment. In that moment, all extreme desires and impure emotions are blasted away by an unmitigated blast of the Self. A startling crackle of energy travels like lightning to each of the Stargazer’s chakra points. It only lasts for a second, and then it is gone. But in its wake, the Stargazer is left empowered and burning with a halo of pale green light. There is only a handful of Stargazers who have ever been worthy enough to learn this Gift, and it can only be taught by an avatar of Chimera.

System: The player spends a single temporary point of Gnosis, Rage, and Willpower. For the remainder of the scene, the Garou gains a series of Trait bonuses: +2 to Perception, +3 to Enigmas, +3 to Empathy, and +2 to Brawl. There are two other benefits as well. First, any Garou standing within ten feet of the Stargazer using this Gift find that their temporary Gnosis pools are suddenly refreshed. Also, this Gift burns out any corruption that was contained in the werewolf grasping the power. Hence, any Wyrm-taint that the character had thus disappears.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook (revised)

Invoked Presence

Rank 6 Theurge Gift

By using this awesome Gift, the Theurge can call upon an Incarna or Celestine directly, bringing their focus to bear on the area around him. This does not summon an Avatar; rather, the presence is a mystical permeation of the principle the invoked spirit represents. The Theurge will later need to repay the debt owed to the spirit he invoked before he can use this Gift again; this typically entails a strong geas, an extended spirit quest or the sacrifice of a valuable fetish. Any Celestine’s avatar can teach this Gift.

System: The Theurge spends five points of Gnosis and the presence of a Celestine or Incarna is made manifest within a 180 yard radius globe around her for several hours. Essentially, this Gift is like a sustained, area-effect form of Totem Gift, and the effects are thus highly variable dependent upon which greater power the Garou chooses to invoke. The following three effects are constant:

  • Any actions that directly support the principle of the invoked spirit have a number of dice equal to the Theurge’s Gnosis added to their dice pool. In the case of combat, only one type of combat roll (attack, damage, dodge, initiative, etc.) will be so enhanced.
  • Attempting to take any action directly antithetical to the invoked spirit requires three successes on a Willpower roll (difficulty 8), and even then, the action will be rolled at +2 difficulty.
  • The spirit will send members of its Brood equivalent in power to a full pack of Rank One Garou to the site to aid the Theurge and his allies immediately.

Beyond this, the effects are dependent on the power the Theurge chose to invoke; Unicorn may simply make any act of violence impossible in the area; a Harvest Incarna may cause all the plants in the area to grow to rich and healthy maturity in minutes, while invoking the Weaver might make the Gauntlet utterly impenetrable.

Source: Book of Auspices

As In the Beginning

Rank 6 Theurge Gift

The Theurge can tear away aeons of the Weaver’s works for a short while. This Gift rips down the Gauntlet entirely, merging the worlds of flesh and spirit as they were in the days of legend. Moreover, this mended region acts as a shining beacon to Gaian spirits, calling a flood of nature-spirits and other allies to assist the Theurge. An avatar of Gaia Herself teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends three points of Gnosis and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). The Gauntlet is torn open within the local area. The thinner the Gauntlet, the wider the rip: from a few rooms in the midst of a skyscraper to an entire mile of landscape in the depths of the Amazon. Friendly spirits of the Storyteller’s choosing come flooding out to aid the Theurge — the more successes, the greater the number or power. The Gauntlet is permanently lowered by 1 in an area where this Gift has been used; this benefit doesn’t stack with repeated use.

Source: 20th Anniversary Edition


Rank 6 Theurge Gift

This gift was bestowed upon the Silver Fang Lupus Theurge Grimfang by Gaia herself. Upon his death, he will be reborn in the form of a cub somewhere within 2,000 miles of his demise. This is not a Past Life, but an actual reincarnation. At maturity, the cub will come into Grimfang’s true powers.

This Gift is referenced in Grimfang’s description in several books without Tribe/Breed/Auspice reference; the first edition Storytellers Handbook lists it as a Theurge Gift.

Source: Rage: Warriors of the Apocalypse & 1st Edition Storyteller’s Handbook

Becoming Uktena

Rank 6 Uktena Gift

The legends of the Cherokee say that a man was transformed into the Great Uktena to try to kill the sun. Great Uktena was around long before the Cherokee, but Garou have taken the form of his children on two or three occasions. Great Uktena teaches this Gift only to the most worthy of his Uktena followers; with it, the hero may transform into a creature even a Thunderwyrm would fear. After the crisis is resolved (assuming he lives), the new uktena slips into the nearest body of water and into the umbra, forever parting with his Garou brethren to join his father in Galunlati. Such a glorious end to an already legendary career is worthy of fireside retellings for generations.

System: Once taught the Gift, the Uktena may call upon it at any time by invoking Great Uktena. The initial stage of the transformation takes three full turns, during which the werewolf’s body grows and changes to a 20 foot horned serpent. The new uktena still retains the personality of the Garou at this point. After a period of time (usually no more than a scene), the final stage of the transformation begins as the mind of the Garou recedes and the uktena mindset takes over. The spirit creature heads unerringly towards the nearest source of water wide enough to encompass its diameter (not necessarily its whole bulk). As it slides into the water and crosses the Gauntlet, the transformation is complete; the hero’s former pack had best treat this uktena like any other of its kind.

[Note: Frustratingly, stats for the uktena are not given for W:tA, but they do give Mind’s Eye Theater stats. Since these are very similar and can translate over, the MET stats for this Gift are included below:]

The statistics for a transformed uktena are as follows, except where noted, these statistics replace the Garou’s own, not add to them:

Physical Traits: 28, Social Traits: 3, Mental Traits: 14, Rage: 8, Gnosis: 8, Willpower: 6

Abilities: As per the character, with the exception that they receive the following Abilities (unless their own levels are higher, in which case they retain their own level): Athletics x3, Brawl x3, Dodge x2, Intimidation x3, Subterfuge x2, Stealth x3. In addition they automatically receive an additional level of Enigmas and two levels of Occult, even if this takes them over five levels in total.

Health Levels: Healthy x2, Bruised x4, Wounded x5, Incapacitated, Mortally Wounded

Attacks: Antler rush for one level of lethal damage, bite for two levels

Powers: Armor, Breathe Water, Burrow (as the Metis Gift), Blast (as the charm)

Source: Tribebook: Uktena