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Wyrmfoe collects all of the Gifts from White Wolf’s Werewolf: the Apocalypse in a way that lets you easily find the Gifts for your Garou character. You can see an updated list of all the books included Here. The site now has all Werewolf: the Apocalypse Gifts except those from the Dark Ages or Wild West (we’re still debating whether it makes sense to include them, and if so whether they should appear in the regular tribe/breed/auspice lists, or in a separate section).

You can also see a neat visualization of Werewolf Gift Stats that we’ve pulled from our Gift database.

Gift Finder

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Gifts by Breed

Gifts by Auspice

Gifts by Tribe

Gifts by Rank

Note that Gifts by rank do not include Planetary or Ragnarok Gifts, which are listed below. It also doesn’t include Black Spiral Dancer or Skin Dancer Gifts, because we felt it would not generally be useful for players Gift shopping to have those included.

Other Gift Types

Gifts in this section do not appear in the Gift lists above. Planetary and Ragnarok Gifts are available to all Garou, but only under specific circumstances. Thus rank 1 planetary Gifts won’t appear under the general rank 1 Gift list, for example.

Ragnarok Gifts (2)

Planetary Gifts (65)

Gifts by Spirit

This section lists Gifts by the spirit that teaches the Gift. This is mostly just an example of some of the interesting ways that Wyrmfoe lets you look at Gifts, but can also be useful for a Storyteller who is running a game: if your characters are romping through the Umbra and befriend a spirit, you can see which Gifts that spirit may be able to teach.

Aeolus (1)
Aerial (2)
Air (4)
Air Elemental (2)
Alley Cat (1)
Aloe (1)
Ancestor (60)
Ant (3)
Antlion (1)
Ape (1)
Arctic (1)
Baboon (1)
Badger (1)
Bane (3)
Banshee (1)
Barrier (1)
Bat (3)
Bear (12)
Bee (3)
Bird (10)
Blood Warrior (1)
Boar (2)
Bookworm (1)
Buffalo (2)
Butterfly (1)
Camel (1)
Cat (9)
Catfish (1)
Celestine (1)
Chameleon (8)
Cheetah (2)
Chimera (4)
Chimerling (9)
Cicada (1)
City Father (4)
City Mother (3)
Cobra (4)
Cockroach (6)
Computer (2)
Coyote (3)
Crocodile (2)
Crow (7)
Cuckoo (3)
Death (2)
Decay (2)
Decomposition (1)
Deer (2)
Disease (2)
Dog (7)
Donkey (1)
Dove (3)
Dream (2)
Dust (1)
Eagle (3)
Earth (6)
Earth Elemental (10)
Electricity Elemental (0)
Electric Eel (1)
Electricity (3)
Elemental (4)
Elephant (2)
Elvis (1)
Engling (1)
Enigma (1)
Enigmatic (2)
Faerie (5)
Falcon (17)
Fear (3)
Fenris (4)
Fire (4)
Firebird (3)
Fire Elemental (2)
Firefly (1)
Fish (2)
Fly (4)
Fog (2)
Fortune (1)
Fox (4)
Frog (2)
Fury (1)
Gaia (7)
Gaian (1)
Gecko (1)
Glass (1)
Goat (1)
Grain (2)
Grandfather Thunder (4)
Great Green Cheese (1)
Great Trash Heap (1)
Gremlin (2)
Griffin (4)
Hate (2)
Hawk (3)
Earth (6)
Helios (2)
Hen (1)
Heron (1)
Home (1)
Horse (1)
Hound (1)
Hyena (5)
Ice (1)
Ice Elemental (1)
Incarna (9)
Insect (3)
Jackal (2)
Jackrabbit (1)
Justice (1)
Lamb (1)
Lightning (1)
Lion (7)
Lizard (1)
Lost Dog (3)
Luna (5)
Lune (22)
Madnewss (1)
Magpie (2)
Marsh (1)
Merlin (1)
Metal (2)
Metal Elemental (1)
Mockingbird (2)
Mole (1)
Money (2)
Mongoose (4)
Monkey (4)
Moon (1)
Moth (1)
Mountain Lion (1)
Mouse (2)
Mule (1)
Natural Elemental (1)
Nature (1)
Net Spider (2)
Night (5)
Nightingale (1)
Northstar (1)
Octupus (1)
Orca (1)
Osprey (2)
Owl (18)
Ox (1)
Pack Rat (2)
Pain (8)
Pattern Spider (13)
Peace (1)
Pegasus (6)
Penguin (1)
Peregrine Falcon (1)
Pigeon (1)
Pine (1)
Plant (1)
Platypus (1)
Polar Bear (1)
Porcupine (2)
Possum (2)
Predator (1)
Prey (1)
Progenitor Wolf (1)
Rabbit (2)
Raccoon (6)
Rage (1)
Rain (2)
Rainbow Serpent (2)
Ram (1)
Rat (12)
Rattlesnake (1)
Raven (9)
Road Runner (1)
Salmon (4)
Sea (1)
Sea Horse (1)
Shadow (3)
Skunk (2)
Snake (11)
Snow (2)
Songbird (1)
Sparrow (1)
Sphinx (2)
Spider (9)
Squirrel (3)
Stag (1)
Star (2)
Stink Bug (1)
Stone Elemental (1)
Storm (1)
Stormcrow (10)
Sun (1)
Technological (5)
Television (1)
Termite (1)
Toad (1)
Totem (1)
Trash (2)
Tree (1)
Trickster (5)
Trout (1)
Truth (3)
Turtle (5)
Uktena (8)
Unicorn (19)
Urban (2)
Uran Elemental (1)
Vermin (1)
Wanderlust (1)
War (5)
Wasp (4)
Water (3)
Water Elemental (2)
Weaver (8)
Wendigo (8)
Wilderness (1)
Wind (12)
Wine (1)
Wisdom (1)
Wolf (42)
Wolverine (8)
Worm (1)
Wyld (4)
Wyldling (3)

Wyrmfoe takes advantage of the WordPress tagging system to make the Werewolf: the Apocalypse Gifts easily sortable. We have provided links to various categories of Gifts; however, you can always find your own assortment by entering the tag string as the URL. Just separate tags by commas to get results from both tags. For example, if you wanted all Lupus Ahroun Gifts, you could just enter your URL as www.wyrmfoe.com/tag/giftlupus,giftahroun/  You can see the tags that are used by looking at the tags on any Gift.

16 Responses

  1. G

    Can you add Werewolf: The Dark Ages to this listing. There are some gifts that are not in the modern setting. One such example is: Exceptional Swordplay, a lvl 3 Silver Fang gift.


    • We’re still debating about Dark Ages and Wild West — those Gifts generally shouldn’t be available to modern day Garou, and as such we really don’t want to show then in the standard Gift lists.

      We’re considering adding them in as a separate section. So we’d have a Dark Ages Gifts list, but those wouldn’t show up in the Silver Fangs Gift list, for example.


  2. Derzhuzad

    The link for the Apocalypse gifts is broken.


  3. Josh

    Do you plan on adding hengeyokai gifts?


  4. Joe SMASH!

    This is BADASS! Thank you for putting this together. My books are in storage, and this just made my life easier. You’re doing Gaia’s work here…


  5. Thiago

    The link to the Stargazer’s Level 6 Gift is broken. It is written as “/stargazer6” instead of “/giftstargazer6”. If you enter the later, it works normally.


    • Thanks for the catch — fixed it!


  6. Kitrae

    Do you know of anyone that has done this similar thing with the other White Wolf Settings? Vampire, Hunter, Changling, Mage, Wraith and Demon……..


  7. Kerringhostdragon

    Is there rank 6 Mokole gifts listed anywhere?


  8. Branden

    This just saved me like 4 hours of work – thanks


  9. Tyrnis

    As a note, Speed of Thought currently doesn’t come up under the ‘All Rank 1 gifts’ or ‘Silent Strider rank 1 gifts’ links. If you click on the link for all Silent Strider gifts, though, it does show up there.


    • This has been fixed (also wasn’t working for Red Talon Rank 1 gifts, which was also fixed)


  10. Gamer

    Even though there’s not that many of them, do you think you’d throw Kinfolk gifts up there?


    • It’s possible I may look into it one day, but it’s not high on the list. Honestly I’d be more interested in a Dark Ages/Wild West Gifts solution, and then looking into rituals and fetishes.


  11. Damian

    The Rank 2 Metis gift called Wriggle has the wrong System rules on display, it’s showing the rules for the Rank 3 Metis gift called Frozen Form


    • Thanks — that’s been fixed, as well as the tagging associated with the gift.


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